Exclusive Playlist: WHIPPED CREAM SELECTS Vol 1

Vancouver Island gyal Whipped Cream is on the up and up. She’s been booking dates steady since her debut at Shambhala 2015 this summer. Her joining the CAPS LOCK CREW hasn’t hindered anything either, nor the steady list of collab productions since her membership there. Her output is non stop, plain and simple, keeping her trajectory in a steep upward direction. To add to it all we’ve paired up with her for a bi-monthly, semi reg playlist curation. In Vol 1 you get plenty of Trap, Beat & Bedroom, and Bassy House n’ Dance. And a couple of mixes for good measure.
Artwork coming soon.

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The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Live Evil Remix)

So happy this track got it’s face picked up off the glass table. Even more so knowing Vancouver’s own Live Evil were the ones who stepped up to it. Don’t get me wrong, The Weeknd is amazing, and a great Canadian and all, but this one is lacking.

Live Evil – Soundcloud

Ivy Levan – 27 Club (Oji X Volta Remix)

Well the selector of Ivy Levan’s ’27’ remix EP got one especially right. Oji X Volta went in and chopped the Diplo pop production so damn thoroughly. These guys struck a perfect balance between the original vocals, then adding triumphant horns for a beautiful build into a just as beautiful burst of Future. Ixnay on the downloaday, and you will wish there was one. Do the follow thing below.

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Exclusive Playlist: Strange Talk

Aussie duo Strange Talk have just announced a headlining US tour, which does include two East Coast Canadian stops. We were able to catch a moment with them amidst tour and new single prep, and get a quick list of what’s been getting the feels churning for them. From the sounds of things, they are already on 100 x tour mode. The full list of ten selects beats heavily for the heart. Check their new single below and their full list of dates can been seen on their official website.

Exclusive Playlist: Strange Talk

1. The Chemical Brothers – Go
2. Collarbones – Turning (Flume Remix)
3. Billboard – SHAPES
4. Calvin Harris & Disciples – How Deep Is Your Love
5. The Weekend – Real Life
6. Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive
7. Nero – The Thrill (Porter Robinson Remix)
8. Galantis – Peanut Butter Jelly
9. Porter Robinson – Divinity (ODESZA Remix)
10. Tame Impala – Let It Happen (Soulwax Remix)

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Premiere: Bear Mountain – Hopeful (Moon Bounce Remix)

Vancouver band Bear Mountain are on a mission to find the medium between technology and the natural world. It can be heard in their music from original to remix and DJ set in-between. It’s this mission which is successful in making the band stand out, at least in this two thumb haver’s mind. ‘Hopeful’ itself was made with the future in mind. And during times like these motivation points here and there are what is needed to keep ourselves from burying our heads in the sand. Especially on the subject of technology versus nature. This is where Philly based Moon Bounce comes in.  Locking ‘Hopeful’ firmly into technology, groovily I might add, with a lush blend of Tropical/New Disco and plenty of Future. Listen to the original below to compare and expand 😉

“We made it thinking about the future, and being hopeful for what’s to come despite the past.” – Bear Mountain

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E.A.S.Y. – Like That

Industry heavy weights Enferno and Shiftee have combined forces as E.A.S.Y. The duo is not brand new and already have a handful of well received releases under their two person one belt belt. ‘Like That’ is just the newest addition to their already remix, mix and original production catalog. It starts off as a laidback Chill Trap then builds n’ bursts into a huge chunk of Future that could be compared to Flume if one were so inclined. But make no mistake, this is E.A.S.Y. , and it’s just what they do. More for the get familiar below.

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Bukkweat Bill – Jitta On The Track feat. Kelsey Grammar (Prod. by King Henry)

About a month ago Florida rapper Bukkweat Bill put out his ‘Trap Demon’ record. A sleep was had onnit so this is the makeup post with the standout track. Produced by frequent collaborator King Henry of a maybe better known scene to the white folk 😉 Included a couple more below to do the get to know with.

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Video: Felix Cartal – Something To Live For feat. Nikki Yanofsky

Okay, so this is more pop/festival than I care to go on this site. But! Vancouver natives do have a place here. That, AND this video has a few really good things going for it. 1) The one take concept. 2) It’s pretty funny that guy texted through the whole shoot. It’s laugh out loud when he splits the couple right off the bat. 3) I love seeing Vancouver on film, and when it’s openly playing itself it’s even better. Neighbourhoods here really are eye candy. 4) The making of shot during earns points.

*Please don’t comment on this unless you know of ‘Montreal Dream’s‘ or Felix’s early on Ashlee Simpson remix.

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Kiesza – Give It To The Moment feat. Djemba Djemba

It’s more of a produced by credit if you think about it. But who knows wtf is going on anymore, things just aren’t the same. Djemba Djemba has been venturing into the mainstream more and more, to me the his working with Rapper Bukkweat Bill may have been a turning point. Once the bass drops though, it’s same ol’ Djemba. He keeps it real in the bass for whomever. DL for a price.

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@Soundcloud note the Bandcamp push.

Villa Medema – na na na

Got a new one for yall’s. Villa Medema, an unheard name until today based out of Denver, and member of new collective CVILLOU has let loose a hard chilling heater. Using Akon’s ‘Right Now’ as the R&B key to our hearts, backed by substantial bass, dreamy af synth work, and drums to lean to was made one to bliss out to.. so hard. Check up on the artist and collective for future works.

Villa Medema – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

OBESØN – Friend To An Enemy

There’s no questioning the rise and prominence of collectives. And it’s funny how “union” is such a dirty word and “collective” is so sought after.. Hegemon though, huge strides on it’s rise to a current abilty of 27k plays in a day. It’s no wonder Apple and the big three are laying so hard into streamings own ability of reach. Rant points aside OBESØN went very chill in the Trap for the Nest QH Premiere. Free DL HERE.

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Shako – Indunk

Let’s just take a moment and bow our heads. Think of Boy 8-Bit in the early thousands and how dope he was. Then let’s shift toward the notion of Acid revival. Now, combine the two and before you now is one of Boy 8-Bit‘s more recent monikers with which he has delved into such waters. Out on Revival Turf.

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