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Filthy – Eagle Child

This completely original single was written, produced and performed by Eagle Child (finches&sparrows) of Vancouver, BC. Eagle Child is Christian W. Abt, a Cree/Canadian Producer that hails from Maskwacis, Alberta.

For an even better listening experience, it helps to know the story behind this piece. Eagle Child describes the track as being about a hardcore partier who involuntarily becomes enlightened during a drug trip, forcing him to see himself and the reality around him for what it really is, “filthy”. He goes into a downward spiral of depression, eventually seeking help (illustrated in the rap verses), within which he is critically analyzing himself and the reasoning behind his seemingly thoughtless behavior. He comes to terms with it in the end, accepting that him being a mindless sensation seeker and the filth all around him is just how he is inevitably going to live out — “it doesn’t matter if we matter… we like it filthy.”

Keep an eye on Eagle Child’s Soundcloud to stay up-to-date on future releases and his upcoming album, “Unhealthy”.

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