SendaiERA – Overseas ft. Clarissa Abadesco

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When I was a young lad I once dated a Filipina girl, fell madly in love with her, then she cheated on me and got pregnant with a Filipino comedian. Now they are both unhappy. Which is double the irony cos one, Filipinos love to laugh and are really awesome cheerful people overall culturally, and two, that fucking guy is a goddamn comedian and there ain’t NOTHING funny about his current situation in life. Era here on the song is Filipino and he is visiting the motherland to connect to his roots. Shouts out to spaghetti with sugar in the sauce, lumpia, not balut, corn beef and rice in the mornings and longonisa. ( probably mad spelling mistakes here fam ) oh and of course the best baked good ever, pandesal.

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The Chainsmokers – Closer (SJUR x SAXITY Remix ft. Strøm)

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I am getting BEAT DOWN with these fucking remixes of this goddamned song. It’s literally making me hate life. So much. Imagine getting like, 200 versions of this fucking thing. I might as well just …idk… eat mcnuggets for every meal for the rest of my goddamned life. Anyways, now SAXITY, whom I really like, sends me this shit like, yo peep! I peeped! and I like Saxity so I will put this up. But if I have to fucking go through this shit, so do you, my readers. We are in this together. If I go fuckin mental, so do you! That’s love right there  yo.

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Golden Coast – Recess


Man… I am in a rainy part of Eastern Europe…. the other day I went quadding with some friends and I drove through a fucking wasp’s nest! No joke. Those little bastards got into  our pants, socks even, shirts…I got stung a dozen or so times and in my panicked top speed driving, crashed into a tree and fell down an embankment. This Golden Coast song is exactly what I needed right now because I am still in pain, all my damn clothes are soaked, and I wish I could be in the sun with a damn coconut and some tanned booty passing me by. At least I can turn up the lights in my house, lay down and pretend. Thank you guys for making good escape music for my sorry ass.

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Tom Grennan – Something In The Water

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I am traveling Eastern Europe right now and let me tell ya… There is definitely many a things in the fuckin water. The other day I drank some well water that just must have been fucked by a diseased donkey or something. I went for a jog, and that ended early. I been pretty much writing posts on the goddamn loo since then. There is a pun about having a shitty job here somewhere… Anyways, whiteboy here got soul yo. peep.

Soundcloud:  Tom Grennan

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Chnsmkrs – Clsr (Aash Mehta Flip)

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I have said this in my prior posts about how I could give a fuck about Halsey.

But my conscience always plays on me when I’m like, “maaannn fuck this song” at the expense of the artist that is flipping it etc. If it’s a good enough remix, I am going to be the bigger man (yeah that’s right, I identify as a man. Get over it), anyways the homie on the remix did his thing. Peep.

Soundcloud: @aash-mehta

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Big Gigantic – All Of Me (Feat. Logic & Rozes)

Big Gigantic are basically what got me into the funk/electronic hybrid genre to begin with. Rocking a solid setup of saxophone, electronics and live drums, the duo have been dominating the North American festi scene and other cornerstone venues such as Red Rocks Amphitheatre for years now, carving their niche into a scene of blown out progressive house producers and the like.

Their unique and positive vibe is another aspect of the BG family that sets them apart. Boasting a large audience of community oriented music-lovers, the duo promote togetherness and enjoyment through live music and friendship. I find this very interesting as most electronic music scenes are very exclusive and almost alienating, in a way.

The new single features one of my favourite MC’s Logic. The title of the single is All of Me, and I highly recommend checking it out – slightly more of a chill vibe than their most recent releases, the new joint touches base on some RnB / HipHop vibes with bars-o-plenty, absolutely worth the 5-second click over to their Soundcloud page to check it out!

Without further ado:


* w/ Louis Futon
+ w/ Illenium

Oct 18 Music Farm – Columbia, SC*
Oct 19 The Orange Peel – Asheville, NC*
Oct 20 Minglewood Hall – Memphis, TN*
Oct 21 TBA
Oct 22 South Side Ballroom – Dallas, TX*
Oct 23 The Blue Note – Columbia, MO*
Oct 26 Iron City – Birmingham, AL*
Oct 27 Elan – Savannah, GA*
Oct 28 Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA*
Oct 29 Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA
Oct 30 Hulaween – Live Oak, FL
Oct 31 Joy Theater – New Orleans, LA+
Nov 02 Bluestone – Columbus, OH+
Nov 03 State AE – Pittsburgh, PA+
Nov 04 House Of Blues – Boston, MA+
Nov 05 The Paramount – Huntington, NY+
Nov 06 State Theatre – Portland, ME+
Nov 07 The State Theatre – State College, PA+
Nov 09 Mercury Ballroom – Louisville, KY+
Nov 10 The International – Knoxville, TN+
Nov 11 Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD+
Nov 12 The Capitol Theatre – Port Chester, NY+



Oktavian – Liar

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Oktavian has been on my radar since day 1. This boy has more soul than your Jamacian Grandmother’s fried chicken recipe. I don’t need to talk too much about this song. And normally I don’t. Normally I just talk about myself, like for example, today I got stung by a bee right inside my fucking ear. And I am still bothering checking out new music,  with my goddamned earbuds. It’s a tough job here but somebody on a laptop at a cafe with absolutely no fucking job or plans for the future, has to do it.

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REZZ @ Shambhala 2016


REZZ’s performance at Shambhala 2016 is still spinning heads. Weeks later. It’s now made it’s way to Soundcloud for easy mind boggling bass goodness. Check the video after the jump.


REZZ – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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Majesty – Mash It Up


Majesty certainly brought out the drums this time. Them Rio Olympic parties are lacking on a massive tune that is right up their alley Im sure. And what with all these Canadian medals that are being brought home, it out to be on play down there. Van citys own Majesty as made it available for the masses for free HERE.

Majesty – Soundcloud | Twitter