Blackbear – Idfc (Kato Remix)


Today is a family day in Canada. And the Turkey population has taken a hit for this delicious day/ weekend. Contrast to the theme of the day is Philli based Kato’s remix of the heart string tugger ‘Idfc.’ I’d like to share this one especially with anyone having prollems with they boo on this eve. Just don’t let these feels go to waste.

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Future Classics Mix vol 74 | Mixed by MYNXY & Unkle Ricky


Just three short months and a season ago MYNXY & Unkle Ricky paired for their 2016 Fvded In The Park Mixtape. The tracklist was made up of all performing artists for the Vancouver festival. Quite a feat to mix smoothly, not to mention the ambition of a project like that. At that point it was a must to featured the two Vancouver based artists who’s collaborations are ongoing.

#FCMV74 takes a tone with less Trap and focuses more on the house spectrum. Bass House, Deep House and the original productions MYNXY & Unkle Ricky made together like ‘I don’t Need You Now,’ ‘Make Me Happy,’ and the opening track ‘Come Stay With Me Tonight’ make up this club ready 40 minute mix. Download and tracklist after the jump.

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Unkle Ricky – Soundcloud | Twitter

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Kid Froopy – BB (Four Missed Texts) (WRLD Remix)


I dont give a damn about anything right now except for the fact that the original artist on this song is named KID FROOPY.

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Guap. Out.

Autograf – Future Sauce


Ahead of their live tour with Goldroom Autograf has premiered ‘Future Sauce.’ A very likely accurate preview of what the upcoming tour has to offer. It’s honestly the kind of organic Electronic that Daft Punk pioneered with. Check all the dates for the show in the city nearest you here.

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Harloe – All In My Feelings


Sometimes you have such a ridiculous topline, that needs so little, that you just wait until the very end of the song to do a little drop. But until then, you just edge the listener until the very last part. Get em frustrated to the point of ALMOST not liking the song.The vocalist – Harloe,  is really really really dope. I want to befriend her so that I can brag to my friends that I have this friend that can do what my friends can’t. There is a twisted genius to something like this, and I fuckin hate and love this producer for it. But more love than hate. Spread love . And jam.


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Stylust Beats – Bandana


It’s been a long month of teeth clenching waiting for this one to drop after a first listen at Shambhala. The time in now though and Stluyst Beats ‘Bandana’ hits with all the mmph we could have wanted. Just a few short weeks before the full EP release on October 13th. The fury that is ‘Bandana’ is available now for free to stave the fiends odd till then.

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The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk – Starboy (Koni Remix ft. Johannes Weber)


Y’all remember the KONY campaign? Well thank goodness this isn’t it!

I gotta mention that Starboy is my favorite name for anything right now. When I have a son, I will name him Starboy. He will then be picked on and through that, Starboy will learn to fight like a maniac, enter the underground MMA circuit, WITH THAT NAME! Then proceed to win a bunch of titles and become literally STARBOY! World champion fighter. Just sayin.


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Noer the Boy – Modulate


Been streaming Noer the Boy’s Soundcloud nonstop since I got my new speaker system and I feel like I’m hearing his stuff for the first time.  So many layers of intricate beat weaving. I’d say his music borders on sound art for the way it experiments with timing, switch-ups, and futuristic sounds. Never heard anything quite like it.

Noer the Boy’s got a hand in some really sweet collectives throughout the States, namely Noh Life of Milwaukee (Strehlow, harris cole) and California’s Courteous Family (Tsuruda, Woolymammoth) where the bar is high and output is even higher. If you’re not already acquainted… damn son, you are in for a treat.

I love it when I discover a dope artist on Soundcloud who’s actively touring and luckily this is one of those times. You can catch Noer the Boy with DJ Shadow at the Commodore on October 2nd (tomorrow!), and in major cities across North America over the next few months, including Montreal & Toronto.

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Noer the Boy
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Premiere: Victor Perry – Rainbows (zewmøb Remix)


Atlanta’s Victor Perry ‘4AM Nostalgia’ EP came to light just three short months ago. It gained him much attention for his lyrical capabilities while he explored the complicated nature of both being in love and what love is in itself. Since it’s release the opening track ‘Rainbows’ has been receiving the remix treatment. SMLN, alas, [cardboardbox] and The Wookie have had their takes released. Next up is zewmøb. Delivering possibly the most danceable remix file-able under New Disco and or House, all the while holding true to the 4AM Nostalgia, just of a different time in club music. Their New Disco take with a splash of Future Bass feel good do-goodery is available for free here. Social links for both parties below for the get to know.

Victor Perry – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

zewmøb – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter