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Kronic – Dark Shapes feat. Nikki Jean

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 11.53.41 PM

I imagine some epic movie intro during the beginning of this song. I am a Kanye fan so naturally anything over the top and dramatic, will work for me. So this Dark Shapes cut by Kronic featuring the hiphop darling Nikki Jean is right up my alley. Check it.



Ofelia K – Bad Boys

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One of my favorite newly discovered singers is back. (I’ve sang her praises before) and she goes by the name Ofelia K. With a song name that would normally bring us 80’s babies back to the golden era of the 90’s…(I will let y’all figure that one out) This song pretty much builds the entire way through. Which is a nice change from many of the songs I receive all day. Sometimes it’s good to switch up the structure of a song, just make sure to do it properly. Thank you miss Ofelia K  for making my coffee lacking morning livable. This right here is a great example of pop music done properly. Enjoy kids. “Bad Boys”

BTW, Ofelia, if you are reading this, I am totally a bad boy. My mom thinks I am cool and I have many skills. Napoleon Dynamite amount of skills. And I once saved a baby from a house fire. (that last one was a lie but it shows how much I want to impress you)

Guap. Out.

Pat Lok – You Street

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Pat Lok is a funky Canuck. Seems like the type of guy who would totally house sit your family pet and save your little sister from drowning in the pool. I bet he has a leatherbound book collection and one of those biodegradable laptop covers for his macbook which he has gotten a lot of mileage from because he just does not believe in wasting anything. I get all this just from listening to this song. Tell me if you feel the same way.


Guap.  OUT__>


Jahkoy – Still In Love (Digital Farm Animal Remix)


I am a proud perogie eating, cabbage purchasing, vodka slugging, drunken bicycle riding, interracial dating Eastern European delinquent. Therefore, these 90’s house organs will win me over pretty much every single fuckin’ time. Thanks Jahkoy. “Still In Love” is the jam right now.



Guap. out.

FORD – Take You Down (feat. Grace Hughes)


Perfect sunny morning pop music. These Aussie snares are cool man. The style totally came out of there and all you North American readers better not try and say it didn’t. Y’all copying here now. pfft. Weellll, there is a wave of this music coming our way and we don’t mind it at all. And by we I mean myself and my 3 legged dog who has to put up with the onslaught of garbage submissions I have to sift through every morning of my minimum waged life.

F0RD just dropped this lil number, so do yourself a favor and click below.

Guap . Out.

Valentine – DRIVE (feat. Sophie Meiers)

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 10.06.57 AM

Just stumbled upon this lil number. Homie’s name is Valentine and he makes good beats. peep



Brandon Skeie – So Bad (EDWYNN x TIKAL x Spirix Remix)


Some of the words here in this song really resonate with me. “No matter what you do I still love you” I once dated a girl that put up with the most shit ever. Mind you we were in our mid early 20’s but holy shit did I ever put that statement to the test. Then one day, the tables turned and she put me to the test. The night ended in me chasing away some big nosed guy with a fucking bat in my hand. Poor bastard ran down the street in ONLY his white t shirt screaming that I am crazy. Oh and that he was going to call the police. I also learned that the best way to not have someone call the police is to threaten their pet. I love pets and would never harm one, just pet one. But you know… desperate times call for desperate hail mary’s of threats. AANNYYYHOOO if my ex is reading this, I hope you’re doing swell :) and for all you others, check out this song. Links below for you kiddos.  – Brandon Skeie – So Bad (Edwynn x Tikal x Spirix Remix)

Guap. Out.




Nik Ernst – Stronger (Steve Void Edit)

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 9.29.13 AM

How bad is it when you cheque is void? Pretty bad. How good is it when you get a Nik Ernst – Steve Void edit? Pretty good. Click below ya sexy hamsters.

Guap. Out.

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Nik Ernst

Lulleaux – Never Let You Down

Call me corny but I like this feel good shit. Actually, speaking of corn, I was on Saltspring island not long ago at this market where these little old grannies hussled corn on the cob and home made pies and made a fucking KILLING. The corn on the cob is dope cos its way over buttered and so much salt and pepper. So you pop back a couple of those fuckin bad boys and then treat yourself to a 8 dollar slice of pie. Not joking.. it’s like 8 bucks. These grannies know how to run a racket yo. They probably flying out to the bahamas and shit, snappin towels at the pool boys while drinking mimosas. Oh to be old and free… :) Enjoy the song. Courtesy of Lulleaux . “Never Let You Down”

Guap. Out.