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Snugsworth & Marvel Alexander – In Real Life

Let’s break for a light n’ spacey trap ish. The tune makes it’s way to you by way of Hackensack NJ x Poland for Marvel Alexander’s birthday (yesterday). Wish the Modern Outfit connect a happy belated.

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Snugsworth – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Marvel Alexander – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Best Festivals for 2014

With the summer now officially over the beats, bass and memories of this year’s festivals have almost become a long gone memory. So naturally it’s time to start thinking about where to head to next summer. A lot of focus gets given to the electronica hub that is Europe but what about Canada?

If you’re thinking of jumping on-board an air transat next summer these are 5 festivals you should definitely consider hitting.

MUTEK 2014, Montreal 

Taking place over 4 days MUTEK festival is a collision course of digital art, light creativity and sound and is arguably Canada’s coolest festival. This festival really is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to bleeding edge electronica and it draws thousands of industry professionals, DJs, producers and partygoers alike to its grounds annually.


Each year Avant-garde artists such as Germanys Brandt Brauer Frick, programmers and digital artists are invited to collaborate and perform to blur the lines between video and sound providing an experience that is more than just a music festival. In recent years Richie Hawtin has performed his ground-breaking Plastikman live sets to high appraisal.

  Connect 18, Besant
Set in the secluded hillsides of Saskatchewan is Connect 18 , Canada’s longest running electronic music festival. Sporting no huge a list stars like the previous entries this festival is a dream for those seeking real underground creativity and alternative electronic music. All bases are covered here with breaks, funk, psy-trance and tech house all on offer within an intimate setting that really is like no other.

Connect 18 has a sort of hippy edge to it but in all the right places; people from all walks of life come here to bond rave and create. Notable artists include Shamanic Technology with his bass heavy glitch hop sets or Luis Flores with his German drenched techno.

Digital Dreams 2014, Toronto

Digital Dreams festival apparently is the largest electronic music festival in Canada and with such size comes a line-up equally as big. Last year saw underground artists such as Paco Osuna, Steve Lawler and Toronto’s own Carlo Lio mixed with more cookie cutter artists like Porter Robinson and Mark knight.

digital dreams
That said, the festival offers almost every tempo and energy going with styles ranging from techno to drum and bass to deep house and dubstep all set against the city’s stunning skyline and beautiful shoreline. For sheer magnitude this festival is definitely one to check out.

Veld Music Festival

Veld is a similar offering to digital dreams and also boasts itself as the biggest electronic music festival in Canada.  According to Toronto City Events it draws the biggest names is electronic dance music with the usual heavyweights in full force.

Last year saw the likes of Steve Angello, Deadmau5, Above and beyond all lay down sets at this two day festival to a crowd in excess of 35,00 people.If you’re more on the underground tip this festival probably isn’t for you but for big room house and electro this is a must see.

Shambhala, British Colombia

Taking place in the first week of August on a 500-acre cattle ranch near Nelsom, British Colombia the festival explores all lines of electronic music but with a really heavy stance on Drum and Bass.  By taking place on a farm the festival has a real Glastonbury(UK) vibe to it with art, performance and  music coming together to form a place that seems disconnected from reality.


The stages and décor are unique and it really makes for a trippy mesmerizing experience. The music is on point too with artists ranging from Canadian underground misfits to well know A-listers such as A-track, Plump Djs and loadstar.

Duncan Gerow Interview & Exclusive Mix

If your a Soundcloud Hound, someone who invests hours of their day into the site and search for music, you’ve come across Duncan Gerow. He resides in Anchorage Alaska, USA, is a Soundcloud Hound’s wet dream, and makes truly absorbing music. Otherwise, little is know about the prolific artist. In the interview you are about to read we talk, Alaska, music (goals and alike), and the mix he has provided here today. Get to know then be a friend.

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Lead us with an introduction. Who is Duncan Gerow?
I have 2 middle names (a bonus name) and those are them. My name’s Sam. I’m 28, from Anchorage, AK

How’s Alaska living?
It’s a really beautiful place.

I feel like a lot of people (including myself) think that you are snowed in 365 and just make music. Your output is certainly in support of this theory. Can you clarify how much time you spend making music?
Oh tons, Ive been at it for a few years so it really adds up. I definitely do it more now than I used to because its awesome to me that people are liking what I’m putting out. I try to play on an instrument every day though.

How many pairs of mittens do you own?
Zero. Gloves – U need those fingers man

Do you have other interests? I know you are also an illustrator.
Art, hiking, college football, playing music (keys, bass + guitar). I think electric guitar can be the most fun to play but overall I like keys best. Like a nice Rhodes or somethin.

