Lofi King Single Friend!?

So every once in a while I end up having something come up on my radar that sends my drug addicted spidey senses tingling… I heard this one song on Spotify’s Lofi Beats playlist by Single Friend, and I kinda dug it. It spoke to me cos basically his name is what I am.
You know… lately I been scoffing at the 90s hiphop rearing it’s head again, rebranded as “lofi”. Hold onto your panties kids because the reality is, your fuckin’ LOFI is just 90s hiphop. WTF this shit used to play on top 40 radio all the damn time! UGH. Anyways, as much as I love to be bitching about this, the fact remains, that this shit is fire nonetheless. I love me some 90s hiphop. So I been cruising my Spotify playlists and when I typed “lofi” in the search bar and clicked on “Songs”…(you know.. to see what the kids are into or whatever)… 9 out of 10 of the top 10 fuckin slots were this guy named Single Friend . His shit is getting MILLIONS of plays at a time :s . On top of which, after some more digging, I discovered that this fuckin’ guy has a damn playlist of over 2.5 hours of music… JUST HIS OWN MUSIC. I subscribed to his playlist here You should too. Support your local single guy or gal. Follow, play, send some fanmail..whatever. He clearly needs friends.
Guap. Out.

Johnny Gr4ves – You Too

I have covered Johnny Gr4ves since he was poopin himself in his diapers. So from like, when he was around 15… He is one artist I have bet on, for a long time and I shamelessly plugged this kid cos he’s the bees knees maaannn. Well guess what?! Our very own BC native has popped up on the Radio! in Victoria! 107.3 KOOL FM That’s how I came across this thing… wtf?! The radio playing something Kool!? (pun intended)
– Ok so, I am cruising down the street in my 6-4 (realistically my 87 chevrolet s15 with the bald tires) and I tune into hearing about THIS kid/young adult and Unkle Ricky the hot fiyah producer out of Vancouver, on the radio. Atta boy! Check out his single “You Too” off the Bits & Pieces EP produced by Unkle Ricky, which is out now. Don’t be a boring gussy.
Seriously. Don’t sleep on the kid. And bug the radio hosts to keep playin’ this song because we need more of THAT on the radio.

-Vinny Mawfuggin Guap.

Brevner – Wish You The Best

Brevner isn’t just your typical heartthrob rapper that your momma warned you about. He is also an artist who is capable of being emotionally open unlike myself. I am a walnut shell of emotions, and the world around me is an arthritic monkey with no shitty ass tools to crack it open. I like this dude. He is what I don’t have the patience to be. Relatively open about his emotional state, and dope at what he does.
I would suggest giving this a listen over some mulled wine and a photo album of your ex. If you’re my age… Most likely though, for you young hamsters, it will just be an IG lurk from an incognito window on your Google Chrome.
Be on the lookout for the Faces LP due at the end of the year.

Axl Rose’s Two-Year Run

Axl Rose is one of the biggest names in music. In 2018. And Guns N’ Roses is wrapping up one of the most successful tours of all time. Of all time, you guys. What the hell is going on?

The deep answer is probably that the world never lost its passion for hard rock, and Guns N’ Roses just decided to deliver to ridiculous effect. More on the surface though, what happened is Axl Rose and his band mates basically made up their minds to market themselves and kick some ass for a couple years, and it’s catapulted the frontman to insane heights. Let’s look back on everything that’s happened….

The Movie Trailer

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, the last thing anyone expected to see was Guns N’ Roses material. But at least at a number of screenings around the U.S., Axl Rose and Co. had a sort of teaser trailer set up. It wasn’t promising a new album, or even necessarily a reunion or a tour, but it made it clear that Guns N’ Roses was up to something. Vague though it was, it was a brilliant ploy, getting people buzzing about the band even though they weren’t really sure what specifically they were excited for or curious about.

The Online Game

Labeled “almost an EP in itself” by one Canadian database on internet games, the Guns N’ Roses slot arcade came out of nowhere. But it was clearly also made with input and/or approval from the band. NetEnt designed the game, which takes a regular video slot format and infuses it with hard rock hits and imagery associated with the band. It was by no means as big a deal as an actual EP would have been, nor does it stand up to the tour in significance. But putting out a sort of greatest hits hodgepodge in the form of an internet game was a bizarre stroke of marketing genius.

