Flume – Tiny Cities feat. Beck (Smalltown DJs Remix)


Flume’s success just cant stop. Not a damn thing is holding ‘Skin’ down. The album is out and the tidal wave of remixes is engulfing. In an all out wobble Smalltown DJs join the ranks of artists jumping the bones of the album via bootleg. The Beck feature is now a dirty forest wobble track ripe for wearing out those dancing shoes.

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Mija & Vindata – Better (BLSZRD Remix)


Proving once more that LA is one some next level creativity tip, is BLSZRD. Just another name for your radar to pin on the city of angels. His Future Bass productions venture into the filthy womps and wobbles, glass trap, House, and pretty much everywhere else that can be escalated into festival grade hits. The ‘Better’ remix like the rest of his catalog is available for free. Do the get to know with this gent. Your playlist will receive a generous boost from it.

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kkami x BAD ONE – Step To Me


Brand new Missy flip to stave off that void in our lives and keep us from imploding. Like WTF Miss Demeanor? Also, we can’t wait and it’ll be fire no matter when. But let’s keep the shine on kkami and BAD ONE. Their vision here might not tigger an onslaught of choreography, group dancing vines, and snaps, and insta stories or what not. But the Trap is strong and will no doubt get some shoulders knocking wherever you decide to bounce this one out. Stream on and cop the free here.

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Premiere: The Chainsmokers – Closer (Deafkulture Remix)


Today is a big day for ‘Closer’ Remixes. Shaun Frank is dropping his own, and here we have LA based Deafkulture delivering his own Future Bass ways about the international hit. There have been many artists flocking to the remix lately, but we feel we’ve got something special here from Deafkulture. The flavour he brings to the track brings it away from the mainstream-ness of the original with Trap percussion without tearing it from what has made the track so resonant with so many people. Free download is available here in exchange for artist support ;)

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Aero Chord – The 90s


Gawd. Euphoria on tap with Aero Chord’s new single. Given the title though, it just makes sense. Also, a Blink 182 sample would have been both bad and good.. Instead the Future Bass punches and bursts will do better than any hypothetical I can come up with. *Apparently this track in it’s own right pays homage to Aero Chord’s Trance. Who knew? Support here.

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Yashar Gasanov – Goosebumps (Travis Scott Cover)


Massive sounds out of Minsk Belarus. Distortion bliss envelops Travis Scott and the originally Kendrick Lamar featuring Goosbumps. If this track is getting you turnt as it is me, you best delve into the rest of Yashar Gasanov’s catalog. He’s got the sound on lock.

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Premiere: Kid Bassline – Designer Basslines EP


Coming across artists who self brand Techno doesn’t happen every day. It’s a genre that goes less often explored by many artists and listeners alike. Though there are those prominent names that have let their compasses take them there. Montreal’s Kid Bassline is one such individual. Today brings about his new four track EP, ‘Designer Basslines’ of madman scientist boundary pushing, or fusing (depending on how you look at it) of 124 Bpm works. The EP has already had support from Resonate Sounds, and Astronomar and is out now via Wile Out.

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blake scowron – when

Chicago’s blake scowron is churning out gold these days, and let me tell you, he ain’t no one trick pony.

I love it when I stumble upon an artist who releases sweet, warm summer evening tracks like this one and then the next song plays and I’m just like… holy shit. He’s putting it DOWN.

Makes sense, since this is also the guy that produced one of my favorite trap singles…

As one of many talented up & coming artists in Milwaukee-based music collective Noh Life (harris cole, Strehlow), I think it’s safe to say we can expect the quality to continue.

blake scowron
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ENV – Your Love (feat. Little Nikki)


OOH OOH!!! I found some dance shit that totally fits my Eastern European sensibilities! I gotta go and get my fucking track suit, ideally a red Adidas one, and dance like nobody is watchin yo.

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