Chester Green “Stand Out” ft. Heems x Paleface (prod. Dj Jemaine)

Hold onto your panties bitches. Because today I post something that bangs more than your slutty sister. The homie Chester Green along with Das Racist’s very own Heems and newcomer Paleface just dropped this gem and we don’t want it to be slept on. – Stand Out – Produced by DJ Jemaine. The verses are strong, the chorus is strong, the production is strong. I am giving this a Siskel and Ebert thumbs the fuck up. I get crushed with wak hiphop all damn day. Thankful to these NYC emcees doing this shit right. There is also a video on the way so we will be on the lookout for that, and you should be too. Click, follow, share. Do all that good shit kids. ( Also, if you are feeling supportive you can buy the single HERE)