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Bass Coast 2016 approaches


Three weeks ’till Bass Coast 2016! My personal favourite of BC’s artist-run electronic music festivals, Bass Coast is unique for its complete lack of corporate sponsorship, eclectic offering of interactive art, seamless professional execution, and largely female team of organizers (including co-founder The Librarian. Shhh…)

Nestled between the mountains in sunny Merritt, the eighth annual celebration has already made history for being the first time that the show has completely sold out. This year around 3000 people will be making their way to the valley oasis to peruse an innovative outdoor gallery of light and sound-based installations and throw down to a world-renowned roster of emerging Canadian and international talent. Sound like paradise? You’re not far off.

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If you don’t already have a ticket I feel bad for you son, but hey, there’s always Craigslist. (Just be smart about it — scams suck and Bass Coast reserves the right to refuse any ticket bought from a third-party retailer.) Those that are on the fence may be interested in reading our review of last year’s event, which reads a bit like a tour of the grounds and gives you a pretty good sense of the experience & logistics. This year’s line-up is featured in the series below, pick a mix and kick back to gain some perspective on the type of music you can expect to hear at Bass Coast.

See you there!

Bass Coast Project
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Bob Moses – Essential Mix 2016, Days Gone By

I think it’s high time we talk about Bob Moses, the Vancouver-born duo that’s catching fire internationally for their unique mix of crooning vocals, layered instrumentals and nuanced electronic production. “Understated” is the word that comes to mind. It’s a cute story too: High school friends Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance reconnected five years ago in New York City over a shared disillusionment with New York’s nightlife, and started making music together soon after. Thier debut album, Days Gone By, was released last September to widespread acclaim.

“Instead of just mixing a bunch of favourite records together, we like to fiddle around and cut things up; new ideas, samples and inspiration always come out of the process for us. It always feels like the beginning of our creative process, and it’s a way to rethink our own music.” – Bob Moses on their Boiler Room set


Bob Moses
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Tülpa – Fall Into Me

Tulpa’s music is a melodious marriage of sentimental piano and gliding synths, the perfect thing to lift your spirits amidst a little mid-day contemplation, or maybe that time of day when the sun’s going down and the light is bleeding golden shafts through the leaves. I’ve been listening to his stuff watching all the spring time cotton puffs float through the air in slow motion and it’s been swell. If I could I would totally put “Wave” at the end of a movie where the guy finally gets the girl.

The LA-based producer has also been collaborating with Canadian vocalist BLANKTS. Bouncy beats to make your heart smile.

Some of his music reminds me of the Her soundtrack that Arcade Fire did (Song on the Beach/Photograph). Ya feel me?

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WHIPPED CREAM & tails. at Upstairs Cabaret

I was lucky enough to catch a stacked line-up of home-grown talent at Victoria’s Upstairs Cabaret last Thursday for a hip hop inspired trap & bass show to restore one’s faith in Victoria’s electronic music scene. Openings acts WERK, David Pelvis and BMID kept the place bumping until around 11:00 despite a sparse early crowd, but by 11:30 people were pouring in and that’s when the fun really began.

It was great seeing tails. on stage because till now I’d had him pegged as more of a chilled out, low-fi hip hop producer as per what I’d heard on his Soundcloud. Needless to say he turned up the heat for his set, which retained the bouncy future sound I’ve come to associate with him while also bringing in a host of music I’d never heard before.

On the other hand, I think it’s safe to say that if you haven’t seen Whipped Cream perform live, you haven’t experienced her music. Hers is the kind of dirty, turnt-up vibe perfect for a 1 a.m. headliner, when people are ready to surrender to the dance floor and lose themselves completely. Even better was her unbelievable stage presence. Far from the head-bobbing DJ, Whipped Cream was dancing the entire time, pouring her whole being into the performance. Looking up and watching her, the energy was infectious.

Honourable mention goes to the ladies dressed as sexy clowns (yes, this can be done) who killed it dancing on the PK speakers. Thanks to Munk Culture for organizing the show!

tails. – misted

Miles Prower of Vancouver’s Chapel Sound brings us this low-fi track free for download. I’m diggin the sepia-tone vibes. Kinda feels like I’m smoking a hookah in a film noir.

tails. is playing a show in Victoria at Upstairs Cabaret at the end of the month with island-based female producer WHIPPED CREAM and a whole crew of other future bass heavyweights. There’s still a few tickets left at the $15 price point so don’t wait! Info here.

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Point Point – All This, F + L

French duo Alesia + Aazar a.k.a. Point Point does it again with these two insane tracks. The intro/outro on that second one is phenomenal… remind you of anything? ;)

autumn keys – pretending you care

It’s pouring rain outside and there’s nothing I’d rather be listening to than this melodious track by Colorado producer autumn keys. Apt name for a producer whose collection of music seems to embody the contemplative, slightly wistful atmosphere of fall, but if you’re thinking to yourself, “Well, how about winter?” Look no further than winter keys, his other beat making persona.

autumn keys
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invention_ -【hxnt//gxthxr】

invention_ is a Canadian graphic artist and producer of low-fi hip hop beats. He often layers sounds from nature with delicate piano and lush synths, creating his own unique, peaceful vibe. invention_ is my go-to for slow mornings and studying. Nothing too obtrusive, but I still feel like I’m landing my spaceship on Pandora…

Show your support on social media & don’t forget to grab your free download of this lovely EP.

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Thriftworks – Low Speed High Drag

Thriftworks is Jake Atlas from Oakland, CA. Whenever I listen to his music I feel like there’s a tiny band tappin’ and slappin’ my eardrums. So many layers. His latest album is a unique blend of glitchy synths and downtempo dub that’ll have you feeling like you’re sipping bubbly on a lawn chair orbiting Mars…

LSHD is a donation-based download, so grab yours here and show your support for the artist on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Bonus track for new listeners – this old gem