Paces – Can’t Touch Me feat. Madeline Vida

Cross genre pollination goes so far, when it’s done right obviously, but also when it’s equal parts experimental / playful. Paces ‘Can’t Touch Me’ for instance. Trace amounts of Trap, Juke, Tropical, and Female Vocalist are all present. The result being one that DIE HIGH RECORDS out of Perth is no doubt proud to be representing.

Paces – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Federico Scavo – Balada

REALLY wish this could be shared as a freebie to you all. Italian produced Carnival anthem if you will, that’s received support from the likes of Fatboy Slim, Bob Sinclar and even Nervo. Release is set on the fifteenth of this month exclusively on Beatport by d:vision. So, you know, watch for that.

Federico Scavo – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

T Λ I L S – E V E R Y B O D Y

How about a Dilla Style beat to chill down to this fine eve? How about one from yet another Vancouver producer? One you may not have heard of just yet. T Λ I L S is the moniker of one Miles Prower. He’s only two uploads for you to get to know him through, but I think you’ll get along just fine. He’s got all the socials so you can show some love through a follow or two.

T Λ I L S – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Drake – From Time feat. Jhene Aiko (STEL LEO Edit feat. ¡MD!)

From Boston and DJ Homewrecker comes a new label, The MOB. A new bass music collective of course slated for numerous big moves. Stel Leo kicks the labels releases off with a Chop & Screw loaded with some very Blunt Sinatra x Trap horns for an all in all well rounded slow time jam.

Stel Leo – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

The Mob – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Syv & Aves – Stories

Toronto’s Palmier Records brings you their fourth release by the UK producers Syv & Aves, “Stories”. Staying true to their deep sounds, this first-time collaboration is no exception to high caliber productions these individuals have brought to the table. With smooth rifts, catchy percussion and a deeper than ever bass line this is a track you don’t want to miss.

Syv – Facebook | Soundcloud

Aves – Facebook | Soundcloud 

Future Classics Mix vol 30 | Mixed by Howl Sound

#MixMonday is taken to it’s 30th volume with Vancouver Deep House all stars, Howl Sound. You may have seen them at Bass Coast 2013, Some Kind Of Music Party, or just in passing on the street. Just make a note of the next time your paths cross because the only way for this duo to go is up. They’ve honed a sound of their own that many an underground lover can lock and get lost into.

Visit Soundcloud for full tracklisting.

Howl Sound – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Future – Move That Dope feat. Pusha T, Pharrell & Casino (EXODIA Bootleg)

Future is touring ‘Honest’ and Drake is no where in sight. There was an interesting feud. So, ‘Move That Dope’ is making it’s rounds on the clouds. Toronto’s EXODIA procuring the most satisfying thus far. No free download I’m afraid.

EXODIA – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter



As a new feature to Future Classics, every Saturday you’ll receive a big hi from decent collection the latest FC approved sounds. Enjoy what’s sounding good this week.  Like, share, or HMU at if you agree #TheWeekly

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Premier: Pat Lok – Move Slow (Wmnstudies Remix)

Local bae slayers Pat Lok have been sharing bills in the city for some time now. You can catch both of them at their monthly dance party White Noise at the Electric Owl Social CLub, showcasing some of the best House, Nu Disco, and Indie Dance. While they share the satge as often as one can shake a stick they have yet to meant (at least publicaly) on a prodiction, let alone remix. Until this premier. Pat Lok’s THUMP supported House / Indie Dance track gets taken into a more garage slated realm. Nothing outside of Wmnstudies usual New Disco, or even Tropical lingo but a lil something fresh non the less. Enjoy the free and give these all these dudes a follow.

Pat Lok – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Wmnstudies – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

LAXX – Step Two

On April 7th Oxford Britain’s & Never Say Die Records’ heavy hitting “Twitch” producer will unleash his second EP, ‘Step Two” . Four pounding festival grade tracks to solidify his name amongst the heavy hitters supporting him. Ready up for the drop.

NSDX055 – LAXX – Step Two:
Step Two – Tracklist:
01) LAXX – Brainbug
02) LAXX – Step Two
03) LAXX – The Limit
04) LAXX – Brainbug (MUST DIE! Remix)

LAXX – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Ancient Babes – Occult Commando

Here’s a good one that passed by about two months ago. An unfamiliar Vancouver artist but a welcome sound. The lo-fi, almost Drag Pop production came out as part of the ‘Futuristic Demon’ EP, which is now available at a name your price rate on Bandcamp.

Ancient Babes – Facebook | Soundcloud


The name BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL takes me back to The Other Guys, when Derek Jeter was referred to as “bi-racial angel” . Good times. But the real truth behind the moniker may be that the duo is, well, half white and half black.. Hopefully I’m correct in saying this :s Either way, ‘Never Do’ is a cool vocal house production. Might be a duo worth keeping an eye out for.

BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter