Yashar Gasanov – Goosebumps (Travis Scott Cover)


Massive sounds out of Minsk Belarus. Distortion bliss envelops Travis Scott and the originally Kendrick Lamar featuring Goosbumps. If this track is getting you turnt as it is me, you best delve into the rest of Yashar Gasanov’s catalog. He’s got the sound on lock.

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Premiere: Kid Bassline – Designer Basslines EP


Coming across artists who self brand Techno doesn’t happen every day. It’s a genre that goes less often explored by many artists and listeners alike. Though there are those prominent names that have let their compasses take them there. Montreal’s Kid Bassline is one such individual. Today brings about his new four track EP, ‘Designer Basslines’ of madman scientist boundary pushing, or fusing (depending on how you look at it) of 124 Bpm works. The EP has already had support from Resonate Sounds, and Astronomar and is out now via Wile Out.

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blake scowron – when

Chicago’s blake scowron is churning out gold these days, and let me tell you, he ain’t no one trick pony.

I love it when I stumble upon an artist who releases sweet, warm summer evening tracks like this one and then the next song plays and I’m just like… holy shit. He’s putting it DOWN.

Makes sense, since this is also the guy that produced one of my favorite trap singles…

As one of many talented up & coming artists in Milwaukee-based music collective Noh Life (harris cole, Noer the Boy), I think it’s safe to say we can expect the quality to continue.

blake scowron
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ENV – Your Love (feat. Little Nikki)


OOH OOH!!! I found some dance shit that totally fits my Eastern European sensibilities! I gotta go and get my fucking track suit, ideally a red Adidas one, and dance like nobody is watchin yo.

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Kicks N Licks – Sunny Day (feat. Desirée Dawson)


For the longest time I have been following and basically cyber stalking Vancouver’s very own, Desirée Dawson. She has the voice of a damn angel. Seriously. And today she hit me right in the heart with the prettiest of new age pop songs. With lyrics like , “I see us hanging in the sunshine, I feel vibes and things in the air, I can be your sunny day, say goodbye to all the rain” This is just something next level as far as to the point, simple pretty pop writing. I have also, for the longest time reiterated how important clean pop writing is. Good job girl. And Kicks N Licks are a dope production duo. Tonnes of little nuances in the music, great buildups, these boys are onto something. This tune landed them a nice Billboard premiere too which is fuckin’ awesome to see! I will one day have coffee with Desirée and tell her in person how much of an angel she is. She can sing her songs and play her ukulele to me any time. Even during a domestic dispute. Actually, especially during a domestic dispute. Please please come play at my domestic dispute.

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Adam Jensen – Sandcastles (ToWonder x Severo Remix)


I’m now on my pop vibe today yo. I think It’s this moody pop today that does it for me. I must be emotional. Maybe I am sad that the fucking summer is over man. It’s about to start raining here in Vancouver and we all know what that means. Gaining weight playing video games is what that means.


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Denny White – Psycho


Sometimes I just want to listen to some good soulful pop but usually it’s hard to come by as it’s a tougher craft than many people think. Coming across a cleanly executed soulful song is a treat. Especially when it’s laced with dope drum work and haunting choruses. I am way too fucking tired to think about all of the compliments here. Give me a break. I am still coming down off of 4 magic mushroom brownies from last night and this album art is fucking with my entire life. Check this out kids.


Guap. Out.

Zuma. – haste ft. nsolo


The sounds of tomorrow, and the music of today.. The forward thinking sounds before you today come San Diego’s Zuma. Released as a thank you for the 1k followership with fellow mood setter and vocalist nsolo. Zuma. has made the storey piece available for the free, HERE. Give it a heart on HypeM while you’re out clicking links to.

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Too Late Productions – Forward


The good people at Wile Out are on a true mission to bring out the best in club music. From Ghetto-tech, to Jersey, to World Bass, and everything in-between. So take note. Too Late Productions aka Manuel Mind & Tom Mandolini aka Top Billin have long since been on the forefront of pushing the same movement and have made their name (Top Billin) known for a highly influential period of time. Their latest endeavor Too Late Productions, now is the next step in the like minded journey, and it’s damn bangin. The ‘Forcing The Future’ EP is exactly as it sounds, featuring Round Table Knights and DJ Platinum out now on Top Billin HERE.

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