Premiere: Dev79 + RVLVR – Plinky Babie

Street Bass labels Seclusiasis & Slit Jockey converge on the regular to bring out free new singles for the masses, the grimeys. Label head Dev79 pairs with fellow Philli producer formerly known as Speaker For The Dead, RVLVR, to help kickstart the new moniker, and just plain unleash the bass for the latest. ‘Plinky Babe’ in an interstellar love song. And a hard hitting one at that. Anti gravity, moon boots, countdowns & the signature heavy synth lay down of any good Street Bass makes it a far advanced push in the direction of Future & Alt. R&B. The download comes direct from Seclusiasis.

PS, just days ago Dev79 embarked on a five date August ‘Street Bass In My Veins’ tour. Today bringing him to Seattle’s Monky Loft. See poster below to co-ordinate catching him in your city, or wait till the Seclusiasis Radio Sub.FM broadcast on Sept 1st.


Dev79 – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

RVLVR – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Danny Brown – Smoking And Drinking (Slow Graffiti Mega Edit)

To one of Danny Browns most renowned tracks to date. The hard hitting and party anthem gets the full on Slow Graffiti treatment. Blunt after blunt the LA producers “Glass Trap” (as I’m going to go out on a limb calling it) turns up real hard. Ahead of new material reportedly this new heater is a steamy warm up. #GlassTrap

Slow Graffiti – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Wonderful Humans – Edge Of The Night (Daktyl Remix)

Hegemon is seriously bordering on favourite new collective. Productions by the likes of TroyBoi, vocals by the likes of the ever imaginative Father Dude, then the combination of both the dirty and love step vocals by the Mad Decent new recruit Daktyl will move you up the line in a quick hurry. Sultry love vocals backed by big future Bass x Trap all included.

Daktyl – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Jeremih – Don’t Tell ‘Em (Death Ledger Edit)

One of the best Canadian names carrying on with what I would call Drag, or he would call Gothic. Slowed and lowed music bares all kinds of names these days, for instance whatever Young Lean calls his music, and the subsequent music that has followed him. For light and Trap feels hit the DL. Party like the summer.

Death Ledger – Soundcloud | Twitter

Blunt Sinatras – Drunkminicans

Just as you think the dust has settled for the Blunt Sinatras, even for a minute, new heat bursts. The pair has been holding onto Drunkminicans for a minute now as it was heard back in #FCMV19. But now DAD got the exclusive and debut the banger. The time is now. Call it Boston, call it Bass.

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Subculture Sage – 1=1=1

The more heard from this London duo the better. Combining memories of Faithless and Spearhead’s (Michael Franti) music together lends to the idea of there being a long and fruitful future for these guys. Garnering support from Zane Lowe is a feat in itself as praise from a tatsmaker like of that stature. Here is the latest single from the self titled EP released this past July on Twisted Hearts Records. Listen and love.

Subculture Sage – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

HXDB & Reilly Steel- Say Anything

Vancouvers Hxdb expresses his love for House with an all new collab with the mysterious Reilly Steel. On a compilation (which is a rare phenomenon for Hxdb) organized by a monthly party held in Brooklyn by Sleepyhead, Dunes & Figgy every first Friday on 12 Jefferson Ave Bushwick. The compilation features residents, guest & friends. Peep game #BrokeCity. Listen in full HERE.

HXDB – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Reilly Steel – Soundcloud

Premiere: The Morning Birds – Winter Bloom (Invisibles Saves Her Soul Remix)

Jennifer Thorington, Samuel Markus, Stephen Newman & Alex Fornes together are better known as The Morning Birds. A band who has embarked on a track by track release of their Bloom EP on specific days of astrological significance, today’s being the Super Moon. You may best know the band for their Folktronic & Indie music within those circles. And you may best know Chicago’s Invisibles for his remix of Cystal Castle’s ‘SAD EYES’ which served an effective spring board for him. His style varies from time to time, though with ‘Winter Bloom’ House served as the best direction. Resulting in a light dreamy four minute piece.

The Morning Birds – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Invisibles – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Cerato & Giu Vela – Serial Hustler (Original Mix) [Preview]

Previews are one thing I do try to steer clear of posting. Too teasy, your obligated to be thinking about them and be checking back or marking dates. But when one as funky as Mexico’s Cerato comes though. It’s hard to ignore. The G-Funk original just found a home with O1ne Records. Look for it.

Cerato – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Dimond Saints – Sum Luv

HDY BOYZ need luv to. Even when their in a lean n’ dro induced stuper. These Okaland bass duders are having a blast playing this one out this season. It’s no suprise why either, there’s a slow approach that busts effortlessly into shoulder shrugging steeze.

Dimond Saints – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Mariah Carey – Thirsty (Slot-A Remix)

Without question, my personal favourite tag in the game goes to It’s Bang Hot. Fatman Scoop turnt up and it sounds just like him, it must be him. It has to be. Let’s shift over to Slot-A though, his spin on Mariah is killer, a vibe ridden R&B feeler. Bedroom & Love Trap aficionados best recognize.

Slot-A – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

King RA – #GUDLUV feat. @EJDoesit (prod. Bunty Beats)

European producers have a niche for old school Hip Hop beats it seems. It’s now apparent that this is an avenue of music to explore. Hailing all the way from Glasgow comes Bunty Beats and his latest work flowed over with good, sensible n’ catchy lyrics. You know, that #GUDLUV, till the sun come up.

Bunty Beats – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter