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R. Kelly – Poetic Sex (Majesty Remix)

Another Vancouverite for your radar right here. Heavy on the remix mane Majesty adds to his catalog a new jersey flip of king R. Kel. Beginning his new account for flips and remixes with this one in order to duck the Soundcloud police, but the majority of Majesty’s originals and remixes including his heavy circulation Banks remix can be found on his main linked below.

Majesty – Soundcloud | Twitter

skizz – based out

New comer skizz out of long island shares new Carmack esq. Dubstep x Trap hybrid hitter for the free. Darker and more Dub than Hawaiian kid Aaron bit the bass is real. skizz has a big collection under the belt worth getting into on the social below.

skizz – Soundcloud


Were you killing it this hard when you were 18!? I, most certainly was not. Young Cavalier (with strong emphasis on young) adds to his already Trap af catalog. Dipping right into Atlanta this time with Tuesday polarizer ILOVEMAKONNEN, then giving it some straight grit. The download ain’t free but the trapping is.

Cavalier – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter


Big things poppin, lil things stoppin. Alongside WHIPPED CREAM’s announcement of her performing at this years Center of Gravity the smashing Victorian shares her second collabo with Holly. As per usual, her level of massive surpasses.. itself. POP’N holds within in it’s 3:37 run time, elements of Moombahton, Dubstep, Jersey, Trap, Bmore, and and… It’s just huge. DL is for the free. Im out of breath attempting to put it all into words.

WHIPPED CREAM – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Holly – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

BIA – Gucci Comin Home

“With Gucci comin home we dont need no Donald Trump.” And aint that the truth. Knock on wood Gucci comes out and does run for president. Really though it is 2016 and Gucci nears the end of his near 3 year sentence. Which on a positive note has been one of his most productive periods. The day Gucci is released will be one to remember and celebrate.

Not all the shine goes to Big Guap rn though. Perico Princess BIA has delivered a huge anthem in anticipation of Gucci’s release. The quotables are fire all through and Boston producer Bunx backs BIA to complete / fule the all out fire #FreeGucci gesture. Big ups to all involved in this release.

#FreeGucci #FreeGucci #FreeGucci #FreeGucci #FreeGucci
#FreeGucci #FreeGucci #FreeGucci #FreeGucci #FreeGucci

BIA – Facebook | | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (Ekali Tribute)

Well this proves it. Kanye IS 50% more influential than Apostle Paul, Stanley Kubrick, or Picasso! Naw. Just kidding. Flux Pavilion was the inspiration on this one for young Ekali. Flux Pavilion while sampling Kanye made these waves of inspiration on his lonely. This one just happens to be a classic well suited for Ekali’s own Trap styling. Free download the tribute and support the original HERE.

Ekali – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter


The club is strong with this one. Popping off yet another Monday with it’s 12th release is The Mob. Currently being helmed in club city itself, Miami. Fort Lauderdale supply tho, from DJ A.M.G who can be caught up on with his socials.

DJ A.M.G – Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Slow Graffiti – Bang Bang

As he joins the ranks of Wile Out LA based Slow Graffiti steps away from his signature Trap ways. Venturing into Ghetto Techno and switching up the floor in one foul swoop (all too easily) yields ‘Bang Bang’ . Think Ghetto Tech meets Techno, and throw on SG’s glassy Trap ways. Then cop up the free HERE.

Slow Graffiti – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Low Pros feat. Que – Who Wanna Play (Salva & GZ Remix)

Seattle’s GZ is amongst the many who got pinched by the Soundcloud police. Taking quite a hit as the catalog now migrating to GZs WORLD is all fire. Trap Hybrids built off the Rap games biggest are all up for free grabs as the re-get-to-know is now under way. Check his new main profile HERE and UNCHAINED VOL. II mix HERE.

GZ – Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter