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Premiere: Sean Moriguchi – Origins Mixtape

UK House artist Sean Moriguchi has been on a steady roll since early 2015. Two EP releases on Outta Limits and Love Handles, with support from industry heavy weights, and audience response in Ibiza, London, and Brighton. Successes only the latest in a long, versatile industry career who’s tail end has been primarily spent in the studio. Time spent developing a dark and futuristic sound serving as a therapeutic outlet for Sean, then doubling as plain groove music.

Heavy influencing Sean’s production direction and listening habits are the greats of House and Techno, from Chicago to Detroit. Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, and Robert Williams to name a few. All of whom are featured in an all new Tech-House, Techno and House mixtape, aptly titled Origins. The tape offers not just a healthy dose of history of Electronic Dance, but also a steady capturing collection of the latest in the Tech-House genre in a tasteful seventeen minute package.

Be sure to get yourself better aquatinted with Sean via all the socials provided below. Expect more to come from this mover and shaker in the coming weeks.

Sean Moriguchi – Beatport | iTunes | Soundcloud

Premiere: Jolin Ras – Backnya

From the Michael Red helmed imprint Low Indigo comes the latest full release from Vacouver’ based Jolin Ras. For those who don’t yet have Jolin Ras, or sometimes RAAS, yet on their radar now is the time. This artist has been making a name for himself with time after time widely versatile / un-limiting releases. His Edits & Remixes // Breaks Edition was a huge eye opener on this end. He has since gone onto further his names place amongst Vancouver’s finest musicians by sheer creativity and skill.

‘Rebirth Cycle’ out today as the eighth release from Low Indigo represents another distinct time and journey for Jolin Ras. Described as his own “sound story being re-born within the cosmos.” Titled during a period when the tracks were being made between 2011-2012. Being influenced by these times result in are more a dome heavy, thought provoking journey through time and space. ‘Backnya’ is the second track of the eight, all of which all have video accompaniment viewable HERE. And are available as a name your price download on the Low Indigo Bandcamp linked below.

Jolin Ras – BandcampFacebook | Soundcloud

Low Indigo – Bandcamp | Facebook | Soundcloud | Website

PREMIERE: Tupper Ware Remix Party – The Hit (Whaleskin Remix)

It brings me great joy to be able to bring to you today a first glimpse at a remix crafted by one of my favourite east coast cosmic funk-o-nauts Whaleskin aka Willow Bell. The retrograde remix is of Toronto’s (via Halifax) Tupper Ware Remix Party – a very interesting group, to say the least.

If you’re a fan of funky disco, there is no doubt in my mind that this tune will resonate with you. Hardware synth fanatics rejoice – Willows ability to combine the uniquely genre-bending nature of TWRP’s metal/funk vibes with a head bobbing retro/electro/house scene is very impressive.

Check out the new tune, and enjoy the free download via Soundcloud embed:

Premiere: Ethan Breakaway – Tonight Is the Night (Alex Light Remix)

Today presented itself as a clean, fresh, mild day. The visuals of nature are cooling hand in hand alongside London vocalist Ethan Breakaway’s ‘Tonight Is the Night’ . The title track off his debut EP, which you can listen to HERE has received a beauty Future spin from fellow Londoner, Alex Light. Synth-scapes plasterered, intertwined and layered provide so much depth into the remix. Layers enough to lose one’s self in thought and further match the new days beginning beat for beat with sound. Be sure to follow both of these artists as their notoriety has already begun.

Ethan Breakaway – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Alex Light – Soundcloud | Twitter

Video Premiere: Animal Feelings feat. Charlie Heart

If recent Netflix documentary additions have turned you full dietary activist you should refrain from watching. Where I was turned momentary activist others very easily could have been pushed all the way. Them documentarians know whats up. And as I type the two for one Big Mac coupon is staring me straight in the eyes. It’s like each burger is an eye ball and we are dead lock for “no blink eat me” competish. So you’re warned. Cause there is so much meat smearing in the three minute self titled track featuring the vocal works of Charlie Heart. And again as I type the thought of McDicks delivers in Manhatten cross my mind. Animal Feelings himself is from Brooklyn but maybe some over the phone persuasion could venture a delivery to his borough… (As you can see, my thinking is very non linear when even the suggestion of food is in the room.) House, soft pink frame, slow motion, and real funky synth work make these animal feelings muuuuch easier to digest than say, Cowspiracy. Enjoy the video and get to know Brooklyn’s Animal Feelings via the links below.

Animal Feelings – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Bear Mountain – Hopeful (Moon Bounce Remix)

Vancouver band Bear Mountain are on a mission to find the medium between technology and the natural world. It can be heard in their music from original to remix and DJ set in-between. It’s this mission which is successful in making the band stand out, at least in this two thumb haver’s mind. ‘Hopeful’ itself was made with the future in mind. And during times like these motivation points here and there are what is needed to keep ourselves from burying our heads in the sand. Especially on the subject of technology versus nature. This is where Philly based Moon Bounce comes in.  Locking ‘Hopeful’ firmly into technology, groovily I might add, with a lush blend of Tropical/New Disco and plenty of Future. Listen to the original below to compare and expand ;)

“We made it thinking about the future, and being hopeful for what’s to come despite the past.” – Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Moon Bounce – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: NKOSI – White Gold (Apex Remix)

There’s a new crew on the block we want you to know about. LA based indie x electronic duo NKOSI. Hot on the heels of their single ‘White Gold’ is the official video premiering today, worldwide. It’s been a month since the original hit and now we’re in line for some vissies & remix. Apex having taking ‘White Gold’ to a more after hours club ready dance record, without distancing too far a cry from the originals feel good personal use readiness. Let’s call it Indie Dance meets Techno and roll from there.

Give these gents a follow so as the future isn’t missed.

NKOSI – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: RVLVR – Shadows (Dev79 Remix)

Philly has been translating Grime into North American listening for years now. Better know as Street Bass there should be no quarrel in the city’s occupying Bass Muisc’s forefront as we know it to this day. Bass Music alongside pure underground of the coast and continent is affirmed more now by online copywrite laws being enforced to the degree in which it is today. Labels like these and their counterparts who’ve survived to this day, bringing original production and true genre creation are once again to be the curators of future music. Bass or otherwise.

Out today on such a label, on New Low‘s catalog is Philly based RVLVR’s ‘Shadow’s’ EP. Featuring two new originals and remixes from Dev79 (Seclusiasis) and Bombé (New Low). In the spirit of education, musics longevity outside of Doritos and promotion we are proud to premiere of quarter of the release. An original twist from Dev79 on RVLVR’s title track turned half a beat more Grime/Philly from the originals climatic space battle ambiance. Listen to the whole EP on Bandcamp and do the follow thing for both these artists.

RVLVR – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Dev79 – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Prinze George – Upswing (Dinesh & LioBeats Remix)

For all the reasons we fell in love with an early Flume, is why we fell in love with NYC’s Prinze George’s latest remix received. Punching through and between the originals vocals with huge bursts of triumph Dinesh & LioBeats keep the listener rocking with the Future sounds of our time. Daft Punk’s ‘Robot Rock’ lingers in the back of one’s mind while listening, to a degree. Light drum builds into just as hard glitching hits as the track progresses are a stairway into an affirmation of believing the future is now, and while life isn’t always fair, anything is possible. The track is available for free download for a time. You can listen and compare the original and check the rest of Prinze George’s self titled EP HERE.

Dinesh – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Prinze George – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter