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Kaskade & Felix Cartal “Fakin It (Feat. Ofelia K)”

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Here is another great lil jammyjam from one of my favorite vocalists Ofelia K . This time our homegirl comes swingin’. She joined up with Kaskade and Felix Cartal for the song “Fakin It”. Given how much of the narrative to the life of an artist comprises of faking it, this song is something I can definitely appreciate. And side note, I am really happy this is a chill tune that doesn’t sound like a Kygo knockoff. Seriously producers, stop sending me those. I will call you out every time and hurt your baboon heart feelings.


Guap. Out.

Riha nna – Never Ending (Felix Cartal Remix)

Must say. This is a delicious surprise. Vancouver heavyweight, and long time blogsphere sweetheart Felix Cartel turns to pop’s baddest Ri Ri, and cools her down. Not quite a poolside cool down, but very close and just much chill. Free download engaged. File under Deep House.

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Felix Cartal – Something To Live For (Halogen Remix)

Last week brought in this large remix of Vancouver heavyweight tide leader Felix Cartel. From the Something To Love For Remix EP at track three Atlanta non Rap duo Halogen churned out a larger than life House heater edition of the single. Available for purchase on iTunes alongside remixes from Vanrip, INTERNET DAUGHTER & more.

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Video: Felix Cartal – Something To Live For feat. Nikki Yanofsky

Okay, so this is more pop/festival than I care to go on this site. But! Vancouver natives do have a place here. That, AND this video has a few really good things going for it. 1) The one take concept. 2) It’s pretty funny that guy texted through the whole shoot. It’s laugh out loud when he splits the couple right off the bat. 3) I love seeing Vancouver on film, and when it’s openly playing itself it’s even better. Neighbourhoods here really are eye candy. 4) The making of shot during earns points.

*Please don’t comment on this unless you know of ‘Montreal Dream’s‘ or Felix’s early on Ashlee Simpson remix.

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Felix Cartal – Weekend Workout: Episode 104

Every now and again Vancouver EDM star Felix Cartal’s bearded head appears in my feed. Always with something fresh, and big. It’s been a long time since his SOX promo shot, Montreal Dreams, Ashlee Simpson Remix and his website being primarily production discussions. But, all for the better. Today his appearance in the feed was on the note of his including ‘After Midnight‘ in his latest Weekend Workout Episode. It’s damn grand to have this particular production garner this kind of attention. Give the mix a listen through and through, then give FC a follow if you haven’t already.

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