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More Moods – Nights On The Roof (Jazzvolution) and Love is Real

I’ve posted about Nick Moods from Rotterdam before, but he deserves more attention because his music is so incredibly good at what it’s trying to do, which is capture a mood and crystallize it in sound. The track above, Nights On The Roof, could be blasted from any rooftop during one of October’s icy, tumultuous nights, or maybe on a street corner in the rain, with a jazz band accompanying it. You could be listening to this track and missing home, or somebody that you love. I don’t really know how to describe it, which is pretty weak coming from someone who’s supposed to be blogging about music, but I’d like to call that ineffable quality a sign of real talent (I swear that’s a compliment, not a cop-out… really!).

Love is Real was the song that brought Moods to my attention. Doesn’t it kind of just make you feel like… love… is real? #dammit

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Moods – Bright

Nick Moods from Rotterdam makes music to put you in the mood…

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