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WMNSTUDIES X WASPY – Photographs feat. Sundays

We’re now given part two of what appears to be a ongoing collaboration between two of Vancouver’s most active. Waspy of DiRTY RADiO is of a collaborative mind working also with Blontron, together forming B&W, or course DiRTY RADiO, and now with WMNSTUDIES. It certainly shows versatility and skill in all directions. This collaboration, and the one before it, are notable lighter than the studiers of womens works alone.. it’s clear who is bringing what to the table for an all round four minutes of positive vibes.

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Raincoiver is about the collabos as of late.. Great to see. A quick classic dance sample of C+C Music Factory was the glue that stuck together House hitters WMNSTUDIES with 1/3 of DiRTY RADiO /&+ 1/2 of BNW, Waspy, aka @waspybeats Be about that life w/ ‘LIFE MUSIK.’

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Kai Exos – Vigilante (WMNSTUDIES REMIX)

Relinquish those early week blues, hump is just one sleep away. After that point it’s smooth sailing to the weekend. So float on in real life to a homegrown #Vancouver soundtrack. The vigilante’s of House in the scene offer up their latest for free via the buy link.

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Remixes from this EP have been slowly tickling out all year, but now it’s time for the full meal deal. Vancouver based and embedded Tropical x Surf Pop band BESTiE are a well connected bunch, so well in fact they were able to assemble a top notch team of House and New Disco hombres. All of whom are well deserved of the media love BESTiE may now be able to extend to them.

*Each and every track is available for free btw, take advantage because this might be the only slice of summer you will get for months.. Oh Canada..

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SKMB Compilation Vol. 1

Fellow #Vancouver blog crew extraordinaire SKMB released their first compilation to date last month. Yes yes, we’ve been sleeping. Ten full tracks of New Disco and House from Vancouverites, friends and contributors alike make up the released to sum up in perpetuity the blogs taste and sound. The list is long of standouts, but of the standouts to standout is WATSN’s ‘Manson’ because it takes a large bite into the deep n’ dark alone. Check all these guys out as they are going great things in each of their respective scenes.

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TONIGHT! Le Youth Long Weekend Party @ Fortune


It’s high time we celebrate our countries birthday once more. The calendar year says so, and who doesn’t love a long weekend? To boot Fortunes crew has arranged a lineup all to conducive for a good time within the realms of House, feels, and all out cool n’ aloof times by solid music.

Headlining is Los Angeles Le Youth. As misleading as his moniker is, he is NOT a french producer. Though, you can rest easy as the producers work will leave you believing you are listening to a Euro legend of some calibre. The single ‘Feel Your Love’ was released as multiple continental dates were announced in North America and Europe. The video for which should be arriving any day now.

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In support are three wildly appropriate local acts whom all the House and New Disco lovers of the city are well, well, verse with. Pat Lok who took home the sinning title of a DFA Records remix competition some years ago, has only built up steam since. More recently seeing premiers on Vice Electronic offshoot Thump, BBC Radio 1 support, original video productions and a list still to long to go on with.

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Local White Noise resident(s) and personal favourite, Wmnstudies. The remix repertoire by the East x West coast axis operating duo is like no other. Here are a few more recent examples:

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A more recent name as a solo artist, but equal parts great producer, Kalibo. Perhaps better know to some as member of live DJ/Percussion group Motions joins as well. The best introduction will no doubt be production.

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In the Livestock Room

Pure Addiction DJs and djtricks.com will be holding things down in the second room. The hombre’s at djtricks.com will be running in with three staff members. Owner LLCodyJ & student turned instructor Mr. Mister will be going back to back preceeded or followed by familiar face at Fortune, Lisa Delux. Two rooms of the best in House.

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For full event details and last minute purchase links visit :: https://www.facebook.com/events/793962253956735/


Opening like an “I Got Five On It” remix is a sure way to bring people in. Once the lure has been taken the heavy synth Disco n’ House sound of WMNSTUDIES takes over. Nice and slow, 110bmp Blog (RIP) would be proud.

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Premier: Pat Lok – Move Slow (Wmnstudies Remix)

Local bae slayers Pat Lok have been sharing bills in the city for some time now. You can catch both of them at their monthly dance party White Noise at the Electric Owl Social CLub, showcasing some of the best House, Nu Disco, and Indie Dance. While they share the satge as often as one can shake a stick they have yet to meant (at least publicaly) on a prodiction, let alone remix. Until this premier. Pat Lok’s THUMP supported House / Indie Dance track gets taken into a more garage slated realm. Nothing outside of Wmnstudies usual New Disco, or even Tropical lingo but a lil something fresh non the less. Enjoy the free and give these all these dudes a follow.

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Mereki – Blue Lake (WMNSTUDIES Remix)

It’s been a while since new WMNStudies has put out new material. To that, they have been on a good number of bills the past couple of months. Which is good because their name is good one to see furthered in the game. Los Angeles’ Mereki released her single ‘Blue Lake’ some time ago and has now enlisted WMNSTUDIES to the remix lineup along side Easy Girl. Call it Dance Pop.

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/129613425″ iframe=”true” /]

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