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Premiere: Fresh Prince – Heartwreck x Natsu Fuji Flo$$y Flip

Whilst those apart or without fammo’s spend xmas with Netflix (not that there is anything wrong with it) they are bound to come across the best suited actor for a live action Dumbo movie. Granted Dumbo probably would have been of Caucasian decent, but the Kingpin of Spiderman was no Michael Duncan Kane in the comics. And whether or not those spending their xmas this way venture into the 90’s sitcom that Netflix so eagerly gained the rights to stream just to lock more people in, there is a killer intro to the show. One which call’s “flip” all too loudly, to the end of Heartwreck and Belgum’s Natsu Fuji flipping it into a 2 step jammer for perhaps another generation.

Heartwreck – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Natsu Fuji – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

YungSound & Flow Castle – Breeze

Whomever came in a did what on this track is completely erroneous. What is, um.. roneus.. is the combo of these two artists coming up with one hundred percent future bliss. You got all that travelly ish, dirty vocal samples and plenty of nice day, bedroom, euphoria making feeling(s). Stream, fall in love, repeat and DL.

YungSound – Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Flow Castle – Soundcloud | Twitter

Kanye West – Touch The Sky (Chesto Bootleg)

Last time we heard from Chesto he was extending out on a weirder tip than the ushe. More experimental looping. We find ourselves there again when he takes to his favie track off Lord Yeezus’ Late Registration. It’s a touch more cheery alike his New Disco works but there is certainly a new something encroaching on his style. The funk be creepin. Listen, love and #TouchTheSky

Chesto – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Jeremih – Fuck You All The Time (Slow Graffiti Remix)

Long time LA connect Slow Graffiti has taken his music and life explorations to the second hotbed of his state. San Fran is now the new base of operations for Slow Graffiti and thus, the launch point for many remixes, edits and mega edits to come. The first nestle in to these ears since the move is one many of us know and love, a landmark track in the collaborative works between Jeremih and We Did It Collectives Shlomo. The “Glass Trap” treatment as I like to call it, encompasses the old and treats it anew at once. Let’s hope together that San Fran brings more music and under-the-covers experience for SG.
Free download courtesy of the man himself.

Slow Graffiti – Facebook | Instagram | Sooundcloud | Twitter

Cosmo’s Midnight – Snare (Feat. Wild Eyed Boy)

Always a treat to see something new from Sydney-based twins Pat & Cosmo. Check out their EP Surge for more sexy, down-tempo music.

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Premiere: Kicks Like Bang Bang (Nappy Riddem Mash-up)

First and foremost, happy Monday. Ring in that new new on a good foot, how about that? Bringing in the freshness today is Washington’s Nappy Riddem. One of the funk players on the infamous Fort Knox Five Recordings. Continuing the labels, their own, and DC’s reputable reputation of floor jumping funk by taking on Joe Cuba’s classic ‘Bang Bang.’ Pronounced drums and a electronic dance bpm revive the track for the new era just as it keeps it’s legacy moving in stride with music culture. And feel free to get familiar with these cats as their camp is known to roam in our neck of the woods.

Nappy Riddem – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Exclusive: Thriftworks – Terry’s Big Dab

From Fade, to Fader to Fadest, Bay Area’s Jake Atlas has been strengthening the bond of chill, , Hip Hop experimental and Glitch. Stretching, twisting, even cross pollinating them all in various sequences which will one day be the the further future a more mechanized x technologic era of music. The third and final part of th three piece series is said to have a body of work more capable of telling stories than the preceding pieces. Which themselves have already garnered prominent taste maker approval. Fadest began weaving the webs December 1st and is available for free download in full on Thriftworks Bandcamp.

Thriftworks – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Seinabo Sey – Hard Time (The Golden Pony Remix)

First play had me double take to the title like whoa. It’s not a Moby remix, maybe just the same artist he sampled and made his name off tho. The research never happened. But that likeness coupled with House riddim works, it works well. Free download for all.

The Golden Pony – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

K Theory – 3013

Put aside your chocolate Christmas countdown calendar calmly. San Fransisco’s K Theory have vowed to burst subs and eardrums with a new free download everyday till Saint Nick’s holiday. The daily stream began eight days ago. Thus far the promise has been made good on. Today’s freeizm lays before your eyes rn. Get em all below.

K Theory – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

#FCMV56 | Mixed by Need & Necessity

N&Npress2 House is one genre we here at Future Classics fall short of exploring. Hence the connect with Detroit’s Need & Necessity. A duo made up of like minds based in a city with the history to lay groundwork for it’s artists to be expert in said genre. For this volume with N&N at the helm, we get insight into how classic vibes are live and well, and in good hands.

Need & Necessity – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Usher – I Don’t Mind feat. Juicy J (Homewrecker Edit)

“Go and handle yo biz, go on and make that money.” Words to live by by urrshur. Jersey x Bmore riddim to hit to by Homewrecker, in a huge burst back the scene. Turning straight misogyny into dance-floor heat.. it’s a beautiful thing. As is Juicy J referring to a lap-dance at a titty bar a first date. Poor guy lololol.

DJ Homewrecker – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Palm Beach – Reach

Let’s ease ourselves into the holiday excitement. Keep your mind at ease and your soul in chill. We ready best when stress is down. It’s being proven sad or emotion evoking music is good x reviving for any individual, whether they know it or not. Fortunately for us during our speed toward the season a connection was made Palm Beach of the UK, #ThatPalmBeachVibe. A producer capable of such a chill down. On December 8th via Opening Light Music ‘Reach’ will be reaching the world wibe web. This is your first listen the latest addition to his breazy House repertoire completed by a delish, soft vocal sample.

Add Palm Beach to an artist to watch list. Maybe even shoot over a recommendation to the folks over at Majestic Chill.

Palm Beach – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter