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Exclusive Playlist: Brandon Artis


The social media presence and game of Vancouver based photographer Brandon Artis is undeniable. Shooting for Daily Hive Vancouver, Blueprint Events, Monstercat, on top all his side work, Brandon is basically a household name to anyone who spends their fair share of time on social media.

In addition to all of these local credentials Brandon’s work has been making it’s way to international outlets more and more. One of the most notable for it’s culture, and viewership, Hype Beast. The quality, regularity and sheer quantity of Brandons portfolio has such a wide array of influence on the Vancouver scene that his style is more and more one that shapes the city.

To kick off the return of our exclusive playlist series Brandon compiled “a proper selection of current and rotating tracks I listen to while editing or just hanging out — some new, some old.” There is a heavy presence of Vancouver producers through the Hip Hop themed list.

The request was made to have Erick The Architect’s ‘Love Shawty’ kick things off as it’s been one of those tracks you always go back to for Brandon. “Then for the closing track ‘Lifestyles’ by Heroshe, the homie – he’s family, the entire ‘Jukes from the 6‘ project start to finish is a masterpiece.

Hit that play key and get your head bopping to a few of the sounds circulating in Vancouver. Be sure to also support Brandon on his socials (linked below) is you haven’t already.

Brandon Artis – Facebook | Flickr | Instagram | Twitter



Whipped Cream steps away from her dominant club vibe for a second in her new Nest HQ Premiered ‘U R Not Alone.’ The track comes from a time in her career of self exploration and a desire to move forward with a positive and productive mindset. The six minute journey is open to all.

WHIPPED CREAM – Facebook | Soundcloud

Mazde – Wicked Winds


Inspired by the idea of someone playing a giant whistle in the hook, Mazde set out to produce ‘Wicked Winds.’ Pulling also from the influence of Jamie XX and Moderat, downtempo /hip hop nestled their way in and melodic track took shape. Stream on.

Mazde – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

FRND – Sticks And Stones


Super catchy break up track working with one of our favourite elementary school yard comebacks. And a devastating one at that. Los Angeles based vowel-less friend has had some experience with thoughts lingering on the one you let go. His experience, lyrics, and minimalistic production on the track make ‘Sticks And Stones’ a high qualifier for your tear spiller playlists.

FRND – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Future Classics & Hype Machine


Dear readers, riders, rivals , subscribers, vibers and friends.

After four years of charting with Hype Machine, the blog directory has decided to remove Future Classics from their listings. No notice was given, nor were there any warnings.

It’s been roughly a month since the decision was made and all of the attempts to reach out at dialogue have gone unanswered.

We ask that anyone interested in seeing Future Classics chart again to please write the directory service and make your case.

Our aim is to re-chart with Hype Machine so we can continue to help up and coming artists to access that platform and additional audiences. This has been Future Classics drive and core concept from the very beginning. Any and everything else that has come about is in thanks to the original concept.

Whatever Hype Machines reasoning to separate themselves from this website are things that Future Classics is willing to look at, change, and abide by.

However this goes, we owe all of our successes here to the readers and artists. Thank you all for all of your support in the past, present and future.

Manuel Riva & Eneli – Mhm Mhm (Dave Andres Remix)


Today is one of those days where some chill and ambience is needed to pull one back from everything that’s going on. And at this moment it’s a Deep House vibe that’s keeping the crazy at bay. Dave Andres’ ‘Mhm Mhm’ remix from Manuel Riva & Eneli ‘Mhm Mhm’ remix EP. Stream on.

Dave Andres – Facebook | Soundcloud

KC Lavon – Middle feat. Melrose

KC Lavon out of Houston just came out with visuals from the 6th track off ‘The Loop.’ Featuring and shot by Melrose ‘Middle’ is a way laid back easy to get along with track. Bonus point for the edit being on point.

KC Lavon – Soundcloud | Twitter

Melrose – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Ashnikko – Please Don’t Grab My Pussy (prod. Raf Riley)


America’s election is tomorrow. Should be an interesting series of events however the whole thing plays out. But before it all goes down Ashnikko has some last minute shots to fire. The tracks run time is only two minutes but it’s so stacked on point shade for D Trumpet. “I will bite your duck in half and feed it to my cat” is just bit of flame as a for example. Free download available.

Ashnikko – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

Jeremih – oui (Young Bombs Remix)


Moombahton is a color Young Bombs are clearly comfortable being coloured in. Let’s thank these guys for bringing the red white and blue a more colourful synonym like Moombahton ;) Not to mention bringing some high vibe to the fall season. Free download for the masses here.

Young Bombs – Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter