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BnW – Whistle Work

All too fitting of a track for Vancouver’s Twerk mistress to co-produce. Derrière catering in full effect via whistle blows and work calls. All booty glitter and bounce video in circulation as well: HERE

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Blondtron now operating as half a pair production duo with fellow Vancouverite Waspy are breaking out. Their second public track to date received premiere via DAD yesterday. From the looks of the overly active Instagram there is also a video en-route. GET IT is a free DL. Watch out for the switch up.

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Blondtron x Waspy Beats – Whistle Work

Big booty’s and twerking are the name of the game. #Truth ,there are a lot of ass implants gone wrong stories floating lately :s Implants are neither here nor there though, not today, not in the case of Blondtron. The #Vancouver twerk / express yourself bubble butt DJ and producer is all about the ass, in a major way, more-so than your garden variety “ass man.” Which should say a lot. Her hype Electro, BC interior sound has surfaced once again in a new production within a release called ‘Bouncin’ Bush Stew 3!‘ . Prince Zimboo x Thee Mike B share the credits on the mix & free tracks freelease. Whistle while you work.

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Rihanna – Diamonds (Blondtron Remix)

Blogsphere must be near it’s limit in Diamond remix’s. Blondtron wiv a moombah touch 4 u 2 step 2.
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Blondtron Interview

Originally posted on the School of Remix

Icing on the cake, valentines swag. Today we have Blondtron. A dynamite Vancouver funker doing it across the pond in Berlin. These few words only just begin to lend you an impression of her fun time demeanour. Read on yall, good time’s ahead.

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Who are you, where ya from, where are you now?

I’m a foul mouthed lady of the night. I’m from Victoria and Cortes Island and at this moment I just got back to my riad in Marrakech after a long day on a camel.

How’s Berlin livin?

Cold, German and totally inspiring.

Can you give some words on your time in Vancouver as a DJ and how you got started.

I got started as a DJ in Vancouver playing rock tunes in the gorilla cage at El Furniture Warehouse. I was paid in tacos, tequila and unlimited peanuts. Then a friend, Chris Goodspin who ran a DJ collective let me play some tunes here and there at the Urban Well and Sky Bar. I used to come over from Victoria with my fake ID and a few records. I was a total booth rat. I went to sound and audio engineering school at AI and met a lot of great people through that. I took what I could get gig wise. Then I was accepted to the Red Bull Music Academy in 2006. After I came back from that I started to get a lot more opportunities…. even played with the Schitz crew… HOLLA!

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As a Vancouverite what kind of experience and style do you think you’ve taken over to Berlin with you?

Vancouver is a great hip-hop and indie rock city, Vancouver DJs know how to blend the two and keep everyone in the room happy. It doesn’t have much of a minimal and house scene. I get bored of deep house tracks and I love hip hop and indie. Not to say I don’t like deep house and minimal, I do, I like all genres. But I think I bring a hip-hop/tropical/raw element to everything I play. I can’t get enough of it. I have to put some sort of chopped vocals or rap on EVERYTHING. I don’t like that over produced sound, I love baile funk, new orleans bounce and juke. It’s kind of punk rock in that it’s raw. I like to blend the rawness with the deepness and smoothness of minimal. I think I bring the sensibility of a Vancouver DJ that has to keep a mixed room happy and mix it with the deep sounds of Berlin… at least that’s what I’m trying to do.

Berlin’s night scene is vastly different from Vancouver’s but what are some differences you’ve found and did not expect.

Last week I saw a dude drinking a beer with his pitbull in H&M waiting for his girlfriend to try on jeans. People can bring their dogs everywhere and drink where they like because they learn from an early age how to regulate themselves, and be smart and have fun. It makes for a totally different kind of crowd in a club. People respect music and DJs. They very much go to listen to what the DJ is playing. A Berliner could never fathom walking up and telling the DJ to play something because it’s their birthday. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to headliners playing at 10AM. It’s just bananas, my friends will go to sleep at 8PM, wake up at 5AM, start drinking and go see their favourite DJ. It absolutely kills me!

