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Lofi King Single Friend!?

So every once in a while I end up having something come up on my radar that sends my drug addicted spidey senses tingling… I heard this one song on Spotify’s Lofi Beats playlist by Single Friend, and I kinda dug it. It spoke to me cos basically his name is what I am.
You know… lately I been scoffing at the 90s hiphop rearing it’s head again, rebranded as “lofi”. Hold onto your panties kids because the reality is, your fuckin’ LOFI is just 90s hiphop. WTF this shit used to play on top 40 radio all the damn time! UGH. Anyways, as much as I love to be bitching about this, the fact remains, that this shit is fire nonetheless. I love me some 90s hiphop. So I been cruising my Spotify playlists and when I typed “lofi” in the search bar and clicked on “Songs”…(you know.. to see what the kids are into or whatever)… 9 out of 10 of the top 10 fuckin slots were this guy named Single Friend . His shit is getting MILLIONS of plays at a time :s . On top of which, after some more digging, I discovered that this fuckin’ guy has a damn playlist of over 2.5 hours of music… JUST HIS OWN MUSIC. I subscribed to his playlist here You should too. Support your local single guy or gal. Follow, play, send some fanmail..whatever. He clearly needs friends.
Guap. Out.