Grand Theft Auto 5 – Fly Lo FM

Seeing as how the pandemonium seems to have settled and the more we hear reviews about the game over users becoming shut-ins the more inclined I am to give this game any attention. For those few music lovers who do not game, there is reason to allow some time to the virtual world. The full hour ‘Fly Lo FM’ was curated by critical acclaimed Flying Lotus. It may be an idea to fuck up a few people, cars, business with assorted weapons to gain he full experience..

Track list after the jump.

Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa – “Getting There”
Clams Casino – “Crystals”
Flying Lotus – “Crosswerved”
Flying Lotus – “Be Spin”
Flying Lotus – “See Thru to U”
Flying Lotus – “The Diddler”
Flying Lotus – “Computer Face Rmx”
Hudson Mohawke – “100hm”
Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa – “The Kill”
Tyler, the Creator – “Garbage”
Outkast – “Elevators (Me & You)”
Captain Murphy – “Evil Grin”
Flying Lotus – “Catapult Man”
Dabrye – “Encoded Flow”
Machinedrum – “She Died There”
DJ Rashad – “It’s Wack”
Thundercat – “Oh Sheit It’s X”
Flying Lotus – “Stonecutters”
Shadow Child – “23”
Kingdom – “Stalker Ha”
Aphex Twin – “Windowlicker”