How long have you been DJing and what got you started?

I’ve been DJing for about 9 years now if you count the 2 years in my bedroom train wrecking chicago house with techno at 33rpm (I didn’t know there was a 33 and 45 for like….longer than I’d care to admit.)

I had played a show at Cortes Island Music fest with my so called band, after we played I ate some fungi of the magical variety and was mesmerized while the DJs played… when I was returning some gear to Long & McQuade from our show I was like “Give me everything I need to be a DJ!” They would give financing to a goat so I walked out of there with everything. I got home and opened the boxes and was like “Oh, I have to put it together? shit.” I finally figured it out (sort of) then spent every spare dollar on records.

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Where you listening to anybody in particular that inspired you to get behind the decks?

Not really, Benny Benassi?! I was 17 and had a fake ID and thought I was the SHIT. I didn’t have the internet (HOW DID I LIVE?) so I’d hang at the A & B sound listening bar and just listen to random stuff. I liked house, techno, hip hop, whatever. First records I ever bought were Tiga’s remix of Heartbreaker, a Matthew Johnson EP and The Best of Tribe Called Quest double EP.

Did you have a musical background before you began DJing?

My dad is super musical and let me play all his instruments. We actually had a family blue grass band and would play at old folks homes. I rocked the fiddle and dabbled in a few other instruments, harmonica, ACCORDION (totally a hit with the boys) and settled on guitar because it was too hard to sing and play violin and accordions are just too sexy for a pretty young girl like myself.

What was your first DJ set up?

2 tech 12’s, shitty numark 3 channel mixer.

What are you working with now?

Serato, but I’m in the middle of switching to the APC 40 and Abelton. When I first got back from RMBA in Melbourne I was totally sold on DJing with Ableton, there’s just so much you can do with it, it fits my ADD style of mixing perfectly. But DJs were like “Oh she can’t mix, she’s using Ableton.” It’s hard enough being a girl starting out, there’s so much more to prove so I stuck with Serato. Now it’s like, who gives a flying fuck if you can mix two records together, big deal you neanderthal! Do something interesting!

What advice can you offer to aspiring female DJ’s?

First off, ask yourself if you’re djing for the right reasons… that goes for everyone. I don’t think it’s particularly impressive being a DJ unless you yourself feel like you are really doing something, if you feel like you’re really creating something for yourself and you’re truly enjoying your time in the music. Being a DJ is totally lame otherwise! I’m trying to change the way I do things so I feel fulfilled. I was getting a bit jaded in Vancouver and so I asked myself what my fucking problem was and the answer was I felt like a big phony. I was playing music and getting paid to drink and party but I felt like a big empty douche bag. I wasn’t creating anything I was really proud of. I had to remove myself completely from that situation and take a long look in the mirror (Insert pathetic, life-changing movie montage here). Now that I’m in Berlin I don’t know as many people so I have more time to myself and the people I am meeting are creators. I feel empowered to create… a lot! So I think that’s the most important thing.

As for the female aspect of getting in the industry, surround yourself by people that inspire you. Betti Forde has always been a huge inspiration and friend to me, she’s a fireball of feminist awesomeness. If I’ve learned anything from her it’s that it’s okay to have a giant mouth and lots of opinions. It’s okay to use your sexuality to get ahead. Wear a fucking push-up bra if you want to. Who cares? Go naked or wear a snuggie, do whatever makes you happy and do it for yourself. If you own what you do then people won’t try and oppress you or fuck you over, they’ll know that they just can’t. It’s okay if people hate you. As women we are more inclined to try and make everyone happy but you’re never ever going to make everyone happy. The longer you do this and the more success you have the more people are going to talk shit and be little pricks. Just always show up with your gear in order, be on time and do your thing.

Footnote:Sorry for swearing so much! Morrocan wine is delicious.

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