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Artist Spotlight: Chloe Martini

CHLOE-MARTINI-TEMPTATION-KHADISMA-REMIX- >We begin a new monthly feature highlighting some of the Electronic music scene’s best and brightest with producer & DJ Chloe Martini of Warsaw Poland. Creating with raw emotion and feel are her key ingredients, and likely to be what has carried her from “Soundcloud producer” as she calls it, to having remix release on major label, Atlantic Records. Forward thinking is one key to success but trust in one own instinct can carry one just about anywhere. And maybe that’s a lesson we take from Chloe as we continue to listen to her progression.
Listen and learn.

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Hey, how’s life? Where has your music taken you lately?

Hey, I’m doing fine. I feel like I’m just starting this music journey. So far I’ve been playing in my country, Lyon and Copenhagen. But this Friday I’m going to play in Paris with Cashmere Cat. Can’t wait for that gig. Hopefully my music will take me to many more places I’ve never been to.

If you were to describe your music in three words, what would they be?

It’s SSS: soulful, sexy & sweet.

80’s music was a heavy influence for you early on, what kind of music do you listen to on your own time?

Many different kinds. I really love rnb, disco or funk for example Earth, Wind & Fire, The Isley Brothers or Chic. Lately I’m listening to a lot of Michael Jackson’s stuff, he was such a visionary.

Do you ever try to convey any kind of mood in your productions, or even sets? Do you look back to the feeling older 80’s music would give you back in the day?

For me 80s music is really dreamy and nostalgic. I think that subconsciously I’m also trying to bring that feeling to the listeners of my music. One blogger once wrote that my music tells the story by allowing listeners to be the authors. This sentence really made me happy.

How do you go about beginning a new production?

Usually I start with chord progression. I can spend hours finding beautiful progressions that touch deeply my heart. After that I just go with a flow.

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Do you consider yourself an underground artist at this point? Has there been a lot of attention on you as a “Soundcloud find” at all?

I definitely see myself as an underground artist. Even though making some productions for mainstream artists in the future would be a nice and challenging experience. I started posting my music on Soundcloud and only there so I guess I can call myself “Soundcloud producer”. Soudcloud is an amazing platform for young artists and without it I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I just hope I will not be considered only as “Soundcloud producer” forever, if you know what i mean.

How do you feel about the whole discovery of new artists being so important in music these days / what pro’s and con’s do you see in this?

Nowadays thanks to the internet everyone can show off their music, so there are plenty of artists and it’s impossible to get to listen to everyone. Because of that there’s also lot of shitty music, but not only. I know that there are some incredibly talented producers, sometimes really young and known by little that deserve attention. That’s why I’m trying to dig deep and include in my sets these treasure tracks that I find.

In a previous interview you mentioned that the music industry is something that you are not a fan of. What is your approach to you own music with this in mind / how do you intend to or feel that you differ? And how would you prefer to see it?

Mostly in mainstream industry you can find talented and real artists and artists who aren’t really musicians but products to attract young people and get money. Look at how music industry looked in 80s for example or even way before. Only talented musicians were on the music scene and people loved them. I wish it could be like that right now. Show business is a lottery, you never know what audience will like or what won’t. I’m trust my inner feelings when I make music. It may sound cliche but I just want my tracks to be real, honest and to come straight from my heart.

There aren’t many female producers. But there are more and more, talented ones at that. Do you ever receive any feedback to indicate that there are aspiring female producers looking up to you?

I did receive a few, yes. Such messages make me extremely happy and whenever some girl is really passionate about starting making music on her own I’m willing to help or give some feedback because I know that the support from other producers is important, especially at the beginning.

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What’s the producer / DJ demographic like in Warsaw? Primarily male? Are there any other females out there doing good things that you can name?

There are mostly guys here doing or playing music. I know just one female polish producer, her music has also this 80s vibe, her stage name is Annie Starlight. Last year I also met at one event really cool female DJ, LayDj.

Genres. There’s plenty of debate on the use and necessity of genres these days. What is your opinion on genres, especially in Electronica?

I don’t really like labeling music. There are a lot of artists that are experimenting with different sounds and thanks to that their music is very original. That’s what I’m looking for in music, originality. So it’s really hard to label something that sounds like nothing else you heard before, isn’t it?

“Don’t think, just feel.” Is this something you would say you live by?

This could definitely be my motto when I make music. In life as well, but not all the time I guess.

What are your plans for the remainder of the year?

Play at some nice festivals, collaborate with talented singers/producers, travel a little, spend more time with loved ones and most of all enjoy every second of this music journey.

Thank you for your time Chloe.

The pleasure is all mine :)

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