Stalgia – In The Trees

Stalgia - In The Trees

Hey kids! Here is a new lil jawn from Stalgia “In the trees”

Back in the day I had a cat that was scared of heights and he always, almost daily even, would get stuck in some fuckin’ tree. It got so stupid after a while we started leaving food up in the trees. My best friend and I would climb a bunch of local trees and hang random treats on various branches because I was scared that my cat might just starve up there. One night I heard that lil fuck way up in some random back yard tree and climbed up to get him, but the damn guy was in the canopy and the winds picked up. So there I was, stuck with my cat, in the canopy of the tree, winds howling and him trying to claw his way into my wool sweater that I always wore when I had to go rescue him. I waited over an hour just holding onto the canopy branches hoping that some lightning bolt doesn’t just strike me in my face or something. So that’s my experience in the trees. Moral of the story is, don’t get a retarded cat.


Guap. Out.