Tom Bull ft Bianca – Take it All

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Last time I heard a girl tell me she is going to take it all I ended up losing my house, my car and my 2 kids. So at first glance of this title I winced and thought to those macaroni and cheese eating days, renting out a basement suite under a Cantonese family who sounded like they were in a perpetual domestic dispute, when in reality they were just talking normally to each other and were always happy. Well, check out this song by Tom Bull and Bianca

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Midi Jones – KATS

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I am an avid cat fan. You know why? Because cats don’t give a fuck about anyone but themselves. There is something special when you get the affection of a cat. Especially when it’s a cat that hates almost everyone else. Also, cats will eat your fucking face if you die. Starting with the eyes, lips and nose. That’s a cool factoid!

Midi Jones “Kats”

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Sachi – Lunch With Bianca EP

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If this is what “Lunch With Bianca” fuckin looks like, then forget all the other lunches I’ve had in the past while. I mean, sometimes breakfast looks like this but seldom lunch. My last lunch with a woman looked something like this…

I jumped on Tinder and swiped on some artsy chick, and BOOM omfg I got a match that ISN’T a woman in her 50’s looking for “the right guy, a real gent who will travel the world with me” ( aka a local trollop looking for a free vacation ). So anyways, I am like, let’s go out for lunch! We picked some shitty hipster-food riddled hole in the wall where they serve “organic” and a bunch of other lies to you on a plate made of locally sourced slave labour. Here I am, holding down the …whatever the fuck was on my plate. Some leaves and a homeless man’s spit for dressing…  And you know what, I think to myself, this girl, she’s great! She has an amazing body, her voice isn’t Fran Drescher, I don’t want to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP every time she tries to wax poetic about some stupid observation on life, that I already know about, and most likely put in the “fuck it” pile. I could get used to this! I was starting to feel like I could have a naked ass breakfast with her after a long night of showing her just how little I am emotionally involved in her. I was starting to fantasize about how I can tune her out while watching TV when I am in my late 40s and she would just put up with it like a total champ! This girl is a fuckin’ angel! She’s floating right now wow!!

Then she turned out to be a Trump / Hillary supporter and I really quickly excused myself to the bathroom, through which I proceeded to make a hooker escape exit, quickly unmatching her and never being seen within a mile radius of her stupid ass again.  But on the up side, Sachi put out this EP! So you should listen to it!

And here is the full EP

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KAPTAN – Numbers

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There is just something special about good chill pop friendly music. You can do almost any activity to it. Today I put on this new Kaptan single and defrosted my chicken that I got at the market, cut some veggies and pretended to have my life together. Then I fucked up by making a decaf coffee and thus reminding myself of just how horribly I’ve spun out of control with my health. I look like a goddamn pear with hairy legs. I’m like a middle aged pear left in the sun a little long yo!! And I have a laptop hipster hunch… If I were any taller, I would have this little belly and gangly arms, lookin like fuckin’ Grover from sesame street. Anyhoo, Kaptan is cool and has a mustache and looks like a well groomed logger’s son. I can only imagine the amount of women and men throwing their panties his way as sings on a stage made of fresh cut pine.

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Tilka – Like I Do

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I love that it’s finally happening. White people are starting to learn about the fact that you can put a snare on more than just a 2 and 4 in a drum pattern!! White people, you are definitely making strides yo! Stoked for us here! Simple things like, make it so that this song can get plays in North America, and who knows, maybe leads to a little more open mindedness overall? Now I’m just reaching…

Either way, thanks Tilka for being not crappy with the tunes.

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Maggie Rogers – Alaska (Saxity Remix)

Alaska Cover Artwork

I swear one day chicks will dig me for posting this feel good positive vibey shit yo.  They will flock to me and call me so sensitive and in tune with my emotions, when in reality, it takes someone literally squeezing lemon juice into my eyes and punching me in the throat to make me cry.  I am about as emotional as Hillary Clinton’s private parts, which I am making an educated guess here, but are pretty much non existent. She is a robot. Anyways, here is a little SAXITY remix of Maggie Rogers’ “Alaska”. How hilarious is it that Saxity play sax on their and have the word Saxity as a name. I love it.

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WiDE AWAKE & XamVolo – Games

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This is fucking dope. WiDE AWAKE is the truth right now. This UK production duo are so hot right now. Like Mugatu hot from Zoolander. The drop on this is super vibey. I am a fan. Hey you, the duo from UK, fuck your Brexit bullshit out there yo, but cheers on the music. ;)

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Dena Amy – Wait For You

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Peep DenaAmy . From what I gather, homegirl produces and DJ’s so I have some investigation to do as to whether or not I found a dope new producer / vocalist. What I like most on this lil chune is the drop. Some good deep weirdo wobbly bass shit. The vibe is dope. This track was also co produced by bensonaus . Give it a listen and follow if you dig. The artists, they need the follows kids. It makes a difference. Unlike facebook activisim, which makes pretty much no difference except for fucking up my timeline and making videos of cats and cute animals more sparse as I scroll. Which is annoying, because between that and oversexualized booty pictures, I don’t really care for much else.

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BASECAMP – esc (su na Remix)

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Vibey as fuck.

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