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Future Classics Mix vol 15 | Mixed by Bombaman

The one they call Bombaman is somewhat of a myth is his own right. The Ontario Canadian has appeared on various releases under a number of different monikers. All of which represent and carry his signature “bombabass” . This same sound an reputation is carried through in his foutry five minute mix here today. Unfortunately the tracklist is undisclosed, but the mix holds plenty of unheard sounds from Luckybeard, RVBRA, Main Course & Caio Records. So maybe keep an eye on those labels for a few months to come. They’ve obviously got some heat on the way.

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Bombaman Interview

Originally posted on Schitz Popinov

I talked to Mike D aka Bombaman a bit about himself in the new year and got some words on his Tommy Otis EP dropping today on Lucky Beard Records, which you should probably check.

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Bombaman. Who are ya where are you from?

I am Mike D, born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Hows about those people tampons hey?

Don’t even get me started…

Before you went under just Bombaman you used to be Mat Carl / Bombaman. I hear you hate trying to explain the Matt Carl name but I was hopin you could here today.

Haha, oh gosh. Ok, it goes back like, 6 or 7 years when me and some friends were playing some Star Wars fighting game or something for the original Playstation or Xbox, I forget. I was noticing how lame the names of the characters were, like, how unoriginal and lame they were and one pops up that says “Marl.” I figured they just picked the names of two guys in the room, Matt and Carl and mashed them up to make this lame character name. I put them together as a persons first and last name and had a laugh. Then sometimes down the road I needed a funny name for dj’ing or whatever, and always had that stupid name in the back of my mind. It’s a terribly lame story and the only reason it’s funny to me is cuz my real name is also two first names. So, yeah…kinda wack lol

What got you into producing?

I always had an interest. I have played drums for a long time so it kind of lended itself to wanting to make stuff, I guess. I don’t know what the true determining factor was, but buying CD players definitely got me motivated to start making and playing my own stuff. I couldn’t do that with vinyl, cutting dub plates was too expensive for me..

What’s your DJ set up like these days?

Two CD players and a mixer. Nothing special, lol. Typical Pioneer setup.

And what are you producing with?

Ableton Live 8.

Are you Evian Christ?

I am not.

I did an interview with Paul Shore / SnapBack a couple month’s back and he’s of the opinion that your producing the kind of music that producers should be producing. Are you just going for straight bass heavy as fuck / weird isht when you jump into a new track? Or is there a more structured approach that you take and people might not expect?

Ummm, I’d say I don’t have much of an approach other than just kind of goofing around, seeing what different effects chains can do to a sound. It’s literally just me mucking about. I’m sure you can tell, but yeah, the sub bass is the most important part to me, and that’s where I usually start.

How often do you go back to your pre Ableton days and background with traditional (old school) instruments for new track ideas? Ableton was a total game changer for you wasn’t it?

I’d say I never go back to pre Ableton days, haha. Ableton was definitely the EXACT program I was looking for. I was using a tracker called Making Waves that was, I dunno, sort of finicky. It wasn’t intuitive, but I learned the hell out of it and made it work. Then through some music magazines I eventually came across Ableton. Based on what I read, it sounded like it was right up my alley. I started using it and haven’t turned back. That must have been about 5 or 6 years ago, I guess.

Your Tommy Otis EP is due via LuckBeard Records pretty quick here. Give us some words on that.

Ah man, so glad to get some of those tunes out on a label like LB. I had a pretty good cache of unreleased music by the time we started talking about releasing something. So we went through some of the better ones and picked out some older and newer stuff. This is also like, a two part EP. I don’t know if the second one will share the Tommy Otis name, we’ll see, haha.

Part one mixes up some old and new. “A Number of Names” was one of the first tunes I made late last year that is along the vein of what i am currently making. Some weird, super subbed out, chopped up vocal retardation. Lots of weird automation with the delays and reverbs, weird panning and stuff. I think I had just hooked up a second sub to my setup, so it may have been more of a demo tune that I just ended up finishing, lol. “Are Pats” is an old one from 2010, I think. It got some unexpected support, but I still never thought much of it. That one is definitely more of a cheesy, party tune. Super up beat with some female vocal workout. The last one is “Everything Came From Strangers,” which is a huge personal favourite, also from 2010. I had just come back from doing a five week stint in the States, and all those kids want is hard hard hard, except in Portland, lol. Anyways, I came back and didn’t want to listen to any of that shit anymore, so I started making some of that really stripped back, pure sub bass, no drums kind of stuff that I am getting known for. That was probably one of the first I made in that style. That track sounds fucking BANANAS on a big sound system, shit will knock a wall down.

Dubstep. I think your the man to ask on the state of the genre, it seems to be a hot topic these days.

I don’t like what is being made and played these days. That’s that.

Is it just me or has “Bass Music” become the new in thing along side Future Garage?

Yeah, I think I’d agree with that.

Top 3 parties for you these days?

I don’t even know. I don’t go out or dj much these days, haha.

Do you spend much time following labels? You’ve got some shit hot releases with some of the good ones atm. I won’t go into listing them all.

No. I’ll be honest. I don’t follow much at all. I know what I like and I tend to stick within my comfort zone until someone shows me some truly next shit, then I go in the studio and try and make it myself, lol.