The Chainsmokers – Closer Ft. Halsey (Gill Chang Remix)

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I once knew a guy named Alex Chang. He tried to bully me when I was an immigrant to Canada. Not knowing that I was from a very poor part of Eastern Europe. After a couple tries of harassing me, we went behind the school to fight it out. I was about ten years old. All the kids lined up and they even went through the trouble of checking my pockets for knives. LOL. When the fight began, he started tugging at my wool sweater that my mom made me. This being my favorite sweater, really set me off. I grabbed him by the throat with one hand, jabbed him in both eyes with my fingers from my other hand. When he started screaming like a little bitch, I used my eyejabby hand to grab the other side of his little throat. I squeezed till he hit the ground, his eyes rolled back and he was trying to breathe. I stuffed a huge fucking pinecone into his mouth that was laying right beside his head and got up and kicked him in the chin lol. He bled from the mouth as I walked away victorious, scared for my life and happy he didn’t fuck up my mom’s hard work. I was never bullied again. Not bad for an elementary school fight.

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