REZZ @ Shambhala 2016


REZZ’s performance at Shambhala 2016 is still spinning heads. Weeks later. It’s now made it’s way to Soundcloud for easy mind boggling bass goodness. Check the video after the jump.


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Majesty – Mash It Up


Majesty certainly brought out the drums this time. Them Rio Olympic parties are lacking on a massive tune that is right up their alley Im sure. And what with all these Canadian medals that are being brought home, it out to be on play down there. Van citys own Majesty as made it available for the masses for free HERE.

Majesty – Soundcloud | Twitter


The theme of this weeks shortlist is simple: DANCE. Funky and slow or energetic and fast, here are some tracks that I’ve been getting down to*.

*Getting down may or may not be me singing in the shower to random Spotify playlists…

These songs really caught my attention for a few reasons: 1. Recyclable – I’ve basically had most these songs on repeat for almost a week now. 2. Unique – I try to choose songs that don’t sound EXACTLY like every other song out there. 3. My Soundcloud feed is simply flooded with them, so it’s honestly hard to escape! In a good way.

Flamingosis – Make Me Late For Breakfast

The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na – WORD TO SPREAD feat. Tom Thum

Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE – Superstar Feat. Krewella (DNMO Remix)

The Chainsmokers – Closer Ft. Halsey (Gill Chang Remix)

Criminal feat. Los Rakas & Far East Movement (Navaz Remix)

And thus concludes today’s edition of the SHORTLIST! Follow FC on Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter for frequent updates on what’s good.

The Chainsmokers – Closer Ft. Halsey (Gill Chang Remix)

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.38.26 AM

I once knew a guy named Alex Chang. He tried to bully me when I was an immigrant to Canada. Not knowing that I was from a very poor part of Eastern Europe. After a couple tries of harassing me, we went behind the school to fight it out. I was about ten years old. All the kids lined up and they even went through the trouble of checking my pockets for knives. LOL. When the fight began, he started tugging at my wool sweater that my mom made me. This being my favorite sweater, really set me off. I grabbed him by the throat with one hand, jabbed him in both eyes with my fingers from my other hand. When he started screaming like a little bitch, I used my eyejabby hand to grab the other side of his little throat. I squeezed till he hit the ground, his eyes rolled back and he was trying to breathe. I stuffed a huge fucking pinecone into his mouth that was laying right beside his head and got up and kicked him in the chin lol. He bled from the mouth as I walked away victorious, scared for my life and happy he didn’t fuck up my mom’s hard work. I was never bullied again. Not bad for an elementary school fight.

Support Gill Chang on this Chainsmokers Remix:
Soundcloud: @gillchang

Guap. Out.


Barzo – You

Going off the thumbnail I was convinced this was going to be another boppin Rap video. But no, it’s a damn fire funky house beat. Im going to go out on a limb and say Barzo is currently on par with the level where we all fell in love with Sweater Beats. Check it, and definetly do the follow thing for Barzo rn, while the train has plenty of room.

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DeBoer – Fame Feat. Joël

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 11.24.19 PM

This guy must be good because he has a song with a dude with one of those weird european double dots on it. I feel like this guy must be the Ikea of music. Super popular, probably efficient… the DeBoer guy probably met him while shopping for a fucking Ooorgmoorgenshlauf shelf or some shit. Or just a simple Lack shelf even. He was like, oh your name is Joel with that fuckin thing on the E? sick! let’s make a song , I will put like, wobbly dance bass on it and it will be epic. Then Joel with the dots was like, “Dude totally! and check out this deal I got on these cup holders! aren’t they cute!?”

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Facebook –

Techtonic – You Told Me

You Told Me Artwork

Evan & Tyler Gilsdorf aka Techtonic have just slid on through with the most feel good Hybrid to date. The melding pot is full of Future Bass, Trap, and Dubstep. Can’t place the sample at this very moment, but the point has been made. Check them out on Soundcloud for more versatility.

Techtonic – Soundcloud

Popeska – Take You Up On That feat. ACES

popeska - take you up on that

Popeska is officially back after a two year hiatus. This time he’s enlisted ACES to round of ‘Take You Up On That’ , a lush Future Pop mood setter and the fourth release of his ‘Spirit Animals’ project.

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Cashy Kesh Dolla – Who You Wanna Be

Miami Rapper Cashy Kesh Dolla has today released his visuals for the first track off of his one year old ‘Holographic Art‘ EP via Mishka. A personal favourite of mine. Cashy Kesh so often is able to lock down a new visually trippy location to suite his own vibe. This time Cashy appears in an art gallery, also repping that Coogie. Gfxkid on the cut.

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