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Anna of the North – The Dreamer (Young Bombs Remix)


Fresh off the presses is yet another bomb. From, yup you guessed it, Vancouvers Young Bombs. These two guys are clearly waist deep in the summer feel and are immersing the rest of us innit with the steady onslaught of remixes they’ve been churning out. Get on them feels.

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Anna of the North – Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix)

It’s true, Electronic music has reached the realm of tabloid journalism. Tis a dark time, but, as with everything there has been and will be two sides will always be present. The positive, and the negative. Good music will always speak for itself and stand out amongst the muck and pod scum. Anna of the North was one such outstanding light for the now immensely popular Chainsmokers. What they interpreted their remix into was a future, and dare I say more “underground” version, than other major hits of theirs, #KAYNE, #Selfie..

*Amidst the success of millions of plays and appearances The Chainsmokers have remained loyal to their love of Indie vocalists, which, is an important point to note on their career to date. Cudos yo.

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