My Robot Ears #84

artworks-000044451910-6j9ogg-original Focusing this edition on submissions that have been stacking. From people and places all over the world this editions focus is primarily on trap and 808 hits. Hope you digg it. Follow and Like all whose music is here.

In from Chile, somewhere in Chile, could be anywhere really.. Ozone Green is an quick and intense take on some of the Brick Squad fam. Real stoked on this one.

cvrlcvrl is the borther of djbutcherr, a real heavy in the drums kind of guy, clothed in an insurmountable amount of steeze. Apparently this trait runs in the family.

Now we venture into the more dreamy escapades of TWIGG. Just get familiar with this guy. His catalog is , well, stacked. Go to his house party.

Yoroku Saki is from Boogie Wonderland, Canada. If said Boogie Wonderland feels and sounds anything like this, I need to go to there. Get ready to chill down.