The Reunion

The band got together in full force in the spring of 2016 at Coachella. It wouldn’t have seemed so remarkable had it been just any comeback for a band past its prime. But in this case, Axl Rose and Slash had essentially made it clear that they wouldn’t be playing together anymore. So seeing them together on stage had a greater impact on fans than a typical comeback show would have.

The Tour

Straight from Coachella, Rose, Slash and the band launched a massive tour, which we mentioned in the introduction. The tour was even dubbed “Not In This Lifetime” as a sort of tongue-in-cheek reference to previous comments Rose had made about how unlikely it was that he and Slash would play music together again. As it turned out, Coachella and perhaps even the movie trailer were the perfect launching points for this comeback, because Guns N’ Roses hit the ground running and played a ridiculous streak of high octane performances both in the U.S. and abroad.

The AC/DC Crossover

Seemingly unsatisfied with leading one of the great musical resurgences in history, Axl Rose also crossed over to rival group AC/DC, for whom he has essentially become the lead singer. There are actually some fans of the classic AC/DC lineups who aren’t thrilled with this arrangement, but for more casual fans of the genre there’s a certain charm to seeing the two working together. If nothing else it’s left no doubt that Rose’s passion for the music lends him otherworldly energy for a rock star in his mid-50s.

New Material

There’s also new material on the way. AC/DC has announced that it is set to release a new album (and tour) with Axl Rose doing lead vocals. And while nothing has been announced, new material from Guns N’ Roses is widely expected in the aftermath of their lucrative tour. That means essentially that Axl Rose’s remarkable two-year run isn’t at an end just yet. In year three of his public comeback, he might just help put out two brand new albums with two of the biggest rock bands in history.

Konrad OldMoney remains “Undefeated” (Ft. Junoflo and Dyme Def – UFC3)

Strap yourselves in kids, this will be a bit of a long one!

  We have been posting Konrad OldMoney on here for many a moon now and have made sure to keep up to all the kooky adventures he ends up being part of. Mr. OldMoney is a well established music producer from Vancouver / LA who has been consistently redefining music genres and the role of a music producer. Just in 2017 alone, he has produced and written a number one album “Countdown” for Polish POP Superstar – Dawid Kwiatkowski, which earned an MTV Best Artist Award in Poland, he then went on to produce and release Canadian folk singer and winner of CBC Searchlight 16, Desirée Dawson’s “Wildheart” album, which is a beautiful soulful journey. Desirée’s haunting vocals shine amongst an elegant balance of live instruments and carefully chosen poetry. Did OldMoney rest on his laurels? Nope, nope he didn’t kids. He then proceeded to produce a whole whackload of music for EA Sports  –  Fifa 17 “The Journey” Reveal TrailerNBA Live and UFC3.

I recently got my greasy fingers on a copy of EA Sports UFC3 and gave it a spin. Being a huge fan of UFC2, I was really curious about the differences between the two games and also pretty pleased to see a Vancouver local representing strongly on such a dope video game title. I am getting a hang of the changes in gameplay now and started betting with my friends over who is going to kick who’s ass. Needless to say I have been miserably losing and therefore I’ve been resorting to things like classic misdirection, kicking the guy with the controller and just plain screaming as loud as I can to annoy them enough to leave mid match.

So…Here is the nerdy part. I’ma break this down for yous

The gameplay is dope! The strategy component is much more prominent in this one. If you wanna win, you gotta plan. The game uses Real Player Motion Tech (according to the nerdy sources out thurr on the innanet), which just makes errthang better. Knockout Mode is my favorite because it’s none of this wrestling stuff. Stand and Bang is my style ;) The players look more real and move better, overall a great improvement on the game. But also, another huge selling feature of this game, something EA does really really well, is the Soundtrack. You can see OldMoney’s name and song amongst artists such as CARDI B, Kendrick Lamarr, Snoop Dogg, A$AP Ferg, Big Boi, Dj Khaled, Future, Yo Gotti, Foster The People, G-Eazy, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, The Killers, Dave East, Run The Jewels, Tech N9ne, Vic Mensa and the list goes on. Hats off to the Music Supervisor Ricardo Almeida and the game producer Freddy Ouano for pulling off this madness and not disappointing us fans!

