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Cyber Spa Compilation VOL 1

Meet Cyber Spa. A local monthly ritual held at The Astoria, and crew? Together resident DJs and internet bound friends compiled a whopping eighteen track compilation. Full of every sub & genre of the darker side of club music. From Future to Techno, over to Garage & Dirge, then Ghettotech, Tribal an Experimental, one receives a broad and lengthy experience. All for the pocket easing price of free, HERE. Do the get to know and follow things.

Cyber Spa – Facebook | Website

Lucinate – Skip

Dutch beat maker Lucinate joins the King Deluxe family with a  new free EP. Bringing his fondness for Jazz along with him. Gif cover art made by Visualists in interpretation of the title track. Full release credits and download available HERE.

Lucinate – Soundcloud

So Durand – Switched feat. HenchmanFrank

Ottawa’s So Durand has been delivering a very East Coast sound for a minute now. We’re talking an over the pond East Coast sound. The latest in this trend is a collaborative piece with rapper HenchmanFrank of Kings College (also out of Ottawa). The track is all about keeping things switched, with HenchmanFrank showcasing a super strong lyrical skill set. Do the get to know for both these cats.

So Durand – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Sowwie (Marvel’s Midnight Mix)

The Freshest member Marvel just came through with a new J Beebs flip. Spun into a smooth pop chiller. Canadas biggest mainstreamer and his Canadian choice word anthem just got a little more apologetic. Sorry.

The Freshest – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Erykah Badu – Phone Down (The Kount Edit)

Can’t think of anything more adept to the times of music than this right now.. By a long shot. The legendary Erykah Badus 11 day old official leak ‘Phone Down’ , about one of the most predominant social issues of our times, beat-en by a Canadian producer. Montrealur x Torontonian The Kount on the flip. Free download for the masses.

The Kount – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Brtrnd & Tibe – Sippin’ (WYLN Remix)

Going back a couple months, montrealers Brtrnd & Tibe collabo-ed on laid back piece sampling Three Sixs ‘Sippin’ on Some Syrup’ . FF back to this week, also Montreal based WYLN jumped on for his own flip. The result being slightly more blissed out with a bit more mmpphh. Free download for the masses.

WYLN – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Villa Medema – Out Of My System

Denver based Villa Medema has been steady blipping on the come up radar. From Akon sampling original, to remix and back now to original. Thus far there have been some pretty choice samples and very nice synth work. This one comes the fresh off the presses and the two track EP ‘Bye Bye‘ . Do the get to know and follow.

Villa Medema – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

Treasure Fingers & BOSCO – MYNE

Atlanta based Treasure Fingers loves to shut things down apparently. Its basically a lifestyle. His second collaboration with also Atlanta based BOSCO (out on Fools Gold), is testament to how he has been crushing dance floors consistently through the times and styles. Its amazing to realize someone has been slaying dance floors so well since as far back as the Blog House days, up until now. Not to mention his surprising spot on Young Thugs #SlimeSeason 2, which is too too appropriately Atlanta.

Treasure Fingers – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

BOSCO – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Brenmar – Award Remixes

Brenmar has been dominating club sounds for a minute, as we all well know. And for this remix EP on the beloved Fools Gold, every artist threw down for a place next to the dominator himself. Remixes from Gutta, Enferno, Austin Millz, DiscoTech, and Main Courses BOT, all spend no play duration lacking in each of their respective gneres. The EP is available now for purchase now on iTunes.

Brenmar – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter