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Video: Flosstradamus – Look At The Sky feat. Deniro Farrar

Hands down the best Flosstradamus record yet. Equally perfect parts nostalgia, and trap.
Oh, and Deniro Farrar murdered it to.

PS. Looks like Flosstradamus be flossin Obey pretty heavy.

Moduloktopus MIXTopus vol 1 | Future Classics Mix vol 1

humble10 copy.jpg Today is a monuments day here at Future Classics. The first of a new monthly, soon to be podcast, has been launched. The studious and multi talented Moduloktopus was gracious enough to kick off the series with a 50 minute mix original work. This masterpiece is also serving as the first of his own mix series entitled ‘MIXTopus’. And, without fail from the first second to the last this all encompassing showcase of work will have you locked in tight.

Connect with Moduloktopus:

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YungSa†an – OUT

artworks-000041679272-1f8k1x-original Roll the camera out. Tell em get they cameras out.

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Gang Signs – LA on Monday (8PRN remix)

artworks-000041046336-6zofbu-original Big time into the dark in which this 8PRN character encompasses his music in.
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artworks-000041667795-e979j6-original TLEN is undoubtedly a great witch house esq. listen. The lyrics here are well worth some attention.
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The Hood Internet – While I’m Different (2 Chainz x STRFKR)

artworks-000041614491-dgxbe4-original The production of I’m Different and most of the productions of Stat Fucker are things I can’t jive with. I’m Different was too sharp and lacking a full sound in some way. Where as Star Fucker just needed black guy mids..
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Flufftronix – Feel The Love

artworks-000041607712-kn8kw6-original A cover of Rudimental’s “Feel The Love,” as heard in Luvstep IV: A New Hope.
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heRobust X gLAdiator – We Are

artworks-000041593776-hykber-original Honestly didn’t know how a gLAdiator collab could produce anything with more solidarity in the trap music sound than heRobust had been doing already. But, some how, some way, these guys found the way. Killer sample. Can’t quite place it, gonna listen more. Free for a like.
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Swizzymack – HØØD


Heavy in the Jersey. This shit is rowdy.

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