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Premiere: Victor Perry – Rainbows (zewmøb Remix)


Atlanta’s Victor Perry ‘4AM Nostalgia’ EP came to light just three short months ago. It gained him much attention for his lyrical capabilities while he explored the complicated nature of both being in love and what love is in itself. Since it’s release the opening track ‘Rainbows’ has been receiving the remix treatment. SMLN, alas, [cardboardbox] and The Wookie have had their takes released. Next up is zewmøb. Delivering possibly the most danceable remix file-able under New Disco and or House, all the while holding true to the 4AM Nostalgia, just of a different time in club music. Their New Disco take with a splash of Future Bass feel good do-goodery is available for free here. Social links for both parties below for the get to know.

Victor Perry – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

zewmøb – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Eso.XO.Supreme – Only 1


Of all the illusive faceless artists lurking in the depths of the internet, dropping frenzy making tracks here and there, few actually deliver the feel of true illusion. Not like PDX’s Eso.XO.Supreme, who’s face can been seen much more readily if one were to seek a face to the name. Illusion in plain sight.

His own leaned out RnBae style has a nasty habit of gaining beat influence from a long list of able and like minded producers to emphasize his style too damn well. But that’s only half the allure. Lyrics of love and drugs delivered by Eso.XO.Supreme round off each track soothingly, illusively over and over again for consistent atmosphere. The shine really comes though with the consistency in delivery and the meticulously kept image and sound of his artistry.

‘Only 1’ is an absolute attention grabber, and the lead track off the forthcoming ‘Monsters’ EP, due out this Friday in it’s entirety. You only get one taste of it before it all comes down. But that’s between you and Eso.XO.Supreme now.

Eso.XO.Supreme – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

Premiere: The Chainsmokers – Closer (Deafkulture Remix)


Today is a big day for ‘Closer’ Remixes. Shaun Frank is dropping his own, and here we have LA based Deafkulture delivering his own Future Bass ways about the international hit. There have been many artists flocking to the remix lately, but we feel we’ve got something special here from Deafkulture. The flavour he brings to the track brings it away from the mainstream-ness of the original with Trap percussion without tearing it from what has made the track so resonant with so many people. Free download is available here in exchange for artist support ;)

Deafkulture – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Kid Bassline – Designer Basslines EP


Coming across artists who self brand Techno doesn’t happen every day. It’s a genre that goes less often explored by many artists and listeners alike. Though there are those prominent names that have let their compasses take them there. Montreal’s Kid Bassline is one such individual. Today brings about his new four track EP, ‘Designer Basslines’ of madman scientist boundary pushing, or fusing (depending on how you look at it) of 124 Bpm works. The EP has already had support from Resonate Sounds, and Astronomar and is out now via Wile Out.

Kid Bassline – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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Premiere: Kehlani – Gangsta (Clevt Flip)


Clevt is from Jakarta, perhaps you’ve heard of him. Working hard at his remix game and gaining more and more support along the way has he does, so it’s all the more likely you have heard of him. Between a busy schedule of sound design and naps, it’s hard to imagine how much time is actually spent napping seeing as how steady his music output it. But we can leave that for another time.

His punchy Future productions have crossed with their Electronic Dance counter-parts of his collection today. Taking to the songstress Kehlani, or rather a cover of her Suicide Squad soundtracked ‘Gangsta’ . Elevating from the original from it’s gritty street level pushing Trap, to a lush bursting festival level Future Trap. Free download HERE.

Clevt – Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Desiigner – Timmy Turner (Rahm Remix)


By now we are all verse in the come uppance of Kayne West’s young protege, Desiigner. And the journey Timmy Turner has taken. From XXL Freshman 2016 freestyle to promised track, to now word delayed, and then of course the internet whirl wind. Despite being named after the cartoon character Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents ‘Timmy Turner’ is an undeniably grown song, lyrically anyway, although we can only trust the authenticity of Desiigner to a limited point.

Before ‘Timmy Turner’ was announced as being a real song, and after the freestyle where the undeniably catchy melody was heard, is when the first internet whirl wind really took place; the remixes. Beat, bedroom and producers off many walks took to it. Many finding the path of the lo-fi, Trap infused. It’s not though that this brand of ‘Timmy Turner’ has had it’s stride found.

Mysterious-o Rahm as taken ‘Timmy Turner’ in so many new directions while still playing in the ball park. Ominously wound future bursts, pitching Desiigner, and Life Aquatic esq. melodies are what make this version one for your collection of the long list of remixes. Rahm himself has a limited presence online thus far, but two amazing remixes to date. It’s time for the get to know, do the follow thing below.

Timmy Turner (Rahm Remix) is available for free download HERE.

Rahm – Facebook | Soundcloud

Premiere: Inkk – Break Out

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Mysterious newcomer’s Inkk are officially here with their new, and first track, ‘Break Out.’ A step back from the festival grade Dubstep ‘Break Out’ isn’t your transformers music, nor is it your total throwback wub wub in the woods. Inkk, who remains only as many toothed smile with yellow eyes appearing from the dark, come off as being a reasonably calculating act. The mere title of the track ‘Break Out’ , onto the track itself. A glossy Future intro leading one to expect some kind of Future Bass same old up to the drop. Delving you into distorted Dubstep with the light euphoria the intro promised holding strong thought. Inkk it seams, may have a past we aren’t supposed to know about, but there is certainly a future we can all be a part of. Starting now.

Inkk – Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Zakii – Everything Is Everything

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Hollywood based Zakii today has offered us the opportunity to premiere with the world his new heater. ‘Everything Is Everything’ has pretty much everything going for it. Trap happy future triumphantness, beauty build to some serious hardcore happy lazers fucking bass goodness. Dubstep has held strong influence over the producer but he’s been succesfuly adding elements of Hip Hop and Future into his productions to devastating effect.

Give Zakii a follow for the free download, and check some prior work of his below.

Zakii – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | YouTube

Exclusive: Daniel Sauls – You’ll Stay On My Mind

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Honolulu based R&B Vocalist is one of those with a storey behind him. Originally relocating to Hawaii as part of the coast guard, later settling in the island states always surprisingly prolific music scene producing, garnering attention abroad and eventually moving into vocal work and signing deals. His latest album ‘Sauls’ was released this past Tuesday and is now available on iTunes HERE. Today Future Classics is fortunate enough to bring you an exclusive from the album, track 10 ‘You’ll Stay On My Mind’ . An original piece about the struggle of parting ways with a significant other. Stream below.

Heart this track on Hypem now.

Daniel Sauls – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website