Cosmo’s Midnight and Tibe at Newspeak Montreal

Saturday night’s party at Newspeak was exactly what I was looking for after a slow, meandering week of bad news and playing catch up. House DJ Cerise opened the show when a last minute hitch-up forced Whereisalex to cancel his appearance. Crowds remained sparse till 11:30/12, as is the standard at Newspeak. Not sure if it’s the venue or the city, but maybe all y’all used to Vancouver shows ending at 1 am can sympathize with me. This grandma had to drink two cups of coffee and take a power nap just to keep up.


Montreal’s Tibe came on with a set to rattle your teeth from start to finish, mixing his original trap with some of Whereisalex’s remixes & hip hop crowd-pleasers (raindrop, droptop, smokin on the blahblahblah). Really though, is there anything better than a set of dark, dirty bass music on a Saturday night? I’m sure you’re all with me on that. The guy was focused, and not for nothing. Definitely someone to check out if you’re looking to get better acquainted with Montreal’s underground bass scene.

I was a little sad to see only half of Aussie duo Cosmo’s Midnight make it out, especially after spotting Tibe’s twin brother & fellow producer brtrnd on stage with them. How novel would it have been to see two pairs of talented producer twins in one place? But it was a bangin’ set anyways, mostly because Cosmo’s Midnight has released a lot of killer singles over the last few years that I’ve vibed with yet never listened to all in close succession before. Very high energy, perfect for dancing.

Remember “Goodnight”? Fun fact: this was the first song I ever posted on FC.

Wish I could post a date for a Vancouver appearance, but unfortunately its all USA from here. Peeps in Quebec can catch Tibe live in Quebec City on March 30th.  Huge thanks to Newspeak for hosting the show, even if they do always try to bully me into checking my coat (nevar!)