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Jade Cicada / Wonky Llama – Noms EP

Wuuuaaaaaahuuuuhhhhaaaabbbaaaddaaa this dub track by Massachusetts producer Jade Cicada wants to stretch my brain through space and time… probably the best Rick & Morty inspired track I’ve heard to date (and I’ve heard a lot). Generalizing his own style as a combination of garage, 8 bit, ambient, glitch, neuro, drum and bass, and hip hop, Jade Cicada’s music seems to emulate a controlled explosion, bursting with layers of intricate details. If wubb got your attention, his collabs are not to be missed! The track below is even free for download!

On repeat as of late is his EP Noms (co-produced with Houston’s schmoop under the name Wonky Llama). Seriously. Listen.


Jade Cicada
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