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PREMIERE – ARIZONA – I Was Wrong (RAMI x Jiinio Remix)

Hey kids! Premiering now, a dope chill cut you all should start your weekend off with.

RAMI x Jiinio put a nice chill spin on this piece from ARIZONA  . I love the vibes of acoustic guitar,  layers of calm synths and bass. Very dialed in for what it needs to be. I dig it.

– Great way to start the morning with a decaf because I stopped drinking coffee so that I can actually get to sleep at night. Just sayin.
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Satchmode – “Don’t give up on me”

What happens when musicians experienced in everything from folk and bluegrass outfists, to jazz combos and noise rock along with funk bands decide to …well, make a band? If you are curious, listen to Satchmode.


These boys are a dream pop duo from Los Angeles made up of Gabe Donnay and Adam Boukis. Through having experience in such a range of music, they have distilled a sound that is refreshingly varied, ranging from infectious, upbeat disco grooves to rich, cinematic soundscapes. Still, their compositions are tied together by an emphasis on memorable melodies and meaningful songwriting and a love for electronic manipulation. Satchmode is currently recording their debut full-length album, to be released in 2016. hint hint ;)



Don’t Give Up On Me” is a much faster, higher energy song that anything we’ve released before. But it still centers around familiar themes: regret and pain about a broken relationship, and desperate denial about the state of things.” – Satchmode


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Tiesto & Don Diablo – Chemicals (feat. Thomas Troelsen) Ben Zamora Remix

Fun  little house remix  of Tiesto and Don Diablo by Ben Zamora.

Shake yer rumps. This is a past midnight kind of cut.

Guap. out.

Annabel Jones – “IOU”

Okay kids, lookie at what I stumbled upon! ANNABEL JONES !

This girl blends such a good variety of elements in music, that I personally think are the backbone of good pop. The retro, electronica beat in this cut, is just the right amount of what needs to be happening, in order for her voice to shine. Giving a proper listen to this, and doing a little bit of research into the girl, it’s safe to say Jones grew up around music. During her teens and early twenties she fronted a band, Lady and the Lost Boys. They did their thing and did it well. Garnering lots of attention for their Piano pop cuts, which were the driving force for their success, these sensibilities obviously didn’t leave Annabel when she turned her attention to her solo material, which The Guardian described as “polished and perfect” . Have a listen to her song IOU below.

Annabel’s forthcoming EP, Libelle, marks her debut for Crooked Paintings/Atlantic Records. History’s best pop songs are written with an honesty that allows listeners to recognize themselves in the music. These reflect a similarly indelible nature:  true stories written from experience that embed themselves in mind and marrow.

“It feels like many pop stars have forgotten they carry responsibility,” Jones says. “I don’t want to make some-one feel empty. I want them to feel full of meaning.”

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Annabel Jones


Branko – Let Me Go (feat. Nonku Phiri and Mr.Carmack)


Branko is one of my favs. He did a track with Mr.Carmack. Another one of my favs. check it out.

guap. out.

Rihanna – WORK – feat. Drake – Johnny Graves and Konrad OldMoney Cover

OK Kiddos. Looks like the youngin’ Canuck  Johnny Graves has just teamed up with producer Konrad OldMoney on this house cover of Rihanna and Drake’s new track “Work” . I don’t need to say too much here. Just click play and download it. Tell your baby mommas and baby mommas mommas.

work johnny graves

Guap. out.

Monogem – Gone – (INSTRUM Remix)

When i think of Brooklyn I think of perogies in the Polish district. And brown bricks. And rap music. But this young  producer managed to stay in the sunny side of the NY vibe and bring us this remix of Monogem “Gone”. I really dig this. The synths are nicely spaced out. Not overbearing but still packed with dope ambiance. Good work INSTRUM ( go to soundcloud and follow him kids )

Little quote from the kid :

“I wanted to do something cool and unique with this track to complements Jen Hirsh’s voice. The breakdown in particular, which is my favourite to date, also showcases my hip-hop background in a way I’ve never done better.”


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Steve Void’s new remix of SNBRN’s “Beat The Sunrise”

For those of you that didn’t get the memo…SNBRN’s “Beat The Sunrise” quickly became one of the top dance music singles released the last quarter of 2015 and now Steve Void is here to give you hamsters a beautiful deep house take on the original. He’s young he’s incredibly Dutch and shows off an immaculate mastery of minimalistic deep house drawing on lush dutch piano chords, a bouncy bass line, and sweeping synths with the perfect amount of tropical influences to create an interpretation of “Beat the Sunrise” different from all the other ones out there. So … the question is, do they make wooden boat shoes out there? Are wooden boat shoes a thing?! do they have huge holes in em? like when someone takes a clog and drills holes all over em and then goes on their yacht?

guap. bitches. out.

Pegboard Nerds ft. Johnny Graves – Just Like That (Two Friends Remix)

Two Friends remixed youngin Johnny Graves‘ / Pegboard Nerds collab track, Just like that. They reimagined some of the tones and pitches in Johnny’s delivery to give it a nice fresh feel. I dig when producers go the extra mile and have fun with the vocals of a remix. Take a peek. This one has been moving pretty nice. Some fun festival ish there for the kids ;)

Guap. Out.