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GZ – Floodgates


RL Grime who? Where has he been anyway’s? It doesn’t matter. Seattle based has officially filled that void by opening up the floodgates and spilling the second single of off his first full length album, forthccoming this year on Glassrose Records. Stream on and cop the free. It’s expected that this gets played out after the DL, note that ;)

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Monday, monday, monday. Such a busy week ahead! That’s why I’ve come to the rescue with another quick playlist of tracks that I can’t seem to get enough of. It’s a bit of a rocky road of a playlist, with bangers and chillers, but I think you’ll dig. FAWNA, Skrillex, NGHTMRE and Jayceeoh are up at bat – check it out:

Don’t forget to check out the video for Reverie by clicking HERE. It’s amazing.

That concludes our quick mix for this week. Check back ASAP and we’ll continue to feed you the dankest of the dank.


Cavalier is one of those producers that do whatever the fuck they want, don’t follow trends in festival circuits and pop meta, but most importantly, consistently amaze and impress their dedicated fans with unique and boundary pushing beats that always leave room for discussion.

Cavalier | FutureClassics.ca

Cavalier | FutureClassics.ca

With pop sensibilities over-riding underground hip-hop undertones, this young producer has already made waves in the electronic and hip-hop communities alike. I’m very excited to see where his career takes him.


TuesDaze: A Playlist

Tuesday, yet again. After another classic weekend of debauchery, our minds are torn as to whether we should keep the energy going, or take some time to chill out. Music seems to be the only thing that can serve both my need for tranquility but also the fuel to carry on. I’ve compiled a short list of tracks that will help to ease the pain of existence (jk).

As always, feel free to tweet us out if you have any tracks that deserve our attention!