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Noble Oak – Saturn

Vancouver producer Noble Oak defines himself, or his Soundcloud page at catalog as “space pop / endless drift.” And if the name Saturn doesn’t mean anything to yous cosmos connoisseur’s, then your in need of a bigger telescope or something. Maybe a non imaginary one cause it’s kind of a big deal is the size of things scheme. You probably don’t even like space if this is the case..
All accusatory serious-less aside it’s a real drifter. Ripe for all those cool down occasions with a someone special.

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Snake Hips – Days With You ft. Sinead Harnett (Sweater Beats Remix)

With everyone filling up their gas tanks in anticipation of the long drives festivals often call for, you’d better not forget to fill up your iPod. Sweater Beats first got on my radar with his track “Make a Move”, ideal lounge music. The intense, fast-paced beats we love dancing to are not always our favorite to drive to, so load up on some of Sweater Beats dream-soaked and lushed-out r&b before committing yourself to 5+ hours in the car… you’ll thank me later.

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Catch this New York-based artist at this year’s Bass Coast in Merritt, BC, and for that trek, Sweater Beats has some free downloads for you:

THE LIMIT | Threads Vol. 1
Young Love/Heartbreak vol. 1 | Young Love/Heartbreak vol. 2


Lancelot – Givin’ It Up feat. Anthony & Cleopatra (Sinistarr Bootleg)

For the seventeenth installment of the Seclus Jockey free single series Detroit’s chameleon producer, Sinistarr lives up to reptilian reputation. Receiving praise for infusing all kinds of underground into a vocaly charged Deep House bassline. The originality marks itself a unique release on reputable Street Bass label, Seclusiasis. The track made it’s way to light via premier.

Sinistarr – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

RÜFÜS – Sundream (TÂCHES Remix)

Mmm. A good shot to the loins for froth. The Spaniards seduction methods transcend language, it’s a cultural thing. The Barcelonian take on the Aussie trio’s single ‘Sundream‘ is a splendour reminder to wear one’s sunscreen whilst enjoying one’s summer bliss. TÂCHES remix out on Columbia Records September 8th.

TÂCHES – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

James Nasty – Do It (Tittsworth Remix)

A triumphant return to summer air filling uptempo bass. In the form of heavy Baltimore club, an often forgotten leg of bass music. DJ Sega might be the best known Bmore representative to many but there are numbers in history of artists who have shaken and clapped booties with this way back style.
Highly recommended.

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BASSCOAST // MUTINY | August 1, 2, 3 & 4 | Merritt, BC


Summer, the sun-kissed goddess, brings upon us a lot of wonderful things - lazy beach days, crowded block parties, street performances, walks along the seawall – but for a select few, the most anticipated string of events are the spiritual experiences brought on by BC’s rich schedule of festivals. In these feverish summer months there is a lot to look forward to, with these awe-inspiring events gaining a bit more traction and little more momentum each year. Whether you’re driving for hours down a dirt road with no cell service and vague directions about the third left turn after the bridge trying to find your way to some low-profile, highly-illegal festivities or attending one of BC’s prodigious gems in its latest incarnation, you are one lucky son of a bitch. Luckier still if you’ve gotten your hands on a ticket to this year’s Basscoast, located just a two hour’s drive out of Vancouver in beautiful Merritt, BC.

The “Mutiny” theme is accompanied by a manifesto which encourages festival-goers to do what they do best: disrupt the status-quo. Ignore those instincts to hold back and blend in quietly which every day society has instilled in you. Live loudly and greatly. Dream in vivid color, then bring that energy into the waking world. Indulge in uninhibited conversations with everyone and anyone. Be utterly yourself.

More on this as it unfolds. In the meantime, explore those links below to learn more about why this festival – just big enough to fashion its own blazing microcosm, just small enough to keep things close-knit and intimate – is not to be missed.

Official Website // Line-Up // Facebook // Tickets

Motez – Own Up (Terace Remix)

In the spirit of summer and love, Aussie duo Terace let loose a new remix on Sweat It Out Music. Deep House and lyrics of love and want go hand in hand. It’ all made the more special with large wobbles and delicious vocal samples. Own up.

Terace – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Kline – Rules Of The Game

Chapel Sound crew has been making moves left and right, changing the rules of the game for a minute and lately changing up the way they contribute to it. To those who havent noticed, the crews format is getting a switch up. It all feels like more, bigger moves are about to be made. ‘Rules Of The Game’ is a prefect landmark for the revamp feels and comes from the collectives Alberta x British Columbia operator. Ambient #GangstaShit

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The Weeknd – King Of The Fall (Whipped Cream Rework)

So many good cats taking a huge dip into this year. It’s all about being productive over being on top right quick. Workaholics for life. FCMV36 curator / #YungHeadliner isn’t just taking interior festival stages by storm, but also breaking into the production game bringing her high energy steeze into digital realm as well. Cop the new. All of dem swallow.

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Killa Theory – Datum (Tittsworth Remix)

A tad diff of a direction than what ol Tittworth has been putting out recently. It’s been big numbers, summer fulfilling productions. You know, the bIGGer stuff. Also on the note of recent output, there has been a plethora of House music lately. If House is the case, then, well Tittsworth is on point. As is the artwork cause the star gazers gone be gazin.

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CLYPHS – Voices Remixed

Vancouver is ablaze with new music, fiyah! Everyone is already feeling the burn of Bass Coast (Aug 1-4) & Shambhala (Aug 8-11). Both festivals will be featuring WoodHead & S2 together as Clyphs. Like Stylust Beats they debuted the new material pre fest to incorproate into their live sets. It’s a beautiful thing. They too have enlisted a wide and talented array of producers in House, Techno & Future Bass to groove things in a great many directions. ‘Voices Remixed’ out on Homebreakin Records and available for purchase on Juno.

CLYPHS – Soundcloud

Riton – The Same feat. Irfane (SLDGHMR Remix)

Future Funk is something near and dear. A held tight genre since Frite Nite put out B. Bravo & Teeko’s ‘The Starship Connection EP’ about a year ago. Although baked at the time, the genre sub or otherwise remains dear. Thankfully the Miami by LA SLDGHMR tagged their track as such and placed it in the Open Submissions Soundcloud group for easy consumption. #FutureFunk #Electro #EdBanger

SLDGHMR – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter