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Dj Sliink – Gladiator (Are You Not Entertained?) feat. DJ Tray

Gladiator-fights-in-the-arena-of-the-Roman-Colosseum Childhood dreams come true. Russel Crowe killings meeting Cartel Music.

DJ Sliink vs. Bert On Beats – RRR U

artworks-000036317269-n4coai-original Just another DJ Sliink jammer bound to lay waste to dance floors across the blue globe sphere.

Azealia Banks – 212 ( DjSliink Remix)

K. Last post before bed. Seeing as how Azealia’s Atlantis video has been circulating today it seems appro po to post zis.

The Free Cartel Music Compilation 2012

Oh gawd. Girl, change positions. The Free Cartel Music Compilation 2012 Presented By Dj Sliink