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Teem – Proof Of You (Whaleskin Remix)

Tasty treat time from one who may have just been born in the wrong era. Dare this be called Disco revival? Or New Disco? Rather just Disco, pure 80’s influence fully capable of popping out a perm from one’s dome piece. Support for quality reasoning, plus Canadian artist reasoning. Also, help this bae chart!

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Premiere: Heartwreck – Back Yo

Align your root chakra with the homegirl Heartwreck. Our latest and most frequent internet connect in the game. Her production tends toward the Mid Tempo and internet influence but doesn’t stop there. Fusion is her beat kitchens theme. ‘Back Yo’ is the first piece of a bigger cake soon to come, and her tone set for 2k15. Get your spiritual ish on and crunk in unison.

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Premiere: Kanye West – Only One feat. Paul McCartney (Volknor Remix)

The follow up to ‘Yeezus’ has been staved off by singles and production credits for nearly a year now. In a suprise drop this past December Ye released a personal song about his daughter North West. All keys, no drums, and the ever so tear jerking auto tune sangin’. Kim says it makes her cry every time she listens to it, which sounds like a lot :'( On the flip side of the fame pyramid Detroit based Ethan Garcia aka Volknor stripped it of much of the personal lyrics making a tad more workable into what is now, frankly, a future banger. Drums and heavy synth work bring it out of KKW’s cold dead eyes and into the earbuds of the populus. The only thing better in the original is how black Kanye says “smile” .

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Future Classics | #TakeOverTuesdays | PRIME


Beginning in February Future Classics will be sponsoring the Dallas Texas based #TakeOverTuesdays by PRIME @ The Red Light Lounge. Every second week we will be hosting a live set from the weeks party on our Soundcloud. The whole point of the operation to extend the reach of each artist in a feature manner.

Mark or alarm the second month of 2k15 as it’s just around the corner. There’s no reason to sleep on the winter of the new year like a coward bear. Stay up and keep in touch with FC and PRIME on the socials below.


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NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye (Paige Remix)

Just know before you get full blown judgemental that the selections original is nearly unrecognizable. Only when the lyrics are in play would anyone know it’s an actual NSYNC track. And don’t worry, JT’s or any other members voice is completely unrecognizable. It wouldn’t make it on this site otherwise. Just click play and get some unexpected in your day. You can love or hate Paige on his socials :) File under House.

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Brenmar – Hula Hoop feat. UNiiQU3

The pairing of these two goes way beyond cray. Two of the baddest names in club music together on the one label that has gone the distance, time and time again. A-Trak and Catchdubs make no mistake in their labels catalog. UNiiQU3 being the newest to fandom prosperity has yet to blow many more systems, and having Brenmar and Fools Gold at her back is going to elongate her reach in a big underground way. You can bank on this being played out for many parties to come.

Brenmar – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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AKANAK – Be Alright

Now feels like a good time to go ahead and call out a future name from the Vancouver game. Two new tracks have surfaced from the producer who’s former name will be left out just in case. Both of which (newly surfaced tracks) are of style in which the city seems to be getting best reception for. Underground reception a the very least. Why this name will be a more prevalent one in your feed in time to come you will can be found out within 10 seconds of play on both (newly surfaced tracks :) ).

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Timbaland – The Way I Are (Chachi Remix)

The mere image of Timbaland reminds of Missy Elliot. And it just so happens that Missy is the trend of the cloud and bootleg. It’s all a throwback tip, the way it is is all. Thinking back to high school ‘The Way I Are’ and Timba’s Shock Value this was the one holding the most reliable lyrics to finance and dating. “I don’t got a house, I rent a room in a house” .. “I like you just the way you are. How pre 20’s, what a way to pitch a prospect boo. ‘The Way I Are’ , now in Deep House.

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Premiere: Mr. Probz – Waves (Whipped Cream Edit)

On the iPod of ever other chick Mr. Probz Nov 13 chart topper can be found. The producers of the Netherlands seem to have a number of formulas that circle around within the country and regularly spill out into the mainstream. Formulas good to the point of not being able to escape the music unless you avoid the demographic you want to lay entirely. It’s just not worth it, you have to pick your battles. And how bad can engineered actually be? Pretty bad actually, just pick your battles. On the latest flip of a track that has just as well or better in remix, Vancouver islands Whipped Cream up stepped the dreamy, sandy beach envisioning track into a higher bpm Bmore x Jersey clubber. Perhaps a happy medium in the struggle of adapting to chick music or top 40 where less wanted. Free on the DL.

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MNEK – White Noise (HVNS Remix)

Turns out the name ‘White Noise’ , (and various misspellings) are quite popular. So often language falls short of describing sound. Let alone the emotions they evoke. Today’s dose of washing white noise comes cresting the waves from the shores of Japan. Tokyo based producer, songwriter and DJ HVNS offers his latest in remixes through hidden “buy” link.

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Wet Paint – Limitless feat. Willdabeast

Not too sure if ever I’ve made mention of this before but Wet Paint makes me feel like Canada could carve out a stake for itself in Pretty Lights Music. It’s a good feeling :) The Halifax based duo stand ahead of the pack in large by quality. At it’s heals by classily orchestrated festival grade Future Funk capable of instilling a state of euphoria for the duration of play and then on for some time after. ‘Limitless’ being the latest has all the aforementioned and was given a big push by

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Indecorum – Transmission (Rave Mix)

Saw an article not long ago about how EDM is dead now that it’s 2k15. Seemed like a farce article made by a fellow someone who hates the term and thinks it’s just as teeth gritty as I. Once it doe’s happen I will breath a serious thank heaven. So on the EDM note, where everyone calls festivals raves it seems a good time to throw out some real rave music, internet era rave music, followed by it’s close Techno Cousin. Personally the Techno Mix hit’s it best but the Rave Mix drives the point home best.

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