Shambhala Music Festival 2014

Twenty fourteen was to be the fourth year of my attendance to our provinces most renowned festival. Each year in attendance exceeded the last by performances, people and party. However only days before the gates opening pressing family matters took me away from the mountain nestled destination.

In effort to help paint a portrait of how the festival has been a cultural figurehead within our the regions music community I’ve collected a handful of interviews from players within and around the scene at different levels to elaborate. These interviews will be rolling out over the next few days one by one, starting tomorrow. Take a moment to think about how Shambhala is with you after your leaving the farm and throughout the remainder of the year.

Premiere: R.O.M.I. – G.T.A.

Newly formed #Vancouver creative collective R.O.M.I., Rise Of My Inspiration, is comprised of Johannesburg (South African) born rapper/producer Futonious Don III and Dubai/United Arab Emirates bred SoULBOi is about break into the scene. The single ‘G.T.A’ is to appear on the duos forthcoming R.O.M.I. [I] EP which is reportedly not far off. Futonious Don III’s verses as heard here were originally outtakes and not intended for final use in the track, but were left in as the group felt they expressed the groups style. A Chillin’ , laidback and about booty style never heart nobody, and is a welcome from rappers. Plenty of quotable’s throughout.

Stream, download, and support these locals. Socials below for the follow thing.

R.O.M.I. – Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Nico – Cosmidu feat. Girl (Tiam Wills Remix)

Easily within the top five favourite New Disco producers in this here book. France residing Tiam Wills has a knack for remixing tracks perfect for driving along the beach, or just montaging 90’s roller disco together for the video. His logo / hair is speaks volumes to his style in both fashion and music. This remix appears on the official ‘Cosmidu’ EP alongside a couple more names in fresh and Nico’s originals, purchasable HERE.

Tiam Wills – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Ink Midget – Blackouts EP

Prominent Canadian label King Deluxe Records continues it’s roll to the forefront of Electronic music. Starting as somewhat an experimental label has been making is expansion on the specturm with gradual calculated strides. One such genre encompassing producer verse in Future Bass is Bratislava’s Ink Midget. Sporting the latest release from the label and their most recent music video written and directed by Andrej Kolenčík.

Ink Midget – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Scooter Island – We Could Smoke (HxdB Tri-Polar Remix)

Slick moves on Vancouver own HxdB’s new flip. Cill ambience on on of his favourite jams of the summer into a gnarly bass loaded Juke section. Listen to the original HERE.

HxdB – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Stephane 1993 – Plaques

Daaang. MCR on some serious Body High x DJ Dodger Stadiumness. A dirty House flip of Kanye sends burrs up the spine. Free donwload until Oct 9th along side the rest of the MCR catalog. After that it will be made available on SNACKS Vol 06, out Oct 14th! #BangBang

Stephane 1993 – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

#FCMV46 | Mixed by Paces

The game of Trap is often praised as being light music. But like all things North American it seems to have gotten pushed into a harder hitting corner. It’s the Europeans that have held it in large more bedroom esq. This situation makes Gold Coast Australia’s Mike Perry, or Paces a breath of fresh sea air. Mixing Tropical elements with Trap on the regular, most audibly the xylophone, makes for a perfect blend of poolside vibe on top of light Hip Hop. Casual chillin attitude from the curator always goes down well, as well. Signed to DIEHIGH Records, Symbols Recordings and Never Slept Paces has ample platform to keep listeners vibe riding while he carry’s on his own brand.

Paces – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

BAILE – Second Life

After opening our ears to a remix of John Tavener’s ‘The Lamb’ peom Brooklyn producer BAILE is a recognized name in the inbox. Following the remix a few months back he’s kept quite busy with remixes and EP’s. ‘Second Life’ has it’s distance from the introductory remix but upholds his skill in House music, it comes from a new EP on Color Station called ‘From the Depths’ which is due out on the 30th and available for pre order now HERE.

BAILE – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Die Mansion – Hustle (Original Mix)

Southampton duo Die Mansion is making their occupation of deep space known. Comfortably located in heart of space to fashion baselines, all groove in nature. With the latest Deep House transmission ‘Hustle’ , listeners are cautioned to use the light groover wisely.

Die Mansion – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Diboujoñe – Calypsø

Going to go ahead an give this day a mellow start. Cool soothing House into slightly more Tron Electronic. ‘Calypsø’ is this French producers latest composition and serves very well in the morning hours. As does his earlier Jazz collaboration (below).

Diboujoñe – Facebook | Soundcloud

Premiere: WHIPPED CREAM X DMND//CVTTER – Riff Taught Me

Victoria’s Whipped Cream and Providence based dirty Trap duo DMND//CVTTER bruk out a massive What So Not x OWSLA festival grade banger, paying hommage to Mad Decent pretty boy Riff Raff. Honestly though, pure hype and listening /&+ fist pump wilin’ take from word making in a major way. These two geographically far apart names share tastes in music that bring them so much closer together than any imaginary line can dictate. It’s ladmark to be part of Whipped Creams break into the prodcution game in premiere fashion, esp. with a track like this. Big ups out to DMND//CVTTER as well. And hype seekers need not look any further for sounds to swift kick your monday with. At 2:57 she’s short and sweet like an aerosol blast.

DMND//CVTTER – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

WHIPPED CREAM – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

StoneAlice – Breathe On (prod. kubrixXx & kevin james)

Two high profile directors would have large media presence guiding them through their break into production. One would think. Especially when one of whom has been dead for fifteen full years. Twenty fourteen has been a big year for from death comebacks; Tupac n’ Kubrick, kubrixXx. But na, they both really dead. The two producers of France’s StoneAlice latest are a Columbian duo who bare very open senses of humour as well as love for experimental production, just outside, or within (it’s hard to place at time’s) the realms of Hip Hop. File under #ExperimentalHipHopPop

Also check kubrixXx & kevin james’ 28 track ‘Pancake Bacon.’

Stone Alice – Soundcloud

kubrixXx – Soundcloud

kevin james – Soundcloud