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Dj Sliink – Gladiator (Are You Not Entertained?) feat. DJ Tray

Gladiator-fights-in-the-arena-of-the-Roman-Colosseum Childhood dreams come true. Russel Crowe killings meeting Cartel Music.
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DJ Sliink vs. Bert On Beats – RRR U

artworks-000036317269-n4coai-original Just another DJ Sliink jammer bound to lay waste to dance floors across the blue globe sphere.
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Azealia Banks – 212 ( DjSliink Remix)

K. Last post before bed. Seeing as how Azealia’s Atlantis video has been circulating today it seems appro po to post zis.
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The Free Cartel Music Compilation 2012

Oh gawd. Girl, change positions. The Free Cartel Music Compilation 2012 Presented By Dj Sliink
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