Kid Atlaas – Fragments

I’ve been posting a lot of beats out of France recently, and there’s a reason for that… French producers fucking slay. Here’s record label Cosmonostro on Fragments, “a look inside the musical mind of Kid Atlaas — one of Europe’s most promising up-and-coming beatsmiths”:

The scope of this record is outstanding, from piano chops that’ll pull at your heartstrings to subs that’ll expose your most disgusted screwface, interspersed with interludes you’ll want to last for days. Opening with the warm crackly tones of dusty wax, ‘Winter Is Coming’ sets a laidback & blunted mood that defines the Kid Atlaas sound. Otherworldly voices drift in and out throughout the EP, most notable on ‘We Shall Overcome’ with a certain famous speech by a certain civil rights figure demonstrating that conscious hip hop with its positive morality is far from dead. The epic closer ‘Make Love In Outer Space’ opens with blissed out synthwork, blasting off into the ruffest drum beat you’re likely to hear this side of the stratosphere before gently easing you back down to earth, bewildered and ready to go right back for more. This is one of those rare records that you’ll have on loop without it ever sounding stale, with each listen more rewarding than the last.

Kid Atlaas passed away last year, but he lives on through the people who continue to discover and appreciate the music that he left behind.

Kid Atlaas
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