Profiling: Hucci Gurl

185708_253077884822411_742163882_n January brought about a new year, AND, Hucci Gurl. No surprise that an attractive female producer instantly won over the lonely hearts of computer kids everywhere. Said love came with a strong foundation of a structurally sound, swaggin hard, remix of what may be the best Timbaland produced track off the Dr. Dolittle Soundtrack (great soundtrack BTW), Aaliyah’s ‘Are You That Somebody.’

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I’m a bit… bossy. I like things to be so-so. And that “so-so” means, “the way I like them.” I’m a Leo and sometimes that gets in the way of a lot of my decisions haha. Lioness rawrrrrr.
I didn’t have… any fingernails until I was like 15 and finally stopped biting them.
I could have… joined a sorority. And another boring Barbie woulda been born.
Every man should… tell a woman she’s lookin’ sexy when she feels she isn’t. I’m talking like “Baby, when your hair falls over your eye as you wash the dishes, I go wild.” And he should DEFINITELY buy her tons of lingerie. Shit, someone buy me some lingerie.
I’m not… like all the other girls.
I don’t like… taking shots of whiskey.
Religion has… its’ place, and it’s not in my music, cause “fuck ‘em, I didn’t wanna go to heaven anyway.”
One positive thing… Everything is positive. I have a nephew that is my world. He can put the most positive and genuine smile on my face. But aside from him, everything else is positive too, if you look at it right.
The thing I love… Uhhhh, nutella, fur, and hats.
Yes it’s true… I crave you.
Fighting for… the right to party.
Money makes… the poor people even poorer.
I’m constantly… reminded of how many dumb people there are around me….but then they all make up for it by doing unbelievably kind things sometimes.
If everyone knew… how much my brothers influenced me, it would make them realize why I’m so content with being boyish.
I collect… absolutely everything. I am such a packrat and everything has sentimental value to me. I’m a Leo with some Cancer tendencies. And hoarder tendencies.
Sex is… way better when you’re feelin the person.
A few years ago… I thought that I might actually be reading you the news some day.
I always wanted… to have a monkey in a leather jacket I can teach to stick it’s thumb up when I say “ayyyy,” like The Fonz. The closest I’ve come is getting my nephew to do it.
The number one… jam in my head today is Cherub’s “Doses and Mimosas.”
One of the problems… I have is cursing entirely too much. But I make up for it with a large fucking vocabulary.
We all have… problems. Cry one tear in the bucket, and fuck it. Everybody’s got em.
People wanted me… to be a lady.
There is no limit to… love.
The only thing on TV… that’s worth a shit is anything that doesn’t claim it’s real.
When the time comes… I’ll be dead.
What happens in… Kansas stays in Kansas….but I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto.
I’m lucky… to be me. So I’m gonna do me. Oh and I find 4-leafed clovers on the reg.