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Drake – Started From The Bottom (Slow Graffiti Remix)

A true stared from the bottom storey is the case with Slow Graffiti. He is a highly active producer and DJ with near non stop Legacy Podcast episodes and highly frequent, high quality productions, surfacing all the time. His take on ‘Started From The Bottom’ is powerful in his signature style.

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Drake – SFTB (M&tthw Rework)

artworks-000042459908-r7anox-original All the pressure is on SFTB suddenly. Remix’s, revamps and reworks erray place. Get in on M&tthw’s version for a fresh take. #funk #glitch #trap #house.
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Sango – Callin’ On U

artworks-000039408697-kfuzy3-original Listening to Sango has indirectly served as an education about Drake. If your like me at all and have held out on listening to anthing by Drake, then, well, it may be time for us to change our ways. Sango put in his drums, as per ushe, but the original beat is hella tight. No doubt containing a sample in itself. But good music is good music.
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Kendrick Lamar & Drake + Djemba Djemba = Poetic Justice

225124_225594644122232_3261180_n You can ALWAYS rely on Duncan Gerow for your mash up needs. Listen to me Kendrick.
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A Moment For: Sango

Artist Bio ::
I produce with the love from above. My inspiration comes from anything and everything.
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