Ofelia K – Cinco

Once in a while in the trifeness of the blogosphere, you come across something interesting. Something that makes you want to put down the bucket-o-popcorn, de-grease your fingers, put on a shirt and go out into the real world…Go be someone your momma isn’t ashamed of and all that. Music can sometimes, do this to you as well. There are singers out there that give me the urge to get off my ass, put on some fancy duds and hear them in person. Well, my fellow sedentary citizens, i came across a song where the singing is mixed as though I am actually there, in person. Nice and up front, with an awesome voice to boot. I bring you, your new reason to get your fat asses up and search out an artist if they do a show in your neighourhood, or start your google search and clickthroughs in the right direction. Her Soundcloud Riigghhhttt  here: Ofelia K – “Cinco”.

Given her track record to date, I could brag about this lady’s accomplishments but that is besides the point. This song is dope and needs to be heard. I wouldn’t care if she was famous or completely obscure and unknown. I would support this all the same.

A couple words from Ofelia:

“I was embracing the freedom to get loose and play, and I think that energy that comes through in the songs.”


Guap. Out