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Sleepwreck – Prototype Self

Vancouver’s got talent. Tremendous FreEP from multi talented Sleepwreck. Right from the home city surfaces an new artist doing solid things. ‘Remember to Remember’ is the standout of the Street Ritual release out just this past month. Look at him, look at them, then follow.

Sleepwreck – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Elliot Adamson – Detroit EP [ULR018]

Heard any good Techno lately? Ponder not, just get some in you. Aptly named Detroit Elliot Adamson’s new EP is en route. EDM kids looking to boraden horizons will do well broadening with the teaser. Keep up and look for it.

Elliot Adamson – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Video: Billon – Special feat. Maxine Ashley

Mandatory post. Bum, nails did in bed and MC Hammer pants on a ski do in a pool, and much much more. Something special.

Billon – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Misun – Superstitions

Very rarely do bands make it past email to post. A sign of the times really. And so often do I find myself speaking of exceptions but the fact is Kitsune has been putting electronic bands into my ear holes for years now. So let’s just all think twice about what we say when we speak of what we listen to.

Misun is out of Washington DC, out of it in good form to boot. They have a album lying in wait for 11/11/14 and this is the title track of the soon to be first full length album of theirs. Check them out and peep game a band for a change.

Misun – Soundcloud

Wiley – Flying (Ink Midget Bootleg)

Break anything mundane your experiencing in life by layer caking it with a Slovakian remix. Kind Deluxe Records just shared signee Ink Midjets new freeizm on their facebook, and, hot damn. One of Wiley’s best after a full on future trill sex change.

Winning is a state of mind.

Ink Midget – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

Flow Castle – Don’t Stop Love

Usually there is no need to venture near high HIGH pitched vocals, like those hamster songs or whatever they are. It’s like that expression, “I wouldn’t f*ck her with your dick and him pushing.” But when you factor in beloved pop culture, a dreamy intro and a Future Bass hash tag, doors will ajar. Hence the new single from LA based Flow Castle, an artist with a real chill take on What So Not’s ‘Tell Me’ , which you should hear after, then the rest of the catalog. #PeepGameFlowCastle

Flow Castle – Soundcloud | Twitter | Website

Drake – How About Now (WYLN Edit)

Drake has been sparse in the news feed as of late, for months now it seems. But people don’t forget, the East Coast probably could’t forget about Drake if they tried. To keep his legacy living and lul from any kind of bottom is Montreal’s WYLN. A very chillen’ bopper like much of what’s been coming from that end of CA. Chill, Jazz, shade’s and all over cool.

WYLN – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Jayd Ink – You Playin’ (Kid Vibe’s Take)

Prolonged stretches of time without Kid Vibe flips, takes or remixes will eventually get you thinking about the time passed without. The gaps themselves are a reminder of the ear ball pleasure(s) his brand of R&B have given you. This new “Deep R&B” is free for download if you express yourself in the comments or via personal message.

Kid Vibe – Facebook | Soundcloud

Herobust – Party McFly

Even when venturing into the booty clap music of the nation HeRobust does not hesitate to incorporate his musical robotics. The term “robots fucking” may have just earned a real place to call home in the Atlanta producers venture into Twerk.

Herobust – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Lil B – February’s Confessions (Death Ledger Edit)

Clearly Death Ledger has the aesthetic to take on Lil B without blurring either of their individual styles. His Gothic x Drag rests easy under Based God’s “flow” . An excellent song for the fall season playlist.

Death Ledger – Soundcloud | Twitter

Luke Million – Arnold (Chesto Remix)

From all the things online from Chesto one can ascertain his affinity for weird interneting and New Disco. Internet love on it’s own more often than not leads to Skeletor dicker / Terminator & Predator killing former body building Governors. But when affinities like these two meet it’s pretty special, it’s lols and feel goods together, and that’s the right stuff to bring people together.

Chesto – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

The Beatles – Come Together (Rhythm Scholar Remix)

It’s amazing how you will land on a song you haven’t heard in a coons age, and thereafter it keeps on appearing. The Universe seems to be in line and maybe, just maybe, jeebus approves. Such is the case with ‘Come Together’ , from random radio play to shuffle selection twice over, and now Funkdrop Labs Rhythm Scholar. This being a personal intro to a new artist I can say he does indeed live up to the name. There is plenty of familiar from start to fin, and not just The Beatles.

Rhythm Scholar – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter