Cherriep (Philthkids) Interview

IMG_6135 These West Coast (Vancouver & Nelson BC) weirdo’s and Juke all stars are on what some might call “a tear” these day. Lots of radio with SUB.FM , a new label en route and, more music trickling through their online presence to the cold dead fingers of Juke /&+ Footwork enthusiasts. So scoop up all the Philthkids n’ Cherrie P related news and goings on below. Cherrie really went in on the interview and provided in depth information all subjects. PS. your indulgence in FLUCTUATIONS is well encouraged.

Hows you?
Hey, I’m good. I’ve been very busy just trying to keep up with the party scene here in Vancouver. Everything is really happening right now as we get out of this nasty rainy weather season. We had lots of sun last week so people are energized. You can feel it. I don’t think we realize how important the sun is for moral until it gets taken away for six months.

You just released the Space Potion EP. Tell us about it, how long in the making, where it was recorded and with what, etc. All the deets.
Space Potion is a super silly record containing a whole lot of silly tracks that we felt would work as a free release. You have to do that now and again, give stuff away for free. It’s available exclusively through Walmer Convenience, a Toronto based Music blog run by street people – seriously I’m almost certain their homeless.

Tracks to look out for on this release include “Lit Up”, which was produced on an actual 808 drum machine. If you listen to the percussion, you can here the difference. Another track to look out for is “Fuckin with Hoes” , which was inspired by Dj Omega (I record all my own vocals btw). Finally, “Water Broke” and “So Big” which are some biblical type Ghostwhip jams we thought you’d never hear.

This is really the “new jazz” of electronic music. Structurally it allows us to explore ideas outside the conventional methods of song arrangement and presentation.

This hasn’t been the focus of all the philthy attention though has it. Philthtrax, a label is in the making, correct?
Footwork has been a significant focus of the crew, its just so new and unexplored. The label has been my primary focus of late, as it will propel our crew to the next level. From a bookings stand point and overall reputation with artists, we feel that its in our benefit to establish ourselves as a label.

With whom are you working on the endeavour of endeavours with (Philthtrax)?
I’ve been working closely with Pat Walters aka. Dj Cure from Aufect Recordings. He lives across the hall from me and has lots of experience and helpful information. He helped connect us with our current distribution partner as well as publicity people. It’s really great to have access to somebody who’s made mistakes and who can guide you away from making the wrong moves.

I’ve also been working more with Ghostwhip as an A&R, he has always been really great at finding the music. It’s the core of any catalog — the songs. So it’s very important to have people on your team who know where to look.

Are your signees to be of primarily Northwestern local, Canadian local, or of internet connection?
Were focusing on anybody who can produce original (very important) Jungle/ Juke Hybrid music. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen many submissions from Canadian artists, Hesk being the only exception. Outside of him and ourselves I think that’s about it for Footwork producers out of Canada. Send content to

We want to hear something that draws from the sound and emotions of 90’s Jungle music while maintaining an original feel with elements of Chicago Juke music. These two genres go splendidly together. If you want to hear some good examples check out our latest release with Aufect Recordings “Fluctuations.” — link —

Also check out Chrissy Murderbot’s label Loose Square’s, Addison Grooves new stuff, CL Moons “Sweeekers Vol.1 and 2 and of course Dream Continuum (Machine Drum and Om Unit).

What brought about the decision to start your own label?
The decision was made after waiting on labels to release our music, in one particular case it took this one label like a year to put out a release. Fluctuations was the release, we ended up passing it to Aufect Recordings in the end.

Honestly, it has a lot to do with poor organization and no real accounting structure. Label heads need to wake up in my opinion. The technology and services for artists to start their own labels and build relationships with Distribution partners is becoming more and more accessible. What makes you think your artists won’t do what we did and just start their own label?

Externally its always nice to know that people are “buying” your music and not stealing it. I have downloaded my share of music before, but mainly stuff you can’t find in digital formats. Bah excuses. Since I’ve begun the label process I’ve changed and I hope our fans plan to do the same. We will be offering new formats and interesting ways to get their attention you can believe that.

As Cherriep, will you be a prominent artist on the roster? Separate from the Philthkids I mean. I don’t think so. Cherriep stuff will be handled outside of the “Philth” moniker. Every once and a while I’m sure a track will come around, but Cherriep is my solo stuff and I hope to use it to branch out. It’s very important to keep your options open as an artist as things change over night. One minute your seeing some success from Juke, the next minute everybody’s into Trap. One day you wake up and Trinidad James is amazing. So assume formlessness and just go with the flow.

How does Cherrie P differ from the Philkids?
Cherriep doesn’t require any kind of approval from anybody. It allows me to do whatever I want — whereas with Philthkids there are protocols and stylistic requirements for me to meet as a producer. The subject matter is a lot more sexual and freaky and the tempo is slowed down a bit. The Cherriep thing is really an outlet for me to be a creep and just fuck with peeps in the worst ways. Cherriep the Creep as a character came about while doing the Aufect Radio thing. I use this moniker for hosting the show, every Sunday from 5-7 on with Dj Cure and special guests. Here’s the latest archive. link —

Describe Cherrie P in three words or less.

Creepy… yet Intriguing

Aight, that’s all I gots fur yuh. Feel free to add and last minute addys now.
We plan to bring Canada some of the rawest forms of music from around the world. We want to know what you think about that. Feel free to post, comment or interact with us online. We’re very approachable…well I’m very approachable. Ghostwhip is kind of a wierdo and Choones never leaves his house — He wears slippers to the market. If your ever in Nelson just stand at the corner of Ward and Baker and open a can of Old Milwaukee, they’ll be there faster than you could say “Hobo Space Wagon.”

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