FØRD – Folding Hills feat. Xavier Dunn

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 5.35.35 PM

When I was 18 I bought a 89 sunbird with the fuckin’ flip up lights man. I took off some woman’s mirror the first time I drove it. Loved that car but eventually crashed it while trying to roll a joint and drink whiskey and steer with my left knee on the highway (the right knee was for balancing my rollies). Then I got a pickup truck and boy was that fun. It was a Chevy. 87 sonoma with a single cab. I had to replace the fuel pump so I literally cut a fucking HOLE in the bed of the truck so that I didn’t have to drop the gas tank. It had no speedometer and I am pretty sure at a couple points of it’s life with me, some homeless people had broken into it and had sex in there. Loved that truck though man… Anyways, where I am going with this, is that this song here is the only Ford I like.

Guap. Out.

Kaskade & Felix Cartal “Fakin It (Feat. Ofelia K)”

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Here is another great lil jammyjam from one of my favorite vocalists Ofelia K . This time our homegirl comes swingin’. She joined up with Kaskade and Felix Cartal for the song “Fakin It”. Given how much of the narrative to the life of an artist comprises of faking it, this song is something I can definitely appreciate. And side note, I am really happy this is a chill tune that doesn’t sound like a Kygo knockoff. Seriously producers, stop sending me those. I will call you out every time and hurt your baboon heart feelings.


Guap. Out.

**FEATURE** Set Mo “Comfort You” (ft. Fractures)


The Aussies man… Gotta be the Roo meat that they are chompin out there or maybe the harsh environment that tries to kill you 30 different ways before you even step outside… SOMETHING is happening that is making them compete in the music scene the way they do. Either way, I am down for the cause man. At first read of their name i was like, SET MO? But now I’m like SET MO! You see kids, that is a great improvement over the first read and this happened because I clicked play. YOU TOO CAN BE LIKE ME!! You can start off with SET MO? and end with  SET MO!

(You can put this in motion by clicking below and tellin’ ya moms moms and neighbours about it.) ” Comfort You” feat. Fractures

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MKTO “Superstitious” (Chris McClenney Remix)


So after playing this jam about 30 times in a row, in turn ending up trying to sing, then trying to dance, then realizing the funk ain’t thick with me like that, reverting to humming and kinda gyrating while making my morning eggs, I thought to myself “well I really should post this” .

SO HERE IT IS! Chris McClenney remixes MKTO “Superstitious”

This remix is a healthy nutritious balance of soul, pop , funk and hiphop. It’s nice to come across music of this calibre.

Some words from Chris: 
“For this remix, I tried my hand at blending my style of soulful sounds with pop infused vocals” – Chris McClenney 

Guap. Out.

Bynon & Rumors – City Of Angels

Showing some real ability this week with his brand new release is Bynon, a Montreal lad also known as Richard Beynon. He has worked alongside duo Rumors for “City Of Angels”, a charming single that has been snapped up by Ultra Music.

Melodically driven, those smoothly enticing vocals lead the way here, with a softly pulsing beat making up its undercurrent. With rhythmical precision and plenty of moments where it would be hard not to dance to, Bynon is clearly an artist to watch.

Grab “City Of Angels” here. 

Kove – Nightfires Vol.1


Out now and providing some seriously strong dance floor vibes right now is “Nightfires Vol.1”, the brand new EP to come from British bass producer Kove. 

It’s been a while since we’ve heard a batch of fresh tunes, apart from the odd remix, so to have access to four is awesome. It all starts with “El Camino”, a super powerful yet melodic D&B cut, before moving back to house territory with “Comin’ On Strong”, a collaborative effort with Kideko. 

“The Silence” sees a richly atmospheric, instrumental flip back to the throes of drum and bass, before “Altus” ends things on a smoothly grooving deep house note.

This wicked EP can be purchased right here. 





Julien Mier – Smokestacks, Shorelines


Inspired by the heavy coastal industries along the Japanese coast during a Tokyo – Osaka trip last year Julien Mier shares the first single from his upcoming 7 piece mini album entitled ‘Shiny Silver Lining’ . Full album details and pre-order link to what may yet be his best work to date are available on Bandcamp.

Julien Mier – Facebook | Souncloud | Twitter

Vicetone ft. Cosmos & Creature – Bright Side (Two Friends Remix)

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 9.50.18 AM

I am still pretty much hammered from last night , so I am not going to do a writeup. Just listen to the song.vicetone ft. Cosmos & Creature – Bright Side (two-friends Remix)

Hi-One ft. Wädé – Heatin Up

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 9.43.32 AM

Don’t know much about these dudes but I like this approach. No fucking “future bass” and whatever mess kids these days are making on the interwebs. Peep it.

hi-one featuring wad-official – Heatin Up.