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Premiere: Inkk – Free


The Inkk saga continues. The works of DOON, and YT For President (YOTAM TOREN) together have the common ground of combing each artists individual style. The cross pollination officially is known with ‘Free’ , the follow up to their debut Dubstep x Electronic ‘Break Out’ premiered last month. ‘Free’ combines the duo’s shared love for open Electronic with high energy Happy Hardcore. Be sure to give these guys some support, keep an eager eye out for their future records and be sure to cop the free.

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Premiere: Inkk – Break Out

cover art
Mysterious newcomer’s Inkk are officially here with their new, and first track, ‘Break Out.’ A step back from the festival grade Dubstep ‘Break Out’ isn’t your transformers music, nor is it your total throwback wub wub in the woods. Inkk, who remains only as many toothed smile with yellow eyes appearing from the dark, come off as being a reasonably calculating act. The mere title of the track ‘Break Out’ , onto the track itself. A glossy Future intro leading one to expect some kind of Future Bass same old up to the drop. Delving you into distorted Dubstep with the light euphoria the intro promised holding strong thought. Inkk it seams, may have a past we aren’t supposed to know about, but there is certainly a future we can all be a part of. Starting now.

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