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BESTiE – Asleep on the Bus

WinnieCooper.net /&+ Fortune Sound Club man Tristan Orchard pulled his indie bandmates together for a follow up video to their tropical winter released video, ‘Pineapple‘ . Accompanying the women bikinis and continuing the tropicalness into the now is a remix by the likes of WMNSTUDIES, #Perfect

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Janet Jackson is back, in a way, and not a titty out kind of way. The bleached man’s sibling is revisited by lady lovin, New Disco groovin WMNSTUDIES; the makers of volume 4 in our mix series. The tune itself is a reinterpretation of ‘That’s The Way Love Goes‘ . Come with me don’t you worry.

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Usher – Nice And Slow (WMNSTUDIES Remix)

Intakeing baby making music from only a couple of artists these days. A select handfull if you will. Carefully picked. WMNSTUDIES is one of these select few.. And when they fuckin wit booty mover #2, Usher (after R. Kelly), tsall good.
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Future Classics Mix vol 4 | Mixed by WMNSTUDIES

artworks-000046999159-xw9k7o-original Yesterday we premiered the latest in out mix series on Soundcloud. This volume comes from Toronto & Vancouver based duo WMNSTUDIES. We fell in love with these guys souly because of their obvious dedication to making music for the ladies. This mix in fact was made with a particular brunette in mind ;) Made with remix’s and originals from the these admirers of women, and works from the likes of #Vancouver producer Pat Lok, amongst others.
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Ciara – Body Party (WMNSTUDIES Remix)

016 So many boner jams coming out these days we might just have to start a weekly segment.
Z and Savemeboots, are WMNSTUDIES. Read up son! #House
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Tamia – So Into You (WMNSTUDIES Bootleg)

artworks-000041846021-44m212-original Couple of Canadian axis operators these guys are. An instant favourite group once their catalog blipped, radar styles. The duo just upped this as a free after about a month. So get it.
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68987_454707801252054_1485056492_nAs of late this SaveMeBoots (left) character has been on just about every other new bill in #vancouver / #yvr. Having never heard him live, some googling was in order. Turns out the indie dance producer is also one full half of the WMNSTUDIES duo, who, if the internet is not lying to me, operate on a east coast west coast axis of Canada. Don’t fill your belly too full with all the free they have. And yes, WMNSTUDIES is in turn Womens Studies
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