Premiere: Eso.XO.Supreme – Only 1


Of all the illusive faceless artists lurking in the depths of the internet, dropping frenzy making tracks here and there, few actually deliver the feel of true illusion. Not like PDX’s Eso.XO.Supreme, who’s face can been seen much more readily if one were to seek a face to the name. Illusion in plain sight.

His own leaned out RnBae style has a nasty habit of gaining beat influence from a long list of able and like minded producers to emphasize his style too damn well. But that’s only half the allure. Lyrics of love and drugs delivered by Eso.XO.Supreme round off each track soothingly, illusively over and over again for consistent atmosphere. The shine really comes though with the consistency in delivery and the meticulously kept image and sound of his artistry.

‘Only 1’ is an absolute attention grabber, and the lead track off the forthcoming ‘Monsters’ EP, due out this Friday in it’s entirety. You only get one taste of it before it all comes down. But that’s between you and Eso.XO.Supreme now.

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