It’s a cliché question, but what inspires you? Creatively in general let’s say.
As far as making blends, hearing a really good beat. Sometimes I’ll think of a certain rapper or singers style that would compliment it – happens a lot while driving. It can also happen the opposite way where I’ll hear an acapella and think of producers that would fit the songs vibe. But in terms of playing original music or just sitting and drawing its way harder to describe. Creatively just in general its inspiring to see how much amazing stuff is out there and so easily accessible.

You feelin any labels lately? / What are your favourite sources for new music?
Brainfeeder is my shit. Soulection, HW&W, Stones Throw, TDE, WeDidIt.
+ sources definitely soundcloud, bandcamp, other artists’ mixes. Kutmah’s sketchbook radio show always has tons of good new stuff. I love NTS radio and Dublab.

Seems like you’ve been getting good attentions from good people (Soulection, looking at you). Have you been getting offers that you can speak of?
It’s been great. Nothing too crazy, a few “if you’re ever down here come play a set” type things. But I’m collaborating with some super talented people from all over the world on music projects which is the best part. Stay tuned.

What are your future goals with your music?
Im working on a bandcamp EP of original stuff. Trying to set up some dates on the west coast next year DJing and ultimately I want to do a hip hop/ r&b live instruments kind of thing, where we play originals and covers. It’s crazy fun playing with a band.

What’s the band called and who’s innit with you?
No set band or anything but I know people who play. Just as a future goal I mean.

What west coast cities would you like to hit?
Def Portland, the Bay Area, maybe LA or Seattle.

Tell us about the mix you have provided.
Different from other stuff I have up. More atmospheric / zone-out kind of thing from some really phenomenal artists.

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Untitled Mix Track List:
1. Shlohmo – Empty Pools
2. Odd Nodsam – Cities In The Sky Remix
3. Shlohmo – Shapes In The Dark
4. Dasman – Kabool
5. Pink Priest – Tell Me Something Awesome Before I Go To Sleep (Balam Acab Remix)
6. Jonny Greenwood- 時の洗礼を受けていないものを読むな
7. Ages – Lacking In Perseverance
8. Golden Hits – Peaches
9. Kouta – Branches (Lotide remix)

Duncan Gerow – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


SWAGBOT – Dreams Come True

swagbotartworkfinalAny time I listen to a new track from SWAGBOT I’m instantly transported back to the ’80s, where I’m driving a Ferrari Testarossa down the Miami interstate with the top down, but instead of the interstate, I’m on a rainbow, and instead of a Ferrari, I’m riding a unicorn. The newest track from him, out on the “Star Shaped Heart” EP, is no exception. Give it a listen here and then head over to Beatport to get yourself a copy, and your dreams may just come true. [soundcloud url=”″ params=”” width=” 100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

42 Ghosts – Because Fuck You (Skyzoo Hack Mixtape)

artworks-000043468533-3dh0vw-original These guys are back, with some seriosuly pirated music this time. Word is they hacked producer !llminds’s Facebook and Twitter to showcase their theft and show respect to the artist.. Yes, indeed a shady move.

Screenshots included after the jump.

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Little C – Pow Vs LOTM4

pmoney4 The below is straight cray. Heavy Grime and UK rap in ways that you aren’t expecting. So much familiar here.. Redlight – Get Out My Head & Bauuer – Harlem Shake are easily identifiable hits that make this mash(?) what is it. The “featuring list includes: Lethal Bizzle, Discarda, JME, Kdot, P Money, Depz, Wiley, Jaykae, Ghetts, Pressure, 2face

Besides, it’s always a pleasure to play ‘name that track.”

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Waldo – SFTB (prod. Mike Zombie & Sango)

artworks-000041615597-ccaqub-original My refusal to listen to Drake has left me a trifle ignoramus. Word up is that this is in fact a chune from the only man who is alone in a room full of people.. Granted many people can and do feel this way, but I don’t buy it from Drizzee poo. All that said, I don’t know how much of SFTB is come original. Waldo, while presumably not lonely, is a shoe in to SOULECTION. Sango lapsed him in the fold of the LA beat driven label and radio show. SOULECTION does indeed have a roster to contend with. Full roster: AbJo, Atu, BMB aka Space Kid, Evil Needle, Esta, Harrison Blakoldman, Holygrailers, Insightful, J-Louis, Jo_Def, Mr. Merge, Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, Kings, Koen, Koloah, Lakim, L33, Mr. Carmack, Nangdo, Pheo, Sango, Sivey, Sunclef, Ta-Ku, Tek.Lun, Tony Tritone, Tryezz, Vincent-Paolo.


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Westside Schmucks – Drive You Ha

artworks-000042010245-fj33qz-original Ghettotech vouge music.
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heRobust – OG Status

artworks-000037576507-lbm6s9-original heRobust is surely having all of his fans feeling as though they have ‘OG Status.’ Non stop free downloads. Enjoy this previously unreleased original.
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