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Low Pros feat. Que – Who Wanna Play (Salva & GZ Remix)

Seattle’s GZ is amongst the many who got pinched by the Soundcloud police. Taking quite a hit as the catalog now migrating to GZs WORLD is all fire. Trap Hybrids built off the Rap games biggest are all up for free grabs as the re-get-to-know is now under way. Check his new main profile HERE and UNCHAINED VOL. II mix HERE.

GZ – Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Low Pros – EP1

One of the many admirable characteristics of A-Trak is his listing all producers in the immediate credits of any given trak. Case in point, EP1 from his collaborative project with Hip Hop / Rap all star producer Lex Luger. As well as listing a good half of Raps comes ups on the features, what looks to be ALL the producers are there. Looking at you Diplo, are the rumors true? With EP1 out to the world for free download there is now room for Cam’ron & A-Tracks ‘Federal Reserve’ EP to hit. #FoolsGoldOnPoint

Low Pros (A-Trak & Lex Luger)