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Axl Rose’s Two-Year Run

Axl Rose is one of the biggest names in music. In 2018. And Guns N’ Roses is wrapping up one of the most successful tours of all time. Of all time, you guys. What the hell is going on?

The deep answer is probably that the world never lost its passion for hard rock, and Guns N’ Roses just decided to deliver to ridiculous effect. More on the surface though, what happened is Axl Rose and his band mates basically made up their minds to market themselves and kick some ass for a couple years, and it’s catapulted the frontman to insane heights. Let’s look back on everything that’s happened….

The Movie Trailer

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out, the last thing anyone expected to see was Guns N’ Roses material. But at least at a number of screenings around the U.S., Axl Rose and Co. had a sort of teaser trailer set up. It wasn’t promising a new album, or even necessarily a reunion or a tour, but it made it clear that Guns N’ Roses was up to something. Vague though it was, it was a brilliant ploy, getting people buzzing about the band even though they weren’t really sure what specifically they were excited for or curious about.

The Online Game

Labeled “almost an EP in itself” by one Canadian database on internet games, the Guns N’ Roses slot arcade came out of nowhere. But it was clearly also made with input and/or approval from the band. NetEnt designed the game, which takes a regular video slot format and infuses it with hard rock hits and imagery associated with the band. It was by no means as big a deal as an actual EP would have been, nor does it stand up to the tour in significance. But putting out a sort of greatest hits hodgepodge in the form of an internet game was a bizarre stroke of marketing genius.

The Reunion

The band got together in full force in the spring of 2016 at Coachella. It wouldn’t have seemed so remarkable had it been just any comeback for a band past its prime. But in this case, Axl Rose and Slash had essentially made it clear that they wouldn’t be playing together anymore. So seeing them together on stage had a greater impact on fans than a typical comeback show would have.

The Tour

Straight from Coachella, Rose, Slash and the band launched a massive tour, which we mentioned in the introduction. The tour was even dubbed “Not In This Lifetime” as a sort of tongue-in-cheek reference to previous comments Rose had made about how unlikely it was that he and Slash would play music together again. As it turned out, Coachella and perhaps even the movie trailer were the perfect launching points for this comeback, because Guns N’ Roses hit the ground running and played a ridiculous streak of high octane performances both in the U.S. and abroad.

The AC/DC Crossover

Seemingly unsatisfied with leading one of the great musical resurgences in history, Axl Rose also crossed over to rival group AC/DC, for whom he has essentially become the lead singer. There are actually some fans of the classic AC/DC lineups who aren’t thrilled with this arrangement, but for more casual fans of the genre there’s a certain charm to seeing the two working together. If nothing else it’s left no doubt that Rose’s passion for the music lends him otherworldly energy for a rock star in his mid-50s.

New Material

There’s also new material on the way. AC/DC has announced that it is set to release a new album (and tour) with Axl Rose doing lead vocals. And while nothing has been announced, new material from Guns N’ Roses is widely expected in the aftermath of their lucrative tour. That means essentially that Axl Rose’s remarkable two-year run isn’t at an end just yet. In year three of his public comeback, he might just help put out two brand new albums with two of the biggest rock bands in history.

Stacy Kidd – Do It

Wanted to share this good vibe friendly come through from one Stacy Kidd. Someone who’s not the easiest to trace on the cloud, but it’s worth some shine. File er’ under House.

Pacific – High Roller

New waves from Vancouver’s pacific ahead of the new TRACERS EP due out April 7th. The two minute clip is a glossy Nuerofunk gem suited for high and low rollers everywhere. Make the purchase over on Beatport.

Pacific – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Beyonce – Naughty Girl (Mozado Remix)

Fresh new club take on Bae of years past. Mozado of location(s) unknown offers up the revival for free download and you can get it here. Do the follow thing below.

Mozado – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Future Classics Mix vol 78 | Mixed by Duncan Gerow

Back when Soundcloud was in it’s heyday mash up artist Duncan Gerow’s
catalog flourished and reached audiences all over the world. The meld of
you’re favourite Soundcloud artist and favourite mainstream heavyweight’s
was perfect to cross pollinate fans into one another’s world of music.

Since the big labels came down on the platform Duncan Gerow has been making
account after account dodging the copy-write police. Leaving fans chasing
his name through the search bar time and again..

Get into this one hour mix featuring the mashes so many of us have been
chasing all this time. Free download available for the masses.

Duncan Gerow – Facebook | Instagram | Sooundcloud | Twitter

Migos – T-Shirt (Young Luxenberg Club Edit)

Momma told me not to sell work.. Montreal’s YL is keeping the good fighting going with Soundcloud. Not sure how many accounts deep the club king is at this point, but it’s been a few to date. Jersey Club flavour on the Migos’ lastest for the free.

