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Autograf – Future Sauce


Ahead of their live tour with Goldroom Autograf has premiered ‘Future Sauce.’ A very likely accurate preview of what the upcoming tour has to offer. It’s honestly the kind of organic Electronic that Daft Punk pioneered with. Check all the dates for the show in the city nearest you here.

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Faithless – Drifting Away 2.0 (Autograf Remix)

Chicagos and blogsphere favoutites Autograf are due to embark on a quick European tour. And to kick things off in that direction they’ve released their deeper and more Techno than usual remix, which “is part of the No. 1 selling album in the UK” . Tickets, dates and destinations can be found HERE.

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Alesso – Cool feat. Roy English (Autograf Remix)

What’s funny about this is that Daft Punk has been on me mind for the past couple of days, and low and behold a track comes out that is just so reminiscent of the robo legends. Autograph in no way leave’s their own tropical behind, it’s just a prefect blend in the morning. Happy to see main stream Alesso with some chill down drizzled all in the nooks and cranny’s of his productions.

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ODESZA – All We Need feat. Shy Girls (Autograf Remix)

The remix game has been in large Missy, Drake and Odesza as of late. So the stream tells in any case. Odesza Odesza Odesza, they’re so hot right now. The latest and largest name to the list is the one and only stunna remixing Autograf. To the list of their recent rapidly growing remix repertoire a remix bridging the gap commonly dividing their releases, title wise at least, Future and Tropical. It’s a tactic to exposure ;) The original is available for free HERE, comparing purposes :)

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Corbu – Neon Hallway (Autograf Remix)

Every other now and again the blogger goes off on how so and so is sooo prolific. All up on their dick like. But, credit where credit is due and when an artist is churning new fire material at a weekly rate heads do turn. Even if you check your stream every other day your (like I) bound to see a new Autograf remix swirling. From Tropical to Future in staggered order Autograf’s got it. Today we in the tropics.

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Christina Perri – Burning Gold (Autograf Remix)

At risk of sounding corny as fugg, Autograf is exceptionally good at composing heart string tugging music. The remix selection process must be exceptionally picky. If so or no they chart very well, which leads another assumption that others feel the same way. Future Nites issue #2 is once more a freeizm.

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Lorde – Team (Autograf Remix)

Time after time it’s surprising how often the Benjamin Button looking pop star get’s amazing makeovers.. musically. She may never look younger than Halley Berry or Will Smith do today, but hey. The intro to Autograf’s “FUTURE TROPICAL. ISSUE 1” is, ensnaring, to say the least. After that, it’s pure Tropics.

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Pharrell – Gust Of Wind feat. Daft Punk (Autograf Remix)

The sounds of summer are pouring in. One direction pulling with gusto is n’ chill/glitch. The festival sounds of Burning Man have been long standing on the West Coast, but it feels like Griz has opened the door to a new degree. #FreeDownload

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