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Julien Mier – Smokestacks, Shorelines


Inspired by the heavy coastal industries along the Japanese coast during a Tokyo – Osaka trip last year Julien Mier shares the first single from his upcoming 7 piece mini album entitled ‘Shiny Silver Lining’ . Full album details and pre-order link to what may yet be his best work to date are available on Bandcamp.

Julien Mier – Facebook | Souncloud | Twitter

Alessia Cara X G-Eazy – Wild Things (Young Bombs Remix)


Is it too late to be calling these guys wonder-kinds? I feel like I get into the same points every time a track from Young Bombs comes up, but it’s all true. Todays Moombahton remix is a huge slice of flavour from a primarily House x Deep House & Electro oriented duo. And is collected a 25k + play count in just a matter of hours. So again, Im telling you its just a matter of time till these Vancouverites are dominating airwaves all over. You got the stream below.

Young Bombs – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

ZAYN – LIKE I WOULD (The White Panda Remix)

Like I Would WP Remix Art

Hot on the first official remix of scene bursting vocalist Zayns second single are The White Panda. The Illinois boys kick in some hefty drums adding to the huge Future bursts on their take and complimentary effort to Zayns vocal throw down.

The White Panda – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

SOFI TUKKER – Hey Lion (Tom & Collins Remix)

Easily, one of the chillest House tracks of recent memory. Mexico City duo basing their name of your favorite happy hour beverage Tom & Collins on the supply. Taking the original Indie Dance track to a new real of cool, possibly the patio? ;p Free download for the masses.

Tom & Collins – Facebook | Soundcloud | Website

Music At The View: ShermGerm Interview


Music At The View 2016 is just a few short days away now, in Tonasket Washington. The 3 day long music festival runs from May 20th – 22nd. In anticipation of the festival we’ve reached out to a couple of artists who we are most excited to see perform this year for interview.

First up is Seattle based Trap & Experimental Bass Producer and DJ ShermGerm. In the short time we’ve been familiar with the artist his catalog has stood to impress. Numerous uploads of what can be said is his signature sound of Trap and Experimental Bass. Elements of Grime, even Glitch-Hop, and an audibly clean Hip Hop influence all add to what is #GermTrap For promo, and plain overall hype purposes ShermGerm has hooked up an exclusive promo mix made up of almost entirely original material along with some words so we can all do the get to know.

Can you talk a bit about how your listening habits grew into your productions style? i.e. Who you were listening to early on in Electronic music, or mentors, or previous projects x bands?
It really started with oldschool hiphop beats back when I was like 8 years old. Groups like Beastie Boys, Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Gorillaz really set me into my beat making ways. The first electronic music i discovered was Daft Punk and that took me down the path of Aphex Twins and other trippy producers.

Do you have a favourite venue in Seattle, and or one you recommend to newcomers to the city?
I think Q night club is holding it down right now, also Moneky Loft & Club Sur always comes threw with good vibes.

Is this going to be your first year performing Music At The View?
Yes it will be my first time playing here. I couldnt be more excited to make new friends and share my music with new ears.

Are you planning on spending the weekend at the festival?
Yea I’ll be camping out all weekend, come find me and chill.

When your camping (like many attendees no doubt will be), what are some of the essentials x simple pleasures you pack for yourself?
I keep it all down to one backpack, I bring water, snacks,a few prepared meals and thats it. I dont bring much of anything for personal entertainment.

From the perspective of an attendee, what makes a memorable performance from and artist at a festival?
Hearing music I have never heard is what stands out most for me. I like hearing new sounds and styles.

Quick on the subject of the Soundcloud peerage where do you stand? Have you begun migrating your catalog to other platforms as of yet?
I really only upload to soundcloud right now, I’m working on getting more music up on bandcamp though.

What have you got in store for the remainder of the year?
I’m finishing up 2 EPs right now for some summer releases. I’m also planning out all my upcoming shows, this summer is gonna get busy and i cant wait to share my music along the West Coast!

Care to sign this off with an quotable quotes, words to live by, or shout outs?
Make music out of love!

ShermGerm – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Pasha – Is It Love??

Screen shot 2016-05-08 at 8.30.34 PM

The old-school is strong with this one. Out of Bærum, Norway with a near perfect balance of new school Rap & Hip Hop etiquette and the respect and tastefulness of the old school on his new record entitled ‘BODEGA’ . ‘Is It Love??’ appears last on the release but perhaps is the best showcasing of his old-school abilities. Listen to the full album and do the get to know.

Pasha – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Zanski – Into You


Canada man Zanski joins Monteal’s SAINTWOODS for his latest masterpiece. ‘Into You’ is written, produced and sung by the 22yo youngster. Yet another testament to Canadian talent. File under R&B x Soul, lyrics & stream below:

I don’t even know what to say, and i don’t even know what you’re doing. Walk me through it cause i’m clueless. All i know is i’m falling for you, you get me higher than i’ve ever been. One look and you pull me in.

I hope you understand that I’m into you. I don’t care if you know now. Kiss me until i forget my name.

I know that you’re a little reckless; You drive through the city just to feel alright. I know the life you play up to make you feel safe, but you pushed it away when you told me to take your hand and fuck with you, and to trace your lips and follow through.

I’ll make you feel alive again, because I’m into you.

Zanski – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

hi i’m ghost & iNexus – peekaboo


Don’t let the cutesy of hi i’m ghost’s eyes fool you, this is a hard track. Dubstep and Future meet hard as iNexus brings down his heavyweight, heavy hitting productions to hi i’m ghost’s much lighter Bedroom Trap esq style. Free punch in the face HERE.

hi i’m ghost – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

INexus – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Mr. Carmack – Pay For What (Alexander Lewis Trombone Flip)

alexander lewis

Both names involved in this massive have a long standing track record of making hitters. So, as one might expect, the combination is huge, not to mention the trombone being a key piece of Alexander Lewis’ heavy hitting arsenal and it’s getting an include. It’s got everything dem fans could ask for. Git it.

Alexander Lewis – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter