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Premiere: So Durand & Flow Castle – Buck

Fresh off the presses for a swift kick to the weekend is the collab before you by Canadian made So Durand and LA Soundcloud sweetheart Flow Castle. So Durand is one for striking up partnerships to deliver heaters, but this pairing turned out larger than usual. ‘Buck’ will do just as the title says, the horns are key in this regard. The exclusive is right here, spread the word and cop the free.

So Durand – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Flow Castle – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Jet Leroy Live @ Take Over Tuesdays Mar. 17

Down in Dallas TX things get a lil spacey on Tuesdays. PRIME is assembling an onslaught lineup of the stars of tomorrow there. Every other week we will be sharing a live set from the weeks event as extended reach for the up and comers. First up is a pair by the name of BBoy Morris & Pass The 40, who together run as Jet Leroy. Be forewarned, the opening to the set will draw you in hard. Best allot an hour for yourself. Free download courtesy of PRIME.

BBoy Morris – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Pass The 40 – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Kermode – New World EP

Vancouver based Kermode released the ‘New World’ EP last week. Lush with low level frequencies each track ventures into it’s own branch of bass music. As a plus to good wholesome easy listening the release serves as an accurate indication of a large heap of the scene’s musical preference, or “style” . The self release is available at a “Pay what you want” rate and can be consumed at Kermode’s bandcamp.

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ODESZA – All We Need feat. Shy Girls (Autograf Remix)

The remix game has been in large Missy, Drake and Odesza as of late. So the stream tells in any case. Odesza Odesza Odesza, they’re so hot right now. The latest and largest name to the list is the one and only stunna remixing Autograf. To the list of their recent rapidly growing remix repertoire a remix bridging the gap commonly dividing their releases, title wise at least, Future and Tropical. It’s a tactic to exposure ;) The original is available for free HERE, comparing purposes :)

Autograf – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Great Good Fine Ok – Too Much Too Handle (Penguin Prison Remix)

When life get’s to be too much the best thing to do is let your hair down and let loose. Be it a man bun or pony tail you gotta let er fly. Hitting the gym, being outdoors, dancing, or even an insanely good track to move in rythm with. Any and or all will do you well, and this is the track that will set you right whilst on task.

Penguin Prison – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Secondcity – I Wanna Feel (Young Bombs Remix)

Be it Electro House or Deep House Vancouver’s Young Bombs never fail to deliver. All of their recent success can be attributed to ethic of high quality nose down grinding. Any and all UK vocalist x Deep House cravings will be met with this one.

Young Bombs – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Shake Shake Go – England Skies (Epic Empire Remix)

A new Parisian burst of cool. Epic Empire premiered the track with two days ago but let loose the summer anthem worthy ‘England Skies’ remix on his own today. People and works like this will make the last leg of winter a dreamy cake walk. Free DL for the masses.

Epic Empire – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Artist Spotlight | Wet Paint

This year has already had it’s belt notches. Can you walk us through some or all thus far?

The biggest thing for us so far this year was the release of our EP with Otodayo Records. Limitless, the single, was the first song we’ve ever released that didn’t rely heavily on a sample­based arrangement. We constructed each sound from synths or one­shots and had a genius collaborative duo called Willdabeast help out with some trumpet and flute.

One of my favourite Q’s. How has your base city influenced your sound?

Halifax is a small city with a pretty dedicated crowd of people who like to jam out; not many other performers/producers make sounds similar to ours, really. We just want people to get down with us and to keep breathing life into the scene.

Recently we put on our very first “event” in collaboration with Hart Surf Co. and brought in DEAD HORSE BEAST (Mtl) ­ the show sold out so it was pretty energizing and inspirational for us to continue moving forward in creating music and a scene of our own.

What are your top spots to party and or chill to music at in Halifax?

The Seahorse, The Marquee, and Reflections are probably our top spots around here. This is a bar town interspersed with some top 40 clubs here and there, but these three are really keeping the scene alive for all types of genres and musicians.

Your beginnings in Electronic music, be it CD’s or parties, what thing(s) took you there?

We began as musicians with a huge range of interests, eventually delving into old soul and funk records that hip­hop artists in the 90s and early 2000s cut up and used for their beats. J Dilla, the RZA, Just Blaze, People Under the Stairs, etc., seemed to find these old records that they must have grown up listening to and then spun them in their own way.

Eventually artists like RJD2 and DJ Shadow started to move from this into trip­hop, and then artists like Pretty Lights and Gramatik started a bridge between electronic music and hip­hop. Hearing this progression we just thought, “we need to get into this.”

What were your listening habits in order of genre that brought you to Electro Soul / Future Funk?

As for current artists, some definite influences and people we look up to include The Glitch Mob, Pretty Lights, GRiZ, Big Gigantic, Michal Menert, The Noisy Freaks, Charles Bradley, Lee Fields and so on.

