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I.Y.F.F.E – Storm (feat. Desirée Dawson)

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Hold onto your skirts guys! I got a new one for you by I.Y.F.F.E and Canada’s soulful sweetheart Desirée Dawson. I have covered her singles before and by the looks of it, I will continue to do so, since she doesn’t suck. I have heard her on all sorts of music ranging from songs with ARMNHMR, Pat Lok, K?D, Pegboard Nerds, Elk Road, the list goes on. I.Y.F.F.E is the producer on this track and asides from having an impossible name, he is also from Brazil! The land of good food, music and booty. One day I will go there and stumble drunkenly into one of them carnivals, eat some sort of street food for a few days and dance ridiculous with a whole bunch of dope women who don’t speak any English. #goals. Homie killed the production here. The drop is great so you drug addict party kids can rest assured that when you’re at your favorite watering hole, you will enjoy this thing pumping out of the speakers while you and your friends ping away. Anyways, have a listen and support these crazy kids by following them. Just not in real life cos that would be fucked up. Follow them on Soundcloud… ya fuckin weirdos.

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Villains (Loud Luxury X Shoffy)

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Good dance pop music?! nooooo… really?? yeah really though.

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Arman Cekin – California Dreaming (ft. Paul Rey)

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Sometimes I am in California buying tacos, other times I am in California dreaming of buying tacos. This guy here made a song about it, but didn’t mention tacos, which kind of upsets me, but I can forgive it because there is a cool lil’ whistly drop and bonky wood knocks on the snares. Puts me in the mood for a fancy drink and some sort of little beach umbrella in my cup. Snapchatting my friends all like “life is sooooo hard right now” while I wear my fucking Hawaiian floral print button-up.

Check out “California Dreaming”


Arman Cekin

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LABS – Hold Slow

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You wouldn’t believe what I am doing right now. I am under a fucking PALM TREE, with my feet in a hottub, basking in the sun, and “working” by writing about songs. Fuck the babyboomer generation talking about offices and how you gotta wear a suit and tie. I am one step away from being in a manthong bananahammock, with women over 50 looking at my embarassingly small bulge and I am happy as can be. No office. No tie. No mortgage payment cos the market is shit these days in Vancouver. Anyways, enough about my woes. Check out Victoria’s very own LABS. Homegirl got pipes and homeboy got skills. Oh and catch LABS performing at Tall Tree Music Festival on July 2nd and Rock of the Woods on July 22nd because there is a good chance you go out and do stuff. As opposed to me, who doesn’t do stuff.

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Kraze – When I Let Out

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Kraze got bars. Peep his “Fire and Brimstone EP”


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Annabel Jones – Happy (Tim Gunter Remix)


I get lots of remixes. You could imagine the onslaught of remixes I get considering how much of a leatherbound book big deal I am. The problem is, most of them are soooo trife. We are talking like, ** Original verse and beat – then some shitty edm buildup – then an explosion followed by some drop that makes NO sense with the original – then back to Original verse and beat – and repeat** until I rip my headphones off and take my rage out on the poor bastard by emailing him some shit like “The fuck you thinkin bruv!!!?”  Anyways, this is not the case here. This is coherent and dope as hell. Tim Gunter’s Remix of Annabel Jones’ “Happy” is what you beat hamsters should aspire to.

Here is a quote from the lady herself.

“I felt excited the first time I heard Tim’s chilled take on “Happy.” The song is about the bittersweetness of long distance love and Tim has captured that sense of longing perfectly. I love the sonic choices he made and that the message is intact.” – Annabel Jones


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Gramatik ft. Leo Napier – Native Son Prequel (Jenaux Remix)

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I just finished paddling in a shitty little boat with my significant other in the middle of some park with a fountain in it. That shit was spraying everywhere and she was giggling and happy as a pig in shit. Meanwhile all I can think of is, how many homeless people have urinated in here, how many dead bodies are floating at the bottom of this fucking thing, and I am pretty sure the turtle that just swam past us was eating a human finger. BUT!

Check out homie Jenaux remixing some Gramatik.

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Adele – Send My Love (Koni Remix ft. Bailey Pelkman)

Hey hamsters! I am enjoying the sun today with a coconut full of whiskey and a stupid fucking umbrella hat on my bald head.
One step away from being a pervert on a porch. But here is a dope lil remix of Adele’s “Send My Love”
by Koni ft. Bailey Pelkman

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Khamsin – Maelstrom

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Some heavy future slap in your face shit right here from Khamsin. Cos I’m in that mood.

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