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Jeremih – oui (Young Bombs Remix)


Moombahton is a color Young Bombs are clearly comfortable being coloured in. Let’s thank these guys for bringing the red white and blue a more colourful synonym like Moombahton ;) Not to mention bringing some high vibe to the fall season. Free download for the masses here.

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Anna of the North – The Dreamer (Young Bombs Remix)


Fresh off the presses is yet another bomb. From, yup you guessed it, Vancouvers Young Bombs. These two guys are clearly waist deep in the summer feel and are immersing the rest of us innit with the steady onslaught of remixes they’ve been churning out. Get on them feels.

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Alessia Cara X G-Eazy – Wild Things (Young Bombs Remix)


Is it too late to be calling these guys wonder-kinds? I feel like I get into the same points every time a track from Young Bombs comes up, but it’s all true. Todays Moombahton remix is a huge slice of flavour from a primarily House x Deep House & Electro oriented duo. And is collected a 25k + play count in just a matter of hours. So again, Im telling you its just a matter of time till these Vancouverites are dominating airwaves all over. You got the stream below.

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Connor Phillips – LOST (Young Bombs Remix)

On the subject of internet discovery; Young Bombs caught wind of Connor Phillips ‘Lost’ and dug it so hard they reached out for the remix opportunity. The agreement was made, a bond was struck, because as it turns out Connor Phillips lives in a nearby city to YB. So there may indeed be a follow up to this freebie????

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Premiere: Radical Something – Paradise In You (Young Bombs Remix)

Vancouver’s ability to start, grow and launch artists has been steadily getting better. The battle of the “no fun city” has lead to countless events year round. Thus providing for places to network, perform and so on. This can all be told by the number of artists reaching success aka international recognition, whereas a handful of years ago it seemed as though those who made it, had to do it somewhere else. Which isn’t exactly grounds for a nurturing, or fun reputation.

But that was then and this is now, and now, Young Bombs have that global reach. Festival grade remix after another after another for like, a full year? It’s been not stop. With remixes of Charlie XCX, B.O.B., Cazette, Route 94, Dada Life… you get the idea. Today’s premiere, of a Californian band Radical Something is another notch, in a heavily punched, and equally as long belt. The remix is of a series of singles and remixes after a year of touring for Radical Something. They’re entrusting of ‘Paradise In You’ into the hands and keys Young Bombs returned with a euphoric House jam that is no doubt going to end up on all the Youtube channels with beach babes for vissies :p And it all begins with one drop.

Listen, love, download, get to know.

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Route 94 – My Love feat. Jess Glynne (Young Bombs Remix)

Stay close to me, your about to hear a Vancouver answer to one the summers biggest. Young Bombs is Martin Kottmeier & Tristan Norton and together they’ve remixed Cazette & Galantis to tremendous response. ‘My Love’ is just shy away from their preceding remix’s place in the festival recap video calibre arena, but still speaks just as loud to the nostalgia factor, and of course, the sounds of summer. The track is free for a like on the duo’s Facebook Page.

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