Lorde – Team (Autograf Remix)

Time after time it’s surprising how often the Benjamin Button looking pop star get’s amazing makeovers.. musically. She may never look younger than Halley Berry or Will Smith do today, but hey. The intro to Autograf’s “FUTURE TROPICAL. ISSUE 1″ is, ensnaring, to say the least. After that, it’s pure Tropics.

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Alanis Morissette – Forgive Me Love (Lucian Remix)

Even if this track was total bullocks (which it’s absolutely not) a post would be merited. Taking on Alanis Morissette is a ballsy move. But when you add a touch of Ace of Base and strip it of Alanis Morissette and her accent, it’s actually an amazing House number. Ups to Lucian out of NY.

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ALT-J – Hunger Of The Pine (The Golden Pony Remix)

Boom! Disco dust? Nada. Disco chills? Full effect. Brookly’s The Golden Pony have made a special one. Never mind how the original is, there’s no need to look back. No offence intended but this perm shaker holds it’s own.

The Golden Pony – Soundcloud

Paces – On My Mind feat. YOUTH

Move over whomever is your “best” future or Alt R&B or whatever it’s called these days artist. Paces continues to hit it with his own signature Tropical Trap ishhhh. ‘On My Mind’ features a bangin’ vocal display by YOUTH, adding yet another layer of fresh onto an already impressive approximately 10,000 swagz.

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Lykke Li – Until We Bleed (LoftyLows Rethink)

Rethinking away from Lykke Li’s indie toward bedroom Trap calls for good linen. High thread count type linen. The kind of linen you can’t part from for just another day not soothed by it’s lush caress under gravity’s pull.
You + bed + this remix = bliss.

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#FCMV47 | Mixed by DRWKSKEE

Vancouver based collective Kandy Space makes their FC debut with new member DRWKSKEE. A thirty minute mix paying homage to oh so many classics by compiling their re-fresh’s to Trap. Hip Hop lovers of the 90’s turned Trap enthusiasts of the times will be pleased to hear near all of the best soundtrack standouts and singles of the times most influential albums. Get familiar with both Kandy Space & DRWKSKEE, links provided below for the follow thing on all platforms.

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Anna of the North – Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix)

It’s true, Electronic music has reached the realm of tabloid journalism. Tis a dark time, but, as with everything there has been and will be two sides will always be present. The positive, and the negative. Good music will always speak for itself and stand out amongst the muck and pod scum. Anna of the North was one such outstanding light for the now immensely popular Chainsmokers. What they interpreted their remix into was a future, and dare I say more “underground” version, than other major hits of theirs, #KAYNE, #Selfie..

*Amidst the success of millions of plays and appearances The Chainsmokers have remained loyal to their love of Indie vocalists, which, is an important point to note on their career to date. Cudos yo.

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Slow Magic – Girls (Kodak to Graph Remix)

Kodak to Graph remixes Slow Magic’s “Girls” into a track still recognizable but with an entirely different (harder) atmosphere to it, adding some interesting samples along the way… Listen to the original below, it has an upbeat end-of-summer sound that K2G’s version sheds for something a little heavier.

Kodak to Graph Official * Slow Magic Official

Don’t Miss Slow Magic’s new album How to Run Away (out now)


AZEDIA – Blood

In thanks to their fans for reaching them to the one million play mark London’s AZEDIA has given away a new one. An ambient, chillstepper featuring original vocal work from MOONFLWR. Name your price on the groups Bandcamp.

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Kool Keith – Walk On Water feat. Lord Diamonds & Michael Rushden

It’s all about Vancouver music these days.. Vancouverite emcees Lord Diamonds & Michael Rushden and producer Teddy Bass together linked with Rap legend Kool Keith on his upcoming album entitled ‘El Dorado Driven.’ Teddy Bass is to have a large presence on the album set for release sometime in October.

Kool Keith – Twitter | Website

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The Offspring – Pretty Fly For A White Guy (Matt Zanardo’s ‘Anthem’ Remix)

Thinking back to just before our artist spotlight with Matt, paroozing though his catalog, this was the preview I was itching to see drop. The nostalgia factor is huge with this one. To see it get a proper upgrade to the times is fly as fuug to. All the quaitables backed by Anthem grade bounce is prime. There will be Offspring Youtube searches as a result no doubt. Play the field, keep it real.

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Rosie June – Sound It Out (Bear Mountain Remix)

Personal favourite of the Last Gang Records roster Bear Mountain’s latest nearly slipped through the cracks unnoticed. As a Vancouverite there is obligation to post, admittedly distances to get travelled if the tune is quality, and it is. You can file this remix of again fellow British Columbian, Nanaimo’s Rosie June under Deep House. The original is from her debut album ‘Listening Post’ , which you can listen to HERE.

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