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Premiere: Desiigner – Timmy Turner (Rahm Remix)


By now we are all verse in the come uppance of Kayne West’s young protege, Desiigner. And the journey Timmy Turner has taken. From XXL Freshman 2016 freestyle to promised track, to now word delayed, and then of course the internet whirl wind. Despite being named after the cartoon character Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents ‘Timmy Turner’ is an undeniably grown song, lyrically anyway, although we can only trust the authenticity of Desiigner to a limited point.

Before ‘Timmy Turner’ was announced as being a real song, and after the freestyle where the undeniably catchy melody was heard, is when the first internet whirl wind really took place; the remixes. Beat, bedroom and producers off many walks took to it. Many finding the path of the lo-fi, Trap infused. It’s not though that this brand of ‘Timmy Turner’ has had it’s stride found.

Mysterious-o Rahm as taken ‘Timmy Turner’ in so many new directions while still playing in the ball park. Ominously wound future bursts, pitching Desiigner, and Life Aquatic esq. melodies are what make this version one for your collection of the long list of remixes. Rahm himself has a limited presence online thus far, but two amazing remixes to date. It’s time for the get to know, do the follow thing below.

Timmy Turner (Rahm Remix) is available for free download HERE.

Rahm – Facebook | Soundcloud

Desiigner – Panda (Roycdc Remix)

Alright alright. Desiigner did finally drop ‘Timmy Turner’ , and most have come off the hype of ‘Panda’ . But let’s just give that one more sec. There is still more heat to be fresh out the kitchen on the ‘Panda’ Remixes. Case in point right now is Indonesian based Roycdc. An entirely new take venturing into New Disco / Synth Wave , Funk n’ House. Open your mind, and prepare for the surprise. Then cop the free.

Roycdc – Instagram | Soundcloud