Lulleaux – Never Let You Down

Call me corny but I like this feel good shit. Actually, speaking of corn, I was on Saltspring island not long ago at this market where these little old grannies hussled corn on the cob and home made pies and made a fucking KILLING. The corn on the cob is dope cos its way over buttered and so much salt and pepper. So you pop back a couple of those fuckin bad boys and then treat yourself to a 8 dollar slice of pie. Not joking.. it’s like 8 bucks. These grannies know how to run a racket yo. They probably flying out to the bahamas and shit, snappin towels at the pool boys while drinking mimosas. Oh to be old and free… :) Enjoy the song. Courtesy of Lulleaux . “Never Let You Down”

Guap. Out.

Newtimers – Perfect Ten

Okay you fuckin musicians. SOOOOOO often you send me music with SHIT hooks. Nothing to grab onto melodically or anything . trash. That, and most of these kiddos can’t sing to save their lives. A little bit of structure practice and originality goes a long way. If a drunk becky can sing the hook on the second time around, you win. Newtimers hit a few of these golden rules. So here is a song that is an actual song. Perfect Ten.

guap. out.

JRND & Anikdote (ft. Kédo Rebelle) – Witch Doctor

You know that if you play this shit around your girl she gonna be all hip shaking and all that shit. Probably expect you to have a rose in  your mouth and twirl her around lookin’ like Antonio Banderas. For this you can thank JRND / Anikdote and Kédo Rebelle. Some funky dance vibes here.

Nawas – So Low – VIDEO!

So not long ago I have shared a post about Nawas “So Low”

Needless to say, I got hooked on the song and watched it climb to over 80K on SoundCloud in a matter of days. Not too shabby considering this is homie’s first release. I have a great feeling about this. Normally I talk some shit about something irrelevant then post a song, but right now I want to be serious for a second and drive the point home here. Click on the video. Watch it. And mark my words when I say that you will be hearing a lot about this artist in the months to come.

Guap. Out.

8Er$ & Troy Kete – Cactus.

This is what eating a cactus sounds like.

Courtesy of 8Er$ and Troy Kete .

Guap. out.

Zayn Malik – Pillowtalk (Furn &Bmo Remix)

Furn & Bmo just blessed you gorgeous bitches with  a remix of Zayn Malik’s Pillowtalk. So enjoy that shit.

Guap. Out.

R. Kelly – Poetic Sex (Majesty Remix)

Another Vancouverite for your radar right here. Heavy on the remix mane Majesty adds to his catalog a new jersey flip of king R. Kel. Beginning his new account for flips and remixes with this one in order to duck the Soundcloud police, but the majority of Majesty’s originals and remixes including his heavy circulation Banks remix can be found on his main linked below.

Majesty – Soundcloud | Twitter

skizz – based out

New comer skizz out of long island shares new Carmack esq. Dubstep x Trap hybrid hitter for the free. Darker and more Dub than Hawaiian kid Aaron bit the bass is real. skizz has a big collection under the belt worth getting into on the social below.

skizz – Soundcloud

Satin Jackets feat. I will, I swear – So I Heard

I am going to go grab my wine glass and prance around my living room while dusting and kicking the fucking cat out of the way, including this cut by Satin Jackets in my playlist of Sade and Boz Scaggs man. I will eat cheeses and I will be 4 bottles deep by the time my significant other comes home from work. And it will have been a splendid day indeed. Check out the vibes kids.

guap. out.