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The Fugees & #Valentines2014

Clearly missed the Fugee’s x vday memo. Where my cc at? Two remixes ready for the club. The first from Chapel Sound member Shaunic, on a Bmore x Jersey x Trap take. Loving the multi genre he blended together. Theres a nice taste of Bonita Apple Bum within as well.

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Whiiite has turned from his earlier Electro and harder productions of the past judging by his catalogs most recent additions. And this premier with RUN THE TRAP is nothing short of a dead giveaway that he’s bout Trap atm. Solid though.

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My Robot Ears #86

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Such a mood setter. Drugs, sex, or hoola mirror dancing will be performed 10X better with Eyes of Love in the background.

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Belle Boutique wants us all to know about West Coast New Disco makers summer end record. And for good reason. The light hearted production is a wonderful cool down. Watch the video HERE.

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Turn up. Hollywood’s Whiiite has a Graphic Novel insipred EP en route titled ‘The Beekeeper’ . This is track #1 from the forthcoming EP. Watch The Birth of Whiiite short film HERE.

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Youthfull Kinfolk are a Bay Area blog collective. Member Spencer Stevens of has released his first single from his upcoming debut beat tape through YK. This is a very chill savy listen.

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Brian Folk has filled The Weeknd void so fully between the alt R&B stars between albumness that it’s not even funny. Nuff said.