BASSCOAST // MUTINY | August 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Merritt, BC


Summer, the sun-kissed goddess, brings upon us a lot of wonderful things - lazy beach days, crowded block parties, street performances, walks along the seawall – but for a select few, the most anticipated string of events are the spiritual experiences brought on by BC’s rich schedule of festivals. In these feverish summer months there is a lot to look forward to, with these awe-inspiring events gaining a bit more traction and little more momentum each year. Whether you’re driving for hours down a dirt road with no cell service and vague directions about the third left turn after the bridge trying to find your way to some low-profile, highly-illegal festivities or attending one of BC’s prodigious gems in its latest incarnation, you are one lucky son of a bitch. Luckier still if you’ve gotten your hands on a ticket to this year’s Basscoast, located just a two hour’s drive out of Vancouver in beautiful Merritt, BC.

The “Mutiny” theme is accompanied by a manifesto which encourages festival-goers to do what they do best: disrupt the status-quo. Ignore those instincts to hold back and blend in quietly which every day society has instilled in you. Live loudly and greatly. Dream in vivid color, then bring that energy into the waking world. Indulge in uninhibited conversations with everyone and anyone. Be utterly yourself.

More on this as it unfolds. In the meantime, explore those links below to learn more about why this festival – just big enough to fashion its own blazing microcosm, just small enough to keep things close-knit and intimate – is not to be missed.

Official Website // Line-Up // Facebook // Tickets

Motez – Own Up (Terace Remix)

In the spirit of summer and love, Aussie duo Terace let loose a new remix on Sweat It Out Music. Deep House and lyrics of love and want go hand in hand. It’ all made the more special with large wobbles and delicious vocal samples. Own up.

Terace – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Kline – Rules Of The Game

Chapel Sound crew has been making moves left and right, changing the rules of the game for a minute and lately changing up the way they contribute to it. To those who havent noticed, the crews format is getting a switch up. It all feels like more, bigger moves are about to be made. ‘Rules Of The Game’ is a prefect landmark for the revamp feels and comes from the collectives Alberta x British Columbia operator. Ambient #GangstaShit

Kline – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

The Weeknd – King Of The Fall (Whipped Cream Rework)

So many good cats taking a huge dip into this year. It’s all about being productive over being on top right quick. Workaholics for life. FCMV36 curator / #YungHeadliner isn’t just taking interior festival stages by storm, but also breaking into the production game bringing her high energy steeze into digital realm as well. Cop the new. All of dem swallow.

Whipped Cream – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Killa Theory – Datum (Tittsworth Remix)

A tad diff of a direction than what ol Tittworth has been putting out recently. It’s been big numbers, summer fulfilling productions. You know, the bIGGer stuff. Also on the note of recent output, there has been a plethora of House music lately. If House is the case, then, well Tittsworth is on point. As is the artwork cause the star gazers gone be gazin.

Tittsworth – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

CLYPHS – Voices Remixed

Vancouver is ablaze with new music, fiyah! Everyone is already feeling the burn of Bass Coast (Aug 1-4) & Shambhala (Aug 8-11). Both festivals will be featuring WoodHead & S2 together as Clyphs. Like Stylust Beats they debuted the new material pre fest to incorproate into their live sets. It’s a beautiful thing. They too have enlisted a wide and talented array of producers in House, Techno & Future Bass to groove things in a great many directions. ‘Voices Remixed’ out on Homebreakin Records and available for purchase on Juno.

CLYPHS – Soundcloud

Riton – The Same feat. Irfane (SLDGHMR Remix)

Future Funk is something near and dear. A held tight genre since Frite Nite put out B. Bravo & Teeko’s ‘The Starship Connection EP’ about a year ago. Although baked at the time, the genre sub or otherwise remains dear. Thankfully the Miami by LA SLDGHMR tagged their track as such and placed it in the Open Submissions Soundcloud group for easy consumption. #FutureFunk #Electro #EdBanger

SLDGHMR – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Jade Statues – P T H A L O G R E E N

It’s been happening throughout the city. Vancouver producers are hitting one thousand followers left and right. And as three zero’s is a mark to celebrate, free tracks have been popping up in lieu. Mountainous Collective aloe vera healer Jade Statues forwards his crews sounds as the latest member of the three zero breakers. Congrats.

Jade Statues – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premier: Falty DL – For Karme (Wigzen ReVision)

A distinct memory of mine from an all time favourite musician, JFKeeler of MSTRKRFT & DFA1979, saying the only real difference between genres is the drums. His say so stood out early on and has been in mind ever since. Another could not have engrained the point better. And only a few others could make this known with their music than Wigzen. Talk about a switch up, from Trap percussion to Caribbean / Tropical in one simple swoop. Listen to the original HERE for all the similarities and differences. Then get the download for free courtesy of Wigzen and crew @ FC.

Wigzen – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Stylust Beats – R.Y.F.S.O The Remix Album

Stylust never fails to release new material before BC’s summer festival season, a sure way to keep people locked and giving them all something new to look forward to on a PK system. And now we can all look forward to his personal representation of the West Coast Bass music scene being amplified by the newly launched Sleeveless Records, who the R.Y.F.S.O The Remix Album is brought into the world by. Speaker knockers from all corners have converged on the release leaving a stunted listener with a piece of every bass derivative to choose from to bruk out to on repeat. Listen listen.

Stylust Beats – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Sleevless Records – Soundcloud

Janet Jackson – Alright (TAILS Redo)

A boot knockin’ remix from another Vancouver cat short after his latest mix for Chapel Sound. With whom TAILS has been alright with, perhaps crew? The mix debuted the remix so it’s only fitting the drop gets done short after.

TAILS – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Shamik – Channeling India

Being the cultural melding pot Vancouver is it’s high time a project like ‘Channeling India’ comes through. Nine months, a shop full of old Tamil film songs on vinyl and a trek across six Indian states for a documentary have provided a project easily comparable to Madlibs The Beat Konducta In India tapes. Don’t let stereotype shy you away, but let the Hip Hip bring you together. The whole project is available for the low low price of free HERE.

Shamik – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter