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Black Coast – TRNDSTTR (Lucian Remix)

Turns out Lucian’s Future game is on a hunnid at all times. Within this remix you will experience the perfect balance between Indie vocals and large future blasts. A chord has been struck if you will. Tis free for download HERE.

Lucian – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Wet Paint – Gold Lights

Sweet jeebus! East Coasters crushing the sound of the interior. Clean hard hitting funk is just a click away. The duo consists of “cosmic funk-o-nauts” James Gaudet and Dan Shanahan who are looking at a new EP release in the new year. This is your taste.

Wet Paint – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Ty Dolla $ign – Stand For (Produced by Diplo & DJ Dahi)

As Diplo’s commercial success grows, the burning question of how much the Mad Decent head honcho, Katy Perry dicking, Hollertronix / Florida man really producers grows along with it. Dope track tho.

Purple Crush, Raja & Josh Peace – Shock and Awe (Tittsworth Remix)

The legendary Tittsworth will be live @ The Waldorf this coming Friday, that’s the 21st to yous calendar dependants. Luckily he’s just released a newer jammer to add to your already massive list of want to hears. Originally made for a drag show, said tune bares the high energy needed to move such a, or just any ol crowd as a standout. Soooo, download & RSVP to the Friday appearance in #Vancouver.

Tittsworth – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Mating Ritual – Game (Liam Shy Remix)

With ‘Rave Weapon’ Alex Metric certainly blew open some doors exposing masses of paired eardrums to battlefield esq. Electro. Rapid kicks fare well when rolling hard to party peak. In my own experience ‘Rave Weapons’ was a repeater many times over for just this reason. And as time goes on tracks like this appear from time to time, be it recreation of the feeling or opportunity in remix. Liam Shy is now on the supply under the Midtempo Psytech genre from 88bpm – 112bmp (Modulating) remixing one that snared his attention, only to succumb to the hard hitting rework before you now.

Liam Shy – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

fluence. – cyber gardens (DRIVE Remix)

Cyber gardens and cross pollination’s. From the Okanagan Valley to the UK via virtual waves comes an all new something deep space. fluence as a more beat oriented producer has seldom been picked up and boosted like this, but it looks as though his quality coupled with quantity output is about to open many a new door. Listen, love and demand download!

DRIVE – Facebook | Soundcloud | Tumblr

WERK – Bait

Future heads, another heavy one out of beautiful British Columbia for you to turn to. WERK out of Victoria hit the radar recently baring a filthy bag of grime that could puddle the best of em. Do the follow thing and expect more to come.

WERK – Soundcloud | Twitter

Chesto – M.P.D.G. (Manic Pixie Dream Gurl)

Vancouver’s Chesto is one to tend fairer toward New Disco in purer forms, the French House variety even. To date and rememory this is a more out of character Future Funk, Glitchy even adventure. A very pleasing surprise indeed. You can listen to this and the remainder of the #ENYABOYS COMP_001on which it appears HERE.

Chesto – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter


Remixes from this EP have been slowly tickling out all year, but now it’s time for the full meal deal. Vancouver based and embedded Tropical x Surf Pop band BESTiE are a well connected bunch, so well in fact they were able to assemble a top notch team of House and New Disco hombres. All of whom are well deserved of the media love BESTiE may now be able to extend to them.

*Each and every track is available for free btw, take advantage because this might be the only slice of summer you will get for months.. Oh Canada..

BESTiE – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Oogmo – Modern Conditionings

Winter is the season most requiring of a daily soundtrack. Sonic, Ambient tracks that allow enough space for your thoughts to take you to the ol reflection pond without pressure tend to serve best for the darker days. And #Vancouver’s new and own Oogmo have just what you need for those long rainy transit commutes.

Oogmo – Soundcloud

Christina Perri – Burning Gold (Autograf Remix)

At risk of sounding corny as fugg, Autograf is exceptionally good at composing heart string tugging music. The remix selection process must be exceptionally picky. If so or no they chart very well, which leads another assumption that others feel the same way. Future Nites issue #2 is once more a freeizm.

Autograf – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Jeremih – Birthday Sex (Show Clothes Remix)

Groan not, Show Clothes has made the overplayed into an all new dance floor ready feeler. File under House or into your equivalent of my “bedroom boo” playlist. You say you want passion, I think you found it.

Show Clothes – Facebook | Soundcloud