MNEK – White Noise (HVNS Remix)

Turns out the name ‘White Noise’ , (and various misspellings) are quite popular. So often language falls short of describing sound. Let alone the emotions they evoke. Today’s dose of washing white noise comes cresting the waves from the shores of Japan. Tokyo based producer, songwriter and DJ HVNS offers his latest in remixes through hidden “buy” link.

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Wet Paint – Limitless feat. Willdabeast

Not too sure if ever I’ve made mention of this before but Wet Paint makes me feel like Canada could carve out a stake for itself in Pretty Lights Music. It’s a good feeling :) The Halifax based duo stand ahead of the pack in large by quality. At it’s heals by classily orchestrated festival grade Future Funk capable of instilling a state of euphoria for the duration of play and then on for some time after. ‘Limitless’ being the latest has all the aforementioned and was given a big push by

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Indecorum – Transmission (Rave Mix)

Saw an article not long ago about how EDM is dead now that it’s 2k15. Seemed like a farce article made by a fellow someone who hates the term and thinks it’s just as teeth gritty as I. Once it doe’s happen I will breath a serious thank heaven. So on the EDM note, where everyone calls festivals raves it seems a good time to throw out some real rave music, internet era rave music, followed by it’s close Techno Cousin. Personally the Techno Mix hit’s it best but the Rave Mix drives the point home best.

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Premiere: Howl Sound – Bridge Dive

One place in Vancouver reminds me of this title, a spot just in front of an office building where the pavement has been indented from people hitting pavement after swan diving off the Burrard Bridge. On the other hand the production is clear and crisp to a point where you forget about everything else you’ve heard all day. Howl Sound has been representing the sounds of Vancouver’s underground for some time since the two parts merged after some time working separately. ‘Bridge Dive’ is a prime example of how they’ve been doing it. File under Deep House.

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Mac Miller x Pharrell – Onaroll (ANGELZ Edit)

Twenty fifteen is certainly getting split open. What was once the Future sound of Soundcloud has evolved. Whether or not you’ve noticed, it’s true. New trends are underway by the multiplication of combinations, cross pollination’s. Canadian G’House extraordinaire ANGELZ is a good rep. of things to come from his corner, and the East as well.

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Premiere: Naybr – Putati

DJ Homewrecker led collective The Mob bursts into 2015 with their first release of the year coming from Bogota Columbia x Miami Florids’s Naybr. ‘Putati’ is a hugely masculin, heavy hitting hybrid of Moombahton, Dubstep and Electro. It’s a strong move for both collective and artist by scale of sound for listeners both new and old. The Mob has an arsenal lined up for the new year of an alike forward thinking calibre. Heads up.

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Ambassadeurs – M.O.P.E

In 1907, Shoenberg suggested that composers abandon the tonal system. Pitches could be in free relation to each other, setting the practice free. In classical music, this was embraced in compositions such as Webern’s “Drei Kleine Stucke”. That idea was a real game changer. For some interesting contrast, look that one up.

Electronic music does this a lot in its own way; namely, in twitchy remixes, glitch hope, even scratch. It’s the element of spontaneity, which is a kind of freedom that’s afforded to the music of our era. In this track I noticed it with the way the vocals have been chopped up. So satisfying to the ear!

More from London-based Ambassedeurs here. Don’t forget to support the artist by liking them on Facebook.

Breach – Let’s Jack (Die Mansion Remix)

Over the, what has it been? Years now? Breach’s “Let’s Jack” has become an anthem for underground kids. The Uk grime element being the key ingredient. Further speaking to the tracks cultural relevance Die Mansion have just put their own flavour into the mix. It’s deep. Let’s Jack.

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Thom Yorke – Interference (RVLVR Bootleg)

Just ahead of the RVLVR & Ben O’Neill- Vol. 1 release the bonus track was released over the holiday season. A just as mellow, chill, but maby more ambient bootleg than the rest of the three original productions that are in themselves of a new leaf that RVLVR has been flipping more recently. All are free for the taking, & do the follow thing.

Listen to the full release HERE.

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Galantis – Runaway (U&I) (Drekmartinez Remix)

Shiver me timbres. Another fresh take on the familiar, bound for nostalgia playlists everywhere. DreK Martinez out of the never sleeping city itself with the supply.

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Emune – Without u

About mid Boxing Day, Canada’s biggest annual shopping day for those who don’t know aboot Canada, we released our third collection in WAV format on Bandcamp. With the format DL step up we linked with Emune of the Texas breed and the Always Proper Collective for an extra special bonus track. ‘Without u’ is a perfect example of what Texas lends to the Future genre. Results may vary.

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MIA – Paper Planes (Eau Claire Remix)

Been on a serious thought kick about throwbacks New Years worthy. The timeless that have transcended their time so and and so forth. MIA broke into the main vein with ‘Paper Planes’ and seeped out all in one single. Thanks Top 40 non stop face bashing repetitiveness. America’s capital based Eau Claire has the all new today, #House n’ #Tropical #World fusion.

Bonified hustlers, making out names.

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