Lil B – February’s Confessions (Death Ledger Edit)

Clearly Death Ledger has the aesthetic to take on Lil B without blurring either of their individual styles. His Gothic x Drag rests easy under Based God’s “flow” . An excellent song for the fall season playlist.

Death Ledger – Soundcloud | Twitter

Luke Million – Arnold (Chesto Remix)

From all the things online from Chesto one can ascertain his affinity for weird interneting and New Disco. Internet love on it’s own more often than not leads to Skeletor dicker / Terminator & Predator killing former body building Governors. But when affinities like these two meet it’s pretty special, it’s lols and feel goods together, and that’s the right stuff to bring people together.

Chesto – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

The Beatles – Come Together (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

It’s amazing how you will land on a song you haven’t heard in a coons age, and thereafter it keeps on appearing. The Universe seems to be in line and maybe, just maybe, jeebus approves. Such is the case with ‘Come Together’ , from random radio play to shuffle selection twice over, and now Funkdrop Labs Rhythm Scholar. This being a personal intro to a new artist I can say he does indeed live up to the name. There is plenty of familiar from start to fin, and not just The Beatles.

Rhythm Scholar – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Xinobi – Bogota (Psychemagik Remix)

THUMP is calling this one “foreboding and paranoiac” ,and it is. Psychemagik’s remix was released ahead of Portuguese Xinobi’s ‘1975’ album (out now on Discotexas). And if you didn’t take heed to THUMP’s word, then take these: Deep and dirty, ripe for Halloween.

Psychemagik – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

KGreen – Blue Battlefield feat. Merky Ace

Prior to this KGreen has had a bountiful supply of wobbles in his repertoire, Deep n’ Bassy House always bordering on Grime. Lacking only in vocals. Enter Merky Ace, bridging the gap by by hooded appearance and killer flow. The pair done right.

KGreen – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Whipped Cream & Slow Graffiti – Deprivation

The two most active producers on the socials and in the studio have joined prolific forces. By means of the interwebs Vancouver Islands Whipped Cream has paired with LA’s Trap god, Slow Graffiti. Representing both parties audibly ‘Deprivation’ is eery, with drum rolls, calls, plus every other Trap element one could ask for. Free download for the deprivated masses!

Whipped Cream – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Slow Graffti – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter


One guy at THUMP called out France as the new to watch country to being propelling massive amounts of amazing electronic artists into the know. But it’s damn hard to commit to the East when new artists are STILL surfacing. One has to commit a dedicated peripheral to the big island country. For instance Sydney based indie-electronic duo AViVAA released this, their third single to date ahead of their debut EP due later this month. The Aussies are still churning.

AViVAA – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Beyonce – Party (Birthday Boy Version)

The classiest of the classy would eat this shit up. I can picture people singing around a piano to Birthday Boy’s music :) . Beat and funk fusion comes off as so clean. Beyonce has that prestige about her now too which helps no doubt. Buy some brandy or something.

Birthday Boy – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Lorde – Team (Autograf Remix)

Time after time it’s surprising how often the Benjamin Button looking pop star get’s amazing makeovers.. musically. She may never look younger than Halley Berry or Will Smith do today, but hey. The intro to Autograf’s “FUTURE TROPICAL. ISSUE 1″ is, ensnaring, to say the least. After that, it’s pure Tropics.

Autograf – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Alanis Morissette – Forgive Me Love (Lucian Remix)

Even if this track was total bullocks (which it’s absolutely not) a post would be merited. Taking on Alanis Morissette is a ballsy move. But when you add a touch of Ace of Base and strip it of Alanis Morissette and her accent, it’s actually an amazing House number. Ups to Lucian out of NY.

Lucian – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

ALT-J – Hunger Of The Pine (The Golden Pony Remix)

Boom! Disco dust? Nada. Disco chills? Full effect. Brookly’s The Golden Pony have made a special one. Never mind how the original is, there’s no need to look back. No offence intended but this perm shaker holds it’s own.

The Golden Pony – Soundcloud

Paces – On My Mind feat. YOUTH

Move over whomever is your “best” future or Alt R&B or whatever it’s called these days artist. Paces continues to hit it with his own signature Tropical Trap ishhhh. ‘On My Mind’ features a bangin’ vocal display by YOUTH, adding yet another layer of fresh onto an already impressive approximately 10,000 swagz.

Paces – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter