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Jawnii Abhi – Flip Phone (prod. by Hovey Benjamin)

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.25.04 AM

I remember having a flip phone yo. I used to rock one of them joints soooo haarrdd. It was the next best thing to a sidekick. Altho I still prefer the sidekick though. That shit was tough. And yoooooo, the SKYPAGER, I rocked one of them joints too. This is how old I am you little fucks. Homie here also mentions Church’s Chicken, which speaks to my soul. Their chickent thigh sandwich with a gravy on the side and some hot sauce, you dip the sandwich in the hot sauce and gravy and it’s fucking heaven. That shit mix with the mayo on the sandwich… Then you finish the gravy using the crinkle cut fries which are basically unicorn poo. I don’t know anything about this cat Jawnii-Abhi really, but this song is wavy as fuck. You go dude.

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Cavalier is one of those producers that do whatever the fuck they want, don’t follow trends in festival circuits and pop meta, but most importantly, consistently amaze and impress their dedicated fans with unique and boundary pushing beats that always leave room for discussion.

Cavalier | FutureClassics.ca

Cavalier | FutureClassics.ca

With pop sensibilities over-riding underground hip-hop undertones, this young producer has already made waves in the electronic and hip-hop communities alike. I’m very excited to see where his career takes him.


TuesDaze: A Playlist

Tuesday, yet again. After another classic weekend of debauchery, our minds are torn as to whether we should keep the energy going, or take some time to chill out. Music seems to be the only thing that can serve both my need for tranquility but also the fuel to carry on. I’ve compiled a short list of tracks that will help to ease the pain of existence (jk).

As always, feel free to tweet us out if you have any tracks that deserve our attention!