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altura – waiting

Altura is Taylor White from Dallas, Texas. Having spent some time in BC and WA, he’s now headed to Austin to focus on music full-time with artist collective Azimuth Records, so my sense is that we can expect to see some more mindblowing music coming from him in not too long at all. In the meantime, enjoy this dreamy, layered track as a preview for his upcoming album, which will probably be full of intricate, Fly-Lo-inspired electronica (with a metaphysical twist).

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Kermode – Between Mountain And Moon

Kermode is one of the Vancity bass scene’s treasures IMHO. He has been steadily raising the bar with his detailed productions for the last 3 or 4 years, and last month was the release of his first full-length album, full of bouncy, upbeat, glitchy goodness. Best part about Kermode being local is that you can find him playing his bubbly bass live in Vancouver now and then if you like his page on Facebook. Some of us were even lucky enough to catch his first Shambhala set at Living Room this year, a sure sign of big things to come. Anyway, give it a listen and name your price because this baby is by donation.

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Friday again; the weekend is finally upon us, and it also happens to be my birthday weekend. I’ve compiled a special list of tracks that have been frequently pouring out of my new Audio Technica m50x headphones.

Ranging from funky and hip-hop oriented, to fast-paced and shimmery, this playlist is a definitive roundup of this weeks best tracks, in my opinion (not all of them were released this week, but you get the idea).

Enjoy the rest of your summer and let’s keep the jams going.

Manis Focus – No Part of This

Andrew Luce & MYRNE – Rebound

Shallou – Doubt

Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE – Need You (Jupe Remix)

EDX – My Friend

Bonnie x Clyde – Tonight

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.12.53 AM

So I am looking at this artwork like, YOOOOOO , the fuck?! These mutherfuckers released a song about takin you down tonight or whatever, and their artwork is DP. Bonnie and Clyde all about dat dual penetrating love yo. Spread the word!

Then it hit me what the artwork was but who cares what the artwork is?! the song is called Tonight and there is a giant gaping DP on their cover art. So obviously I had to click listen. And this shit didn’t suck! Not only do Bonnie and Clyde get down freaky in the sheets but they got the skills on the boards. ;)

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Stalgia – In The Trees (Andrew Luce Remix)

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 1.04.47 AM

I once caught a really bad case of crabs after smashing out this random girl in the shrubs in Whistler Village. She was Australian, it turns out they all travel to Canada during the winter to ski and snowboard. After the fiasco of having to pretty much shave my goddamn eyebrows just to rid myself of the scurge, my friends were like, yo where did you catch crabs ?! haha! My answer was “in the trees” for a few years the term in the trees became a handle used by my friends for many things. Oh the joys of youth. This producer is dope. His engineering is ill. You should listen to this as a means of cleansing your mind of the image I’ve just painted for you. You sick fucks.


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SendaiERA – Overseas ft. Clarissa Abadesco

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 9.22.11 AM

When I was a young lad I once dated a Filipina girl, fell madly in love with her, then she cheated on me and got pregnant with a Filipino comedian. Now they are both unhappy. Which is double the irony cos one, Filipinos love to laugh and are really awesome cheerful people overall culturally, and two, that fucking guy is a goddamn comedian and there ain’t NOTHING funny about his current situation in life. Era here on the song is Filipino and he is visiting the motherland to connect to his roots. Shouts out to spaghetti with sugar in the sauce, lumpia, not balut, corn beef and rice in the mornings and longonisa. ( probably mad spelling mistakes here fam ) oh and of course the best baked good ever, pandesal.

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The Chainsmokers – Closer (SJUR x SAXITY Remix ft. Strøm)

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 6.48.38 PM

I am getting BEAT DOWN with these fucking remixes of this goddamned song. It’s literally making me hate life. So much. Imagine getting like, 200 versions of this fucking thing. I might as well just …idk… eat mcnuggets for every meal for the rest of my goddamned life. Anyways, now SAXITY, whom I really like, sends me this shit like, yo peep! I peeped! and I like Saxity so I will put this up. But if I have to fucking go through this shit, so do you, my readers. We are in this together. If I go fuckin mental, so do you! That’s love right there  yo.

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Golden Coast – Recess


Man… I am in a rainy part of Eastern Europe…. the other day I went quadding with some friends and I drove through a fucking wasp’s nest! No joke. Those little bastards got into  our pants, socks even, shirts…I got stung a dozen or so times and in my panicked top speed driving, crashed into a tree and fell down an embankment. This Golden Coast song is exactly what I needed right now because I am still in pain, all my damn clothes are soaked, and I wish I could be in the sun with a damn coconut and some tanned booty passing me by. At least I can turn up the lights in my house, lay down and pretend. Thank you guys for making good escape music for my sorry ass.

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Tom Grennan – Something In The Water

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 9.17.44 PM

I am traveling Eastern Europe right now and let me tell ya… There is definitely many a things in the fuckin water. The other day I drank some well water that just must have been fucked by a diseased donkey or something. I went for a jog, and that ended early. I been pretty much writing posts on the goddamn loo since then. There is a pun about having a shitty job here somewhere… Anyways, whiteboy here got soul yo. peep.

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