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Herobust – Skurt Reynolds

Fuuuurq. UMM loud. Think of the last thing (could be anything) that out did itself repeatedly, over and over like 5 times. Then think of how it did what it did. Then hit play ‘Skurt Reynolds’ . ^^ Then, pull yourself up on the floor and repeat play.

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Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (BUSTED By Herobust)

Too many DJ’s have been taking too many stabs at Re Re “hot new single” , alongside their producer counterparts, or alter ego’s. BBHMM was never really a great song to begin with. The phrase is one we like to say more than anything. Mainstream swept us up in Ri Ri’s remix-ability and a catch phrase. The Busted v. might be the most passable in a long line of passable’s. But let’s all pass on this one sooner rather than later.

*One mans opinion.

Let’s look back to Umbrella for old times sake, VNDLSM Remix.

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Herobust – Party McFly

Even when venturing into the booty clap music of the nation HeRobust does not hesitate to incorporate his musical robotics. The term “robots fucking” may have just earned a real place to call home in the Atlanta producers venture into Twerk.

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heRobust – Get Busted

artworks-000068510769-3xf77n-original (1)
Drop your socks and clip on some dreads. Time to Get Busted. Herobust releases his new single for free download and soon to be purchasable on all online retailers soon via Firepower Records. #SignatureheRobust with a lil more Dubstep than Trap this time.

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Pretty Lights – Let’s Get Busy (heRobust Remix)

Two of EDM’s brightest starts collide in one massive Glitch / Dubsteb hybrid to sherk the masses. The official remix comes from ‘A Color Map of the Sun’ Remixes album which see’s it’s official release today, & goes on to feature fifteen more stars of the game.

See Rollings Stones piece on the release HERE.

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Been off the heRobust tip for a couple of months. Which has only meant we have been missing out. The production and touring has not ceased. Talk about a go hard.

Check ‘SHEKNOWSHEBAD’ on Beatport for purchase.

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heRobust – Busted House EP

artworks-000042147451-89h1hx-original All original freelease. Everything you’d expect from the title.

heRobust X gLAdiator – We Are

artworks-000041593776-hykber-original Honestly didn’t know how a gLAdiator collab could produce anything with more solidarity in the trap music sound than heRobust had been doing already. But, some how, some way, these guys found the way. Killer sample. Can’t quite place it, gonna listen more. Free for a like.

Borgore & Carnage – Incredible (BUSTED by heRobust)

artworks-000041057058-f6hqde-original Dear Trap music, I would like to personally thank you for successfully being the kind of music that can make even the wall flowers look good as they dance. Thank you for your simplicity, steeze and ratchetness baby.

heRobust – Cosmos Def

artworks-000040636265-hv3yxv-original heRobust, can’t stop, won’t stop nu uh. An original free from the man, the machine.

heRobust – OG Status EP **OUT TOMORROW**

artworks-000037576507-lbm6s9-original When you wake from your days end slummer in the morrow heRobust will have yet another freeizm to perk up your Monday. The ‘OG Status’ EP, with not two or three, but five previously unreleased original works. All loaded will the trillest electronic steeze that we have come to know and love.

Here’s OG Status one more time:

heRobust – OG Status

artworks-000037576507-lbm6s9-original heRobust is surely having all of his fans feeling as though they have ‘OG Status.’ Non stop free downloads. Enjoy this previously unreleased original.