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FRND – Friend

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.29.45 AM

This song is so dope. Not only does it reflect my sentiment completely, but it’s so well produced. A nice clean current but forward sounding pop song. FRND is dope. I would go out for milkshakes with him and talk about life and shit. I would probably paint graffiti with him too and get chased by the police, but if dogs came after us, I would stop first, so they keep chasing him. That’s something I learned in graffiti school. Also, all police dogs are trained in german commands. But I have yet to test that one out.

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Guap . Out.

Swedish House Mafia – Leave The World behind (Elex Remix)


So Sus came through with a badwagon with plenty of room. Ukrainian Elex has surfaced on the cloud with a handful of heavy hitters. All with low play count unfortunately as his whole catalog to date is no joke, heavy hitters. Flexing in the Trap and Future realms with Remixes and originals it’s a prof best delved into ASAP. Socials below.

Shouts to So Sus for the connect.

Elex – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Desiigner – Timmy Turner (Rahm Remix)


By now we are all verse in the come uppance of Kayne West’s young protege, Desiigner. And the journey Timmy Turner has taken. From XXL Freshman 2016 freestyle to promised track, to now word delayed, and then of course the internet whirl wind. Despite being named after the cartoon character Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents ‘Timmy Turner’ is an undeniably grown song, lyrically anyway, although we can only trust the authenticity of Desiigner to a limited point.

Before ‘Timmy Turner’ was announced as being a real song, and after the freestyle where the undeniably catchy melody was heard, is when the first internet whirl wind really took place; the remixes. Beat, bedroom and producers off many walks took to it. Many finding the path of the lo-fi, Trap infused. It’s not though that this brand of ‘Timmy Turner’ has had it’s stride found.

Mysterious-o Rahm as taken ‘Timmy Turner’ in so many new directions while still playing in the ball park. Ominously wound future bursts, pitching Desiigner, and Life Aquatic esq. melodies are what make this version one for your collection of the long list of remixes. Rahm himself has a limited presence online thus far, but two amazing remixes to date. It’s time for the get to know, do the follow thing below.

Timmy Turner (Rahm Remix) is available for free download HERE.

Rahm – Facebook | Soundcloud

Rebecca & Fiona – Drugstore Lovin’ (The Him Remix)


Don’t let the cover art fool you. While Swedish Pop Stars Rebecca & Fiona are the eye draw, it’s the The Him that steel the show. They are not however the first to be enlisted for the Pop duo’s dance music presence. The Him slides in alongside Sleepy Tom and Fred Falk with their own Future Bass take for Rebecca & Fiona’s latest dance music entry.

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New R&B duo S4U (Something For You) has emerged as the new true to the classic sound of R&B. Describing themselves as transdimentional booty warriors and sporting a boy or girl group esc name, they may just be on the tip of the outer world minimal of the new and the nostalgia striking flavours of the past. Do the follow thing below.

S4U – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

Bad Boys – Elfreaky – Cybertronics – Mr Lexx

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.23.43 AM

This is the kind of song I would get shmammered to with a cheap beer in my hand, surrounded by artsy sluts in a fuckin thottery-barn of a club. Most likely go home with the girl with fucked up hair, wearing totally fashion faux pas shorts and hiking boots. Just cos then I know she would do ANYTHING. This is a fuckin party anthem you lil punks. So you better turn pump this.

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Vintage GuizzleGuap. Out.

Rob Bravery – You Take Half (Ivy Lab 20 20 Mix)

YTH Ivy Lab

How this isn’t rolling deep in a few K plays is just beyond me. Has Soundcloud been hacked so many times that artists fall off that much quicker? Wasn’t Ivy Lab the isht for a good while there. I guess count your lucky stars that you’re one of the fortunates to have the new 20 20 mix make it’s way to you.

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JAQ – Blue Treacle (Jey Kurmis Remix)

Screen shot 2016-08-27 at 9.55.06 PM

Figured we were about due for some later night House vibes in this piece. In this case Jey Kurmis comes through as the plug with a remix of Bristols JAQ’s new single. The vines is real.

Jey Kurmis – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

altura – waiting

Altura is Taylor White from Dallas, Texas. Having spent some time in BC and WA, he’s now headed to Austin to focus on music full-time with artist collective Azimuth Records, so my sense is that we can expect to see some more mindblowing music coming from him in not too long at all. In the meantime, enjoy this dreamy, layered track as a preview for his upcoming album, which will probably be full of intricate, Fly-Lo-inspired electronica (with a metaphysical twist).

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