Johnny Gr4ves – You Too

I have covered Johnny Gr4ves since he was poopin himself in his diapers. So from like, when he was around 15… He is one artist I have bet on, for a long time and I shamelessly plugged this kid cos he’s the bees knees maaannn. Well guess what?! Our very own BC native has popped up on the Radio! in Victoria! 107.3 KOOL FM That’s how I came across this thing… wtf?! The radio playing something Kool!? (pun intended)
– Ok so, I am cruising down the street in my 6-4 (realistically my 87 chevrolet s15 with the bald tires) and I tune into hearing about THIS kid/young adult and Unkle Ricky the hot fiyah producer out of Vancouver, on the radio. Atta boy! Check out his single “You Too” off the Bits & Pieces EP produced by Unkle Ricky, which is out now. Don’t be a boring gussy.
Seriously. Don’t sleep on the kid. And bug the radio hosts to keep playin’ this song because we need more of THAT on the radio.

-Vinny Mawfuggin Guap.