Check out the Official Soundtrack Announcement HERE

Now that we are oh so learned, let’s take a gander at the single “Undefeated” shall we? The song features Korean Rap Superstar JUNOFLO, who signed with rap legend Drunken Tiger’s Label FEEL GHOOD MUSIC (OldMoney has done lots of work with their squad in the past so this must be how this collab came about). Also Seattle based rap crew  Dyme Def. The verses pack a solid punch to the face. The music is heavy orchestral smack em in the face with the subs turned up to 12. Konrad OldMoney also did the UFC3 Theme music for the game which you can hear during load screens when you turn on the console or play directly from the menus. Undefeated is hype as Fuuuuuuu….. Turn up ze bass kids!!

Here is the single:

Here is the Official Soundtrack:

Guap Out.

MHD – Afrotrap Part 10 – (Moula Gang)

Y’all already know how much I love intense music. Here is a dope new number from MHD guaranteed to get you wanting to dance, even if you can’t dance. Sometimes you just gotta let your legs do some wobbles while you’re drunk and pretend you don’t look like an idiot. MHD is great music to embarass yourself to ;) If all goes well, you’ll get laid after the club.

Desirée Dawson – Wild Heart – THE REMIXES

Hey kiddos! Okay, I have a treat for you! And no it’s not a nudie photo of myself covered in coconut oil, holding a gun. I know  you’d be stoked cos there is nothing hotter than a fat old hairy man doing that… But I have other news! Vancouver’s very own lil ray of sunshine, Desirée Dawson has been killing it lately with her album Wild Heart, which went on to crack millions of plays online and make ladies and gents cry. The winner of CBC’s Searchlight Competition 2016 (Desirée) has teamed up with SKIO MUSIC and Vintage Currency Music to host a remix competition of her soulful Ukulele single Wild Heart, which was originally produced by none other than hometown hero, Mr. Konrad OldMoney himself. The winner of the remix competition was WYOMI from Sweden.
Looks like the damn Swedes did it again with their pop knowledge and shocking hair. This is some really dope brooding futurebass inspired ish. There are many amazing remixes of this song in the playlist below. Vintage Currency must have gotten some serious FOMO because they got 13 of these mufuckas in here! Runners up were Iset Sankofa and the Grei Show, and Sampet. In my opinion, Hazmatt remix has a dope drop and Gabe Mabry has a really dope chord structure and a fly ass remix overall . Each remix offers something different and all these dudes did their thing… Show Desirée and the artists some support for their hard work and share the hell out of this thing ;)
Guap. Out.

The Chainsmokers – Sick Boy

Well kids, I have been on a fucking absolute bender lately. Basically, I decided to just start doing the most. My NASA application got denied however. I wanted to be the first man to take a prostitute to space! They quickly replied with “As exciting as this proposition might be for some, we are sorry Mr.Guap, the space program only launches tax paying citizens into space” I guess I will continue to try and break the Guiness world record for the most panic attacks in a 7day period. So I decided to post another Chainsmokers song because I am a fan. Guap hardly fans out,as you all know. Especially since I am a fucking egomaniac, however, sometimes it’s healthy to be like, “WOW” over someone or something other than your own penis. This SICK BOY song ( oddly enough I have this same slogan tattooed on my lower back ), feels to me like a very direct commentary on the mental health of America at the moment. Hats off to them boys. Give this a spin and stop being stoooopiiddd.




Uma – Golden (prod. by >irtue)

I came out of being in life retirement to post this! Vinnie is back biyatches!!!

I got 13 women “pregnet” to this. Uma is an angel.

This song is as seductive as the voice of barry white on an 1980’s answering machine. Tune in kids.

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Vinnie Guizzle represent.