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Patty Crash & Kronic – Pictures

Pop music with a deep and intriguing future bass vibe – there’s nothing much more I could ask for from an original tune in the EDM scene these days.

Self-proclaimed “Tinder game Arya Stark” aka Patty Crash hits a home run on these beautiful melodies, while Kronik & Mike Jerz are out in left field on this wild beat. Although Patty Crash has only a few jams to her name, I’ve got a feeling that this is only the first of many singles to come that will find their way into my daily playlists.

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Juelz – Whine & Kotch


Huge fusion of Bass from Vancouver’s Juelz hot off his appearance on Nest HQ. The freeizm is dedicated to Dancehall Queen J Capri. Rest in peace, your legacy lives on.

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Major Lazer – Be Together (Falcons Remix)


Just another deep club hitter from Falcons. You know, just the average output from the guy. This time making good use of the Jack U snare for heavyweights Major Lazer. Free download for the masses here.

Falcons – Soundcloud

Opvs & ye. – Stranded


Here is a testament as to how Soundcloud was great, one they should pay closer attention to. Opvs & ye. met via reposts and had enough in common on the cloud to begin a collaboration effort. ‘Stranded’ is where their work together and it lands so nice. File under Trap and or Future Bass. Free download here.

Opvs – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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Elephante – Sirens (feat. Nevve)

Elephante and Nevve have teamed up to produce a chill-inducing energetic pop jam of an anthem. Nevve’s fresh lyricism and elegant voicings pair astonishingly well with this type of night-time thriller of a genre, I could hear it ending up in a soundtrack of some sort.

The skillfully recorded, cascading vocals eventually become swallowed up by the steady pulse of a progressive electro chorus similar to the likes of Porter Robinson, Madeon, etc. Huge tune, all around.

Check it out:

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Finally someone gets a boat video right! Not only does this look like an incredible amount of fun to film, but these are MY TYPE OF WOMEN! Look at all the female empowerment here! Anyone that knows senor Guap over here knows that I am all for the ladies being all empowered and shit like that. These frat boys totally deserved it. I mean.. that cop at the end was a piece of shit not doin her job and all but she’s fly so like, hopefully they demote her and have her walk the beat for a while somewhere in NY so that I can offer her flowers and shit like that when she walks by the stoop on which I stoop.
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I imagine this to be the exact song playing in the head of some deranged maniac who is sticking up a bunch of people using a banana. Sometimes OWSLA really gets it right haha. This is dope.

✚ Soundcloud: @loudpvck

✚ Soundcloud: @nghtmre

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JONES – Indulge (HONNE Remix)


Jones is fuckin sick. Not only is this album art making me want to marry this woman immediately, but this shit is beyond funky. Where are women like this hiding? I bet in clubs full of this music… Jones, you’re cool as shit and I got a little crush on you cos you can sing. I imagine walking on the beach with you holding an ice cream cone and you singing 90s rnb to me. Just sayin.

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BeachSeason – Tribes


Well, Central Canada seems to have heavy contribution to offer to the Canadian dominated R&B roll. Out of Calgary, Alberta comes BeachSeason. Making feel ridden #BootyWave out of a province with the beaches that the least amount of Canadian tourists are talking about.. Jokes. Love you AB. Best do the follow thing for these guys, r damn n.

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