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Shambhala 2014 with ₵OL!И of Pigeon Hole


It’s now time for a performers perspective in this interview series. From aspiring to attained our focus remains on the island. ₵OL!И of Pigeon Hole of the Sweatshop union has performed, been featured and appeared on the festivals first digital leg release. Listen, love, learn and motivate.

How does Shambhala stand apart from other festivals?
It’s hugeness…the sound…the stages…the experience. You’re basically on a camping trip with some of the greatest DJ’s you could hope to see, all your friends and thousands of great strangers. It’s amazing. It just breathes life into you.

Performance wise, what’s the vibe you feel from audiences, crowd and performers all round?
The vibe is great. I just feel so comfortable and welcome out there you know. Like you’d think you’d be a little more shook or anxious to play out there but everyone is so happy and you just buzz of that. It’s awesome.

From an artists perspective what does the festivals new label mean?
I mean for me its like getting a stamp of approval from one of the most influential and respected festivals out there. We were definitely honoured to be a part of the first release.

How doe’s the label potentially affect Western Canadian artists reach?
I’m not too sure. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I know Shambhala itself has a massive reach so hopefully the label will evolve to have that same reach.

Are you confident the label will represent the region accurately?

If you had to narrow it down to one thing that the festival best represents for local artists what would it be?
The best time you’ll have all year.

If you had a to pick two genres that have echoed throughout the years from the PK systems which would they be?
For me hearing Dubstep on that system a few years back was insane. It made me want to make my tunes LARGER. Drum and Bass too. Some of the best sets I’ve seen at the Village have been drum and bass.

What were your highlights of 2014?
The funk jam for sure. I danced from the first to last track with a shit eating grin on my face haha! So many talented dudes playing.

What does Shambhala mean to you?
Shambhala is a game changer. It changed my whole process of making music. It even changed the way I view day to day life. For me the first time going it was the kind of experience I left feeling like a better, happier person. It actually feels like my life shifted gears after that first time.

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