Punks Jump Up Interview

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Touring, as modern media has revealed, is a stressful endeavor to undertake. Punks Jump Up like to keep things light and steady movin whilst on the road to get the full experience of life, which is pretty dope to hear. Seeing as how so often a producer will talk about his machine like work ethic while on tour. It’s just nice to hear some of us are still human out there on this big blueberry.

We caught up with these trend setting cats for a few words on their summer tour with Gigamesh. Read along, read along.

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How are you guys?
Very good very good.

How has the tour been so far?
It’s been great. We just started off our joint tour with Gigamesh at Club Congress in Tucson, Arizona. Really cool place with a great crowd.

Before that we played Scion party in NY & LA & also Club Bardot in Miami.
All super fun in their own way.

Are you getting along with Gigamesh alright?
We hated each other from word go….
No, just kidding. We’re having a great time already, even though we’ve just started the tour. This tour will be FUN!

Do you have a favourite Gigamesh track?
Love the Don’t Stop track on his latest EP on Kitsune. Classic Blondie/Boney M disco but totally updated. Can’t stop playing it!

How do you keep yourselve’s relaxed AND in work mode on tour?
The DJ gigs are the work part on tour. We’re not very good at working on music while on tour, we get too distracted. If we’re in NYC, LA or Tucson we’re not gonna spend all day in the hotel room. We use the time to wander around the cities to soak up the vibes & get inspired (and maybe get drunk).
That’s just as important for our music.

There have been a number of riders floating around on the internet lately. Do you guys have any weird / original requirements on yours? Like left-handed shovels?
We always demand a white grand piano, pg tips & salted unsalted peanuts with all the nuts taken out.

If you could go back and change anything in music history what would it be?
We wouldn’t change anything but we would love to go back and be a fly on the wall in Kraftwerk’s studio, Bowie/Eno in Berlin, Ron Hardy djing at Music Box in Chicago etc etc

Favourite love song of all time?
Oh that’s easy: Berlin – Take My Breath Away.

I read in an interview you did that your musical roots lay in Punk. What was your introduction into electronic dance music?
David’s was probably Chemical Brothers (then called Dust Brothers) & early Andy Weatherall remixes. Oh also jungle (pre drum ‘n’ bass).

Joe was into hip hop from a very early stage & quickly moved into house music (US garage etc) with a bit of classic UK Hardcore thrown in!

In your experience what is the biggest difference between a punk show and an EDM show?
The instruments!

Are there any similarities?
The energy can be totally the same. .

And if you could take any element from punks rock shows and it to edm shows, what would it be?
It’s kinda already happened, the crowd stagedive to both punk & dance music these days!

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