Autolaser & PLS&TY – Used To This (feat. MOONZz) (FLØRALS & SLOVES Remix)


Oh boy the drops and toms on this are delicious. Sloves bringin’ that heat here! I don’t need to say much. This song can just speak for itself.


Soundcloud: @slovesofficial

Soundcloud: @floralsmusic

Soundcloud: @pls-ty

Soundcloud: @autolaser

Alan Walker – Faded (Chris Viviano & SJUR Remix)


It’s almost 2 am here and I am coming off of a whole list of bathtub drugs. So here is some music celebrating that.

Alan Walker – Faded (Chris Viviano & SJUR Remix)

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Unkle Ricky – Do You Still? (Feat. Mickey Shiloh)

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.53.22 PM

So here we have an original joint by Aussie “Unkle Ricky” who blessed the innanet with pure kangaroo fiyah. Homie lives in Vancouver and travels the world in his flipflops, holding tall frappuccinos and complaining about the lack of good quality coffee in any place but Perth. We put up with it though because he’s nice with the beats. Check out his jam with Mickey Shiloh

♫ Support Unkle Ricky: @unklericky

♫ Support Mickey Shiloh: @mickeyshiloh

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Calvin Harris – This Is What You Came For (SAXITY and Cedryck I Remix)

SAXITY Cover Art

So here is a nice wake up to some chill horns cos I feel like listening to Calvin Harris and not tell my friends I am listening to Calvin Harris start to my day.

Shouts out to Saxity and Cedryck I for remixing “This is what you came for”

Links Saxity


Links Cedryck I


Johnny Gr4ves – Say Yes (Prod. Konrad OldMoney)


Good morning kiddos! Today we bring  you a nice lil tropical dance jammyjam. 17 year old Victoria BC high schooler Johnny Gr4ves ripping up the ballads and much older and gripey old man with skills Konrad OldMoney hits us with a sound I remember him putting out in the mid 2000’s. Funny how it takes a decade to break a genre. Or even longer. But not many producers can pull off this sound properly. Believe me, I get submissions aalllll ddaayyyy.. Anyways, this track bangs properly and who better to deliver us some positive high energy tunes than these guys? I am still trying to get over how this kid sings so well. Man, if I had those skills when I was in high school… I was too busy playing Golden Eye and dealing with acne to do anything constructive. Johnny, I hope you are using your talents for good things. Such as wrangling them ladies ;)

ALSO! The single “Say Yes” is being released in part with SKIO music, which is a platform for musicians looking to collaborate and make dope art, and even make some money while they’re at it ;) There will be some great prizes to the top 2 remixes of this single so definitely check it out if you happen to be a producer ;)



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Alessia Cara X G-Eazy – Wild Things (Young Bombs Remix)


Is it too late to be calling these guys wonder-kinds? I feel like I get into the same points every time a track from Young Bombs comes up, but it’s all true. Todays Moombahton remix is a huge slice of flavour from a primarily House x Deep House & Electro oriented duo. And is collected a 25k + play count in just a matter of hours. So again, Im telling you its just a matter of time till these Vancouverites are dominating airwaves all over. You got the stream below.

Young Bombs – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

ZAYN – LIKE I WOULD (The White Panda Remix)

Like I Would WP Remix Art

Hot on the first official remix of scene bursting vocalist Zayns second single are The White Panda. The Illinois boys kick in some hefty drums adding to the huge Future bursts on their take and complimentary effort to Zayns vocal throw down.

The White Panda – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

2Pac – Changes (Ronzel Remix)


Because this morning it’s G-house for me. Excuse me while I emotionally thug it out over my coffee here. Shouts out to Ronzel

Guap. Out.

SOFI TUKKER – Hey Lion (Tom & Collins Remix)

Easily, one of the chillest House tracks of recent memory. Mexico City duo basing their name of your favorite happy hour beverage Tom & Collins on the supply. Taking the original Indie Dance track to a new real of cool, possibly the patio? ;p Free download for the masses.

Tom & Collins – Facebook | Soundcloud | Website