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Noer the Boy – Modulate


Been streaming Noer the Boy’s Soundcloud nonstop since I got my new speaker system and I feel like I’m hearing his stuff for the first time.  So many layers of intricate beat weaving. I’d say his music borders on sound art for the way it experiments with timing, switch-ups, and futuristic sounds. Never heard anything quite like it.

Noer the Boy’s got a hand in some really sweet collectives throughout the States, namely Noh Life of Milwaukee (Strehlow, harris cole) and California’s Courteous Family (Tsuruda, Woolymammoth) where the bar is high and output is even higher. If you’re not already acquainted… damn son, you are in for a treat.

I love it when I discover a dope artist on Soundcloud who’s actively touring and luckily this is one of those times. You can catch Noer the Boy with DJ Shadow at the Commodore on October 2nd (tomorrow!), and in major cities across North America over the next few months, including Montreal & Toronto.

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Noer the Boy
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blake scowron – when

Chicago’s blake scowron is churning out gold these days, and let me tell you, he ain’t no one trick pony.

I love it when I stumble upon an artist who releases sweet, warm summer evening tracks like this one and then the next song plays and I’m just like… holy shit. He’s putting it DOWN.

Makes sense, since this is also the guy that produced one of my favorite trap singles…

As one of many talented up & coming artists in Milwaukee-based music collective Noh Life (harris cole, Noer the Boy), I think it’s safe to say we can expect the quality to continue.

blake scowron
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