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Premiere: Cashmere Cat – With Me (So Sus Flip)

For the past couple of week’s we’ve been heavy on international premieres. It’s time to shed a lil light on those at home. So Sus has been kicking it in Vancouver after spending much of his time producing in the Okanagan interior, honing in on feels to foster connection in listeners. Melancholy is where the chord was struck and has since been his greatest focus to create. Fast forward a little bit; Cashmere Cat’s ‘With Me’ from last years ‘Wedding Bells’ EP had So Sus’ teary eyed gaze land on it, thus the flipping ensued. Aside from the vocal sample and piano melody ‘With Me’ is virtually unrecognizable, with the flip in the end being the more desirable of the two. Get to know and do the follow of this fellow local.

So Sus – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Hekky – Getaway Car (prod. Sticky Blood)

Up and comer Hekky is so up and coming that he has no linkage to provide. His beat carpenters Sticky Blood do however thankfully. Combined they were able to get premiere yesterday on Huw Stephens’ BBC Radio program, thus bringing their total successes together (known) to two for two. The three artists levelled on a perfect balance. Both vocals and production hit hard in their respective ways. File under Trap, R&B, or Alt Rap comfortably.

Sticky Blood – Soundcloud | Twitter

Nick Wisdom – Remixes, Originals & Rarities

Nick Wisdom’s Bandcamp is to be getting some extra attention from the looks of things. This is good news for Canadian beat enthusiasts. The Vancouverite has been at it for a while with the likes of Chapel Sound, Jellyfish Recordings and is half of Potato Head People on top of it all. His style is smooth with Jazz, Funk and House influence. But it’s the beat work that ties it all together. Check this all ^ and get it at the name your price rate.

Nick Wisdom – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

CrashCourse – Fiends (Original Mix)

One half of interior and island favourite Hertz Donut’s Tim Lange, aka CrashCourse hooked up a couple of new new’s for free DL. Both bass genre’s, one of your Future variety, and one cross pollination of House and Dubstep, for one dark addition to plant next to those garden variety types in your collection. #DopeInYou

CrashCourse – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Black Girl / White Girl – Love Games (Original Mix)

Thinking back to the first promo from WGBG I ever received the duo has come along way, and yet they haven’t. Since day one they’re production has been on point, good bass, good structure, solid House. Though they’ve certainly have progressed since then, the main point is they have been good for a long time. It’s their notoriety and popularity that has made some of the greater strides. It’s high time people recognize the name.

Today we are happy to premiere the Original Mix, title track, of the ‘Love Games’ EP, out on Habitual Recordings. With such soothing atmosphere, gentle vocal touches, and finally the lush blend of Uk Garage x Deep House make it one ready for too many an intimate setting; Dance floor, Headphone, Bedroom, just all of it. Wherever you take it. You can preview the reminder of the EP HERE. And just play the straight bliss above.

Black Girl / White Girl – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter


These two are the most prolific on the cloud. Hand’s down. It’s constant repost between releases and events. ‘Escalate’ is perfect meld of the two artists weird x sick, it’s Jersey x Vouge meets Industrial.

WHIPPED CREAM – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

GRRL – Soundcloud | Twitter

Little Dragon – Twice (Rook Milo Remix)

Rook Milo has a new EP on the horizon, entitled ‘Airhead.’ It’s encountered some delays along the way it seems. This flip is out to keep us from gnawing our own ligaments off in anticipation. File under #Vancouver

Rook Milo – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

DJ Homewrecker – Grand Central

Over in Miami renound nightclub Grand Central has closed it’s doors. On the 26th the club saw it’s last event. Although the owners say there are plans to keep the brand alive through future ventures in the “hospitality industry and creative world” , the city has lost a landmark for touring musicians as well as the standing music scene itself. DJ Homewrecker has had the opportinity to play at the iconic venue since his move to Miami 5 months ago on a number of occasions. This is his homage.

DJ Homewrecker – Facebook | Instagram | Soudcloud | Twitter

Dej Loaf – Back Up (Pacific Remix)

RNDNB is a phenomena known by too few from the looks of things. Vancouverite’s are spoiled by having one of their own spearheading it so well. Nightfall Recordings artist, and Vancouver based Pacific let loose this hard chilling Def Loaf RNDNB flip just this AM. Get the full catalog before Soundcloud drops the axe HERE.

Pacific – Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Premiere: Radical Something – Paradise In You (Young Bombs Remix)

Vancouver’s ability to start, grow and launch artists has been steadily getting better. The battle of the “no fun city” has lead to countless events year round. Thus providing for places to network, perform and so on. This can all be told by the number of artists reaching success aka international recognition, whereas a handful of years ago it seemed as though those who made it, had to do it somewhere else. Which isn’t exactly grounds for a nurturing, or fun reputation.

But that was then and this is now, and now, Young Bombs have that global reach. Festival grade remix after another after another for like, a full year? It’s been not stop. With remixes of Charlie XCX, B.O.B., Cazette, Route 94, Dada Life… you get the idea. Today’s premiere, of a Californian band Radical Something is another notch, in a heavily punched, and equally as long belt. The remix is of a series of singles and remixes after a year of touring for Radical Something. They’re entrusting of ‘Paradise In You’ into the hands and keys Young Bombs returned with a euphoric House jam that is no doubt going to end up on all the Youtube channels with beach babes for vissies :p And it all begins with one drop.

Listen, love, download, get to know.

Young Bombs – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

bsd.u – late night bumps 4

bsd.u is a 22 year-old producer based in Victoria, BC. His music combines hip-hop/asian/low-fi influences into his own unique, experimental sound.

I really dig his minimalist aesthetic. Kind of like late night comedown/early morning introspection. Makes me wanna smoke. You can find most of his music neatly organized into mixes on his bandcamp.

Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr

The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face (Live Evil Remix)

So happy this track got it’s face picked up off the glass table. Even more so knowing Vancouver’s own Live Evil were the ones who stepped up to it. Don’t get me wrong, The Weeknd is amazing, and a great Canadian and all, but this one is lacking.

Live Evil – Soundcloud