Review: A Thousand Years – Farmers in Fields of Stars

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A Thousand Years has produced what may be the most broad genre encompassing record of the year; Farmers in Fields of Stars. Leaned out progressive R&B is most likely the most accurate way to verbally convey the overall sound of this record.

From beginning to end one experiences a feeling of uncertainty as to what is going to leak into your ear and from what corner of your memory one is going to reminisce with next. To say that this record is a nostalgia trigger is an understatement, however a more judicious expression is out of grasp at this time. I feel as though Zeké Africa’s father’s Jazz background, and probable influence, has had a significant bearing on A Thousand Years style as it is today. There is an uncanny progression from track to track that continues throughout the debut EP of the London based artist which must stem from Jazz.

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Farmers in Fields of Stars is available for pre-order HERE.

Released by: King Deluxe Records
Release/catalogue number: KING015
Release date: Oct 1, 2012

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02. Where I Wanna Be :: Maybe I’m on a lone island obliviously unaware of what is going on in the world but to the best of my knowledge this is the first, I’m going to go with modernization, modernization of Nas’s ‘I Can.’ #Standout

04. Bake Take :: Lil Wayne is going to be relapsing back to styrofoam cups filled with whatever prescription durgs he was taking mixed with grape Arizona when he get’s wind of this through the grapevine. #Standout

05. Have To Tell You :: Kids, there’s something we have to tell you, keep calm, it’s progressive house. #Standout

BONUS :: All These Worlds Are Yours Mix

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