As for funk and soul artists from the past there’s an extensive list: OV Wright, James Brown, David Ruffin, Betty Wright, Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, Bobby Womack, Joe Simon, Al Green, Gil Scott­Heron, Muddy Waters, Lonnie Liston Smith, Donald Byrd, Ann Peebles, Martha Vandella, Mahalia Jackson, Gladys Knight, Marion Williams… we could go on all day.

On the subject of Future Funk. What do you see in the genres future? Any predictions? It’s kind of the perfect mid way between New Disco and them Future beats.

As for Future Funk/Electro Soul, the concept of live instrumentation and big band performance is something we’d both love to see and do ourselves for the future. Also, and this is definitely on our minds for our own music, using less samples and getting that live instrumentation into the studio. Horn sections, string sections, vocalists, keyboards, percussion, anything and everything to try and emulate that live feel in recordings.

Maybe the most important in Wet Paint’s history, how did you meet and begin the duo?

We met sometime in 2012 after a friend suggested we meet up and take a crack at some production since we were both familiar with Ableton as a DAW. We messed around with the opening riff from Curtis Mayfield’s “Give Me Your Love” and created something that, at the time, we thought had some great potential. Looking back on it, it wasn’t a great mix and a little uninspired, but the chemistry was there.

In the city’s scene, one seldom heard from (at least it feels like), who are the movers and shakers you move and shake with?

Some great acts from around here that deserve all kinds of recognition include The Mellotones, The Wayo, Elephants in Trouble, Scientists of Sound, Dub Kartel, Quake Matthews, DJ IV, Ghettosocks, and anyone else who’s out here keeping Halifax on the map. Additional shout outs to the homie from Montreal, DEADHORSEBEATS.

What is in store for the remaining larger part of 2k15??

For the remainder of this year we’re going to hit the festival circuit again, as well as hopefully check out some new destinations as audience members. Pemberton in B.C., Lightning in a Bottle in Cali, Governor’s Ball in NY seem like great spots this year.

As for our music we’ll be continuously releasing music with a laidback RNB/Hip­Hop EP in the short­term and some Future Soul bangers later on in the year. To all those who’ve been showing us love we hugely appreciate it and look forward to keep giving you more

As Canadians how do you feel about the Tim Hortons / Burger King merger?

Haha. Great question. Reminds me of a piece that a student of NSCAD University made while I was attending there.­talked­to­the­artist­behind­the­beaded­tim­hortons-


I have no qualms with Tim Hortons ­ I would even go so far as to say that I enjoy it from time to time (their B.E.L.T moreso than their coffee. Boston cream donuts rule too). I’m a bit confused about the Burger King merger because even as far as fast food goes, I don’t really think they do a great job. How does one sell 10 chicken nuggets for $1.50 CAD? It just makes me super uneasy.

Wet Paint – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Future Classics Mix vol 60 | Mixed by Dev79

Dev79 has been a cultural curator at the forefront of Street Bass for a long time now. Almost a generational figurehead for the co-led genre push with Starkey aka Stark Bot. The Philadelphia native and co-head of the Seclusiasis label and has appeared as a guest on nearly outlet’s mix series to further push the sounds of Phili’s underground. We are incredibly happy to have him featured now at long last in our mix series for #FCMV60. Complex UK also picked up the 160/80 bpm mix in their best mixes of the week roundup.

Dev79 – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: VYGR1 – This is What Happens

No doubt the many of us are just peeling ourselves off our pillows or floors after a star studded night of red carpet Grammy’s. The creme de la creme of celebrity status in the comfort of your own home, from the indent of your own couch. People just can’t control themselves. Pffft, the best thing abbot the event was the amount of breasts about to jump out made for a great night ;)

Kanye was there, but he unlike the rest had a current connection with the common folk in the news around him. His offering an entry level position to a random Joe who rapped for him on the street. That’s something people can relate to, a storey of an aspiring reaching a goal. Which brings me to the premiere of Denver”s own VYGR1’s latest in his Future Bass arsenal. A relatively new beginning for the artist already with steady footing in large hitting compositions FC is all about. Free download for the masses.

VYGR1 – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Teem – Proof Of You (Whaleskin Remix)

Tasty treat time from one who may have just been born in the wrong era. Dare this be called Disco revival? Or New Disco? Rather just Disco, pure 80’s influence fully capable of popping out a perm from one’s dome piece. Support for quality reasoning, plus Canadian artist reasoning. Also, help this bae chart!

Whaleskin – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Heartwreck – Back Yo

Align your root chakra with the homegirl Heartwreck. Our latest and most frequent internet connect in the game. Her production tends toward the Mid Tempo and internet influence but doesn’t stop there. Fusion is her beat kitchens theme. ‘Back Yo’ is the first piece of a bigger cake soon to come, and her tone set for 2k15. Get your spiritual ish on and crunk in unison.

Heartwreck – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter