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Epic Empire – O.Y.S feat. LikeBerry

Two limited download offerings from Parisian Epic Empire. The first, ‘O.Y.S’ is such a cool breeze. A perfect love song in the morning accompanied by perfect percussion. Highly stoked onnit. The second, ‘Iris’ is larger in the Future degree and perhaps best taken in as your about to push into your run or workload. It could be said the vibes of the two tracks are 180 degrees out of phase 😉 Git the downloads while they last! Links included on each stream.

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Golden Coast – Futurist (Eau Claire Remix)

DC’s Eau Claire is a non stop power house for cooling summer ready disco chunes. We’ve all heard ‘Futurist’ but not quite like this. And lovers of the original won’t be turned back by any means. Just another track in your poolside/summer list. Free download for all.

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Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (BUSTED By Herobust)

Too many DJ’s have been taking too many stabs at Re Re “hot new single” , alongside their producer counterparts, or alter ego’s. BBHMM was never really a great song to begin with. The phrase is one we like to say more than anything. Mainstream swept us up in Ri Ri’s remix-ability and a catch phrase. The Busted v. might be the most passable in a long line of passable’s. But let’s all pass on this one sooner rather than later.

*One mans opinion.

Let’s look back to Umbrella for old times sake, VNDLSM Remix.

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Alesso – Cool feat. Roy English (Autograf Remix)

What’s funny about this is that Daft Punk has been on me mind for the past couple of days, and low and behold a track comes out that is just so reminiscent of the robo legends. Autograph in no way leave’s their own tropical behind, it’s just a prefect blend in the morning. Happy to see main stream Alesso with some chill down drizzled all in the nooks and cranny’s of his productions.

Autograf – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter #LeaveYourAutograf

Premiere: Elevate & Johnathan Thomas – Ladies Leave Your Man

Seclus Jockey wants you to lean out in a cloud of purple today. For the day of all days to be living in a haze. Toronto’s own Elevate & USA neighbour Johnathan Thomas hit hard into Destiny’s child, in a manner fitting of a pure Street Bass rethink title. Dirty dirty bass, too fitted for any kind of nasty on the floor you can think of. Bruk out. Get down to blaze a pound and cop the free joint in exchange for a follow.

Look to Seclus Jockey for their hawt new product released today as well. From floor curator leading lady ill-esha.

Happy Four Two Oh. From Seclus Jockey &

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Premiere: Volknor – Eternal Snow

Our last encounter with Detroits Ethan Garcia sounded like this, an impertive remix needed for Ye’s, super personal ‘Only One’ featuring the last bobble head worthy greats of music, and Ri Ri. Two months, and what feels like an entire winter later Volknor has re-appeared. Bearing a five track EP, a child of love. His taking to reclusion has payed off in a way that just plain bursts out into the world again. ‘Eternal Snow’ is the second track off the self release entitled ‘The Blue Spirit’ . File under Future.

Volknor – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

°Lhasa – Chanlum

Having a paroose through the full roster of Chapel Sound is a musically fruitful endeavour. Alongside the collectives wider known talents such as Ekali and Tails, is a long list of up and comers loaded witt potential. Case in point, °Lhasa. Known not only as the primary provider of visuals for many of the crew live events, but also as broadly verse individual with audio in many respects. Fresh to his list of productions is the synth lavish, sharp hitting & atmospheric ‘Chanlum’ .

Take in his remix of ‘After Midnight’ while your at it.

°Lhasa – Facebook | Soundcloud

Premiere: Baauer – Promises feat. Fetty Wap & Double Dutch (So Durand & Foster Edit)

All us white folk are in deep with rap’s latest grimy sensation, Fetty Wap. ‘Trap Queen‘ is still so damn large that most people will turn a blind eye to his performance with.. Fall Out Boy. In music hungry, non mainstream circles his feature on Baauers #songsfromscratch with either cancel that Pop blasphemy out, or just plain overshadow. Thankfully.

Subject change back to Fetty’s love-ability it’s high time he enter’s dance music. Baauer opened that door wide open so we can start getting some much needed remixes with Fetty’s many many quotable quotes. Two Canadian Ontario boys who have been know to collab went in and took ‘Promises’ to the club with a taste of Jersey. FC is super proud to be involved with this one, the track holds it’s own and is available for a follow to each of the fine gents who put it together.

So Durand – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Foster – Soundcloud

Exclusive: Futurecop! – Lost Love feat. DWNTWN (New Shack Remix)

Turn the volume up in your time machine and get ready to hit 88…. 1988. Make sure to buckle up cause this whole album takes you on a nostalgic and magical ride to the 80s and back….. back to the Futurecop!

We’re very excited to premiere a dreamy remix off the new “Fairy Tales: Remixed” album by Futurecop! that is being released on April 17th on Kietz Beats with proceeds going to the “War Child” charity. The remix comes from a relatively new synth pop duo to hit the “80’s influenced” scene who go by the name ‘New Shack’, with so many good remixes on the album it’’s hard to pick a favorite, but Futurecop! feat. DWNTWN – Lost Love (New Shack Remix) resonates with retro synth excellence. It’s the ultimate theme music for wherever your daydream takes you.
The album also has remixes by Dream Fiend & Sunglasses Kid so make sure to grab “Fairy Takes: Remixed” and support a good cause in the process. The war child charity helps those in conflicted affected countries by providing them life changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war. That’s a great cause we should all get behind. Futurecop! had this to say about what war child means to them…

“Futurecop! music has always been about nostalgia, fantasy and dreams. Over the years it has slowly become more deeper, with principles such as innocence, courage, love and equality as something that Futurecop! is now closely connected to. Futurecop! strongly believes in these principles and it is the reason why a charity like War Child is so important. War Child is a great charity because it allows for this channel to me made, between us and those less fortunate. So please help us and even if you do not like our music visit their website, learn more and give your support. We are only in this world once, let’s make it a better place to stay and do something that touches our hearts and connects us all”
Learn more about War Child here and make sure to follow New Shack in the future…

New Shack – Facebook | Soundcloud | Website

Futurecop! – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Written by Cody B. Brown

Premiere: Drake + Stwo = Trust Issues – Duncan Gerow

One of the many victims of the big three’s intervention into Soundcloud was everyone’s favourite masher, Duncan Gerow. His account was removed and with it, the massive archive of vibes we all spent so much time with. But that hasn’t’ stopped him, nor has a drastic change in scenery. Relocating from the glacier state, to the craft beer alternative lifestyle state may have only pushed together the beats of our time further into R&B at his hands. All in all, he’s hardly skipped a step. And the music keeps on comin’.

Let’s all give back a lil and do the follow thing. Help rebuild, and in exchange.. DG mashups will keep churning beauties like this deep, teary eyed Drizzy & Stwo.

Duncan Gerow – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Odesza – White Lies (VYGR Remix)

Remixes are a wonderful thing. The shear volume of different perspectives that can be put on a single track is amazing. As many of us know Odesza has been getting a huge volume of remix attention via contest released stems. If VYGR made the one that jives with you, you can head on over and vote him up!

VYGR – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Kendrick Lamar – King Kunta (SkiiTour Remix)

Music. Mountains. Magic. These three words in essence sum up the life and the times Whistler based all star party curators SkiiTour bring and lead. Their versatility is all encompassing of making nights to remember. Every good vibe genre has been touched by the duo, not only in selection but by original productions. And in some cases, blood sweat and tears.. The party doesn’t stop there, touring has taken them across the country, traversing through bush parties, major festivals, every other venue, small town, and back again. Making them a household name in many circles as those who live by music and magic. SkiiTour, from the Mountians.

This is the latest addition to SkiiTours arsenal, a West Coast Funk take on Kendrick Lamar’s acclaimed ‘King Kunta’ . It’s being offer up fro free just in time for those coming out of festival hibernation to raise their heads to and wobble onto the road for 2k15’s season. Git it before the copy write nazis do a takedown!


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