Young Luxenberg – Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Twitter

So Sus Crystals Interview

Much like your average, garden variety polar bear enthusiast, So Sus is delving into the uncharted waters of 2017. White capping many of us with the launch of the the new collective, Crystals. The newly formed collective has it’s eye’s set on the horizon and have already emerged with an introductory video announcing their launch to Vancouver and beyond, whilst announcing the first compilation due out on the 23rd of this month, entitled, Crystals Vol. 1. We caught up with the Founder, So Sus, to gain some insight into what’s been brewing from the Crystals corner.

Play through the Crystals Vol. 1 Minimix while you get your familiar getting on.

What was the main incentive to start this new collective? Is there a gap in the Vancouver scene that needs filling?

Actually the desire was more created by what I saw online rather than IRL in Vancouver. A few months ago I started a weekly feedback sessions were I would use the first hour of my weekly studio sessions at Feel & Think Studios in Downtown Vancouver to listen to listen to people’s tracks with great sound system in a treated room. I got a good response from this and started to see some really amazing artists who I wanted to push but in my opinion a repost and follow can only go so far. So I decided to go further and get a crew together of some guys whose sound I really liked.

From the outside the collective is obviously focused on putting out music but for the guys involved there’s a lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes such as feedback on music, release strategies, sharing contacts and obviously dank memes. Really there’s some guys I came across that I want to see succeed so the collective is a way to try pool resources and also it’s great to feel part of something and not just be a guy in your mom’s basement making weird noises.

Did you know all of the members before deciding to run with the idea, or was the idea of a new collective something that attracted the other members?

I knew about half the crew the member from either running into them at shows or just somehow linking up on online spaces such as reddit and soundcloud and having a mutual appreciation for each other’s music.

Who are the current members and where do they hail from?

So there are 11 of us in Crystals So Sus , Angst, Someone Someone and Moxsa all from Vancouver the everyone else is pretty spread across the world with Banora from Croatia , Elex from Ukraine, Ewoke from Germany Favien is our token Australian , Outset and Shwirl are from the good ol’ USA and Troupe is From England.

How long has this project been in the making?

I had the idea for a little while but really started working towards this about 5 months ago. That’s when I came up with the name for the collective and once it had a name became a thing to me.

Have you even helmed a project like this before? You are currently member of a couple really good outlets.

A while back I did head up a collective but I was in my last year of University and most of the member were in University so and it was really hard to keep up with it and school. But I had a small label from LA involved with it that which is was cool cause essentially I made it into a free release sub label for them. But It did also feel at time that I was restricted in what I could do with it since the label was a house music label but I started being interested in trap and other things than four to the floor beats at that time. So I had to make a tough decision to kinda leave it and focus on my solo project as it stylistically it started to change whole lot.

Yeah I’m also part of Sola which is headed by Enshway, Myrne and Awoltalk. Shout out the squaaaaa *Mexican Airhorns*

Is there an avenue that remains untapped as far as collectives go? A clear lane that no one’s been inning yet. You don’t have to spoil er’ if so.

I think a lot of collective are into a sound (think like Soulection) and that’s not what we are about, it’s more about being sonically interesting. At the core with Crystals the aim is to showcase really unknown talents. For example Elex one of our members is seriously one of the craziest producers I have come across but I think he has less than 200 followers on soundcloud, which based on the quality of his music is almost crazy to me. So The collective is meant primarily for guys like him and outlet to push good music no matter who is making it. From what I see a lot of collectives are looking for someone who is already hot or on the come up. At crystals we see potential and wanna grow with people and grow a family.

With all the platforms competing with one another, are you looking to a few that fans and followers can focus on for the majority of Crystals news?

Really the best place to hear about what we are about what we are up to is on Facebook and Twitter but obviously the most important thing is the tunes we drop on Soundcloud. In addition there will be other things such as sample pack sand we hope to also get into some live shows in Vancouver.

How is the focus of releases going to be spent? Is the collective looking towards singles, or more EP / larger project releases?

We plan on releasing larger compilations quarterly. There may be some single sprinkled here and there. But the focus will be the quarterly compilations.

What are the plans for the new year? Crystals has already kicked things off with a nice intro video.

We Plan to drop our first compilation for free on 23 January on soundcloud. It features tracks from all members of the collective. It will be nice to finally share some sounds to describe what we are all about. Also I should mention that anyone is free to submit songs for consideration on future compilations. Lots of work went into that video glad you enjoyed it.

Crystals – Facebook | Soundcloud

So Sus – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

EFESOUL – Inmerso


Beautiful, lush, Trap happy sounds in from Chile, and a continent we hear far too little from. ‘Inmerso’ was created during “moments when I was through some stressful situations.” The feel though is of stresses washing away.. Stoked to have EFESOUL come up on the radar like this. Free DL over on toneden.

EFESOUL – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Vanrip – Music Sounds Better With You


From the hometown of chart topping Drizzy, Vanrip has been putting out star studded catalog. Remixing the heavy’s and lining up release’s on heavy labels. Their latest is of the lifetime classic ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ by Daft Punk. The track bring’s the classic up to Dance music as it is today.

Stream on and make the purchase on Beatport.

Vanrip – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter