Gang Signs Interview


Vancouvers gangs are pretty sparse from the public eye, for the most part. Honestly, the difference between the public and the G-Sters is so slim these days. What with all everybody tattooed and such. Spinners used to be an indicator when Paul Wall was cool.. Maybe all the loked out heat packers should move to face branding just so the public can recognize them and have some idea as to whether or not they will be killed that day.

Now, these Gang Signs are non lethal, unless you have some seriously sensitive eardrums. That’s prolly not a thing though. The band Gang Signs is comprised of three members: Ricq, the guitarist, vocalist and producer cat. Fink on the drums and one Wobangs on keys and vocals. Together they make excellent music, very complimenting of the indie aesthetic. Check em out / get to know.

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What is your most absurd body part?

Wobangs: Bellybutton? When you touch it, it feels funny.

Ricq: The sack, crazy what you can do with those guys.

Fink: My feet, I think I’m getting shorter and they are getting bigger.

Have there been any problems being confused with the Portland DJ Gang$ign$? Given the close proximity Portland has to Van city..

No confusion just people asking what we think about him and the sharing of our name. Once got asked by a promoter to do a show with him. Like Gang Signs vs Gang$ign$. lol

Gang$ign$ is a trap producer, are you guys into trap music at all? Pretty popular stuff these days.

It seems that’s all people are listening/playing these days. We feel some people have done it really well.

Has the band ever considered working with electronic music producers?

Wobangs: Gang Signs is an electronic music project produced by Peter our Guitarist. lol

Ricq: Ha! Yeah, I thought I was an electronic music producer. We’d would loooove to work with other electronic music producers in the future though. Jai Paul, Damian Taylor, 123 Mrk, Fantastic Mr Fox to name a few.

Of course. Other producers was meant.. The internet has been telling me that you guys are kind of sweethearts of the Vancouver music scene. Who have been some of your biggest fanboys / fangirls? likes you real hard.

Wobangs: I have been a part of Winne Cooper for a couple years now as a blogger and DJ, so that might have something to do with it. Aside from that they are very supportive of the Vancouver music scene in general.

Fink: That’s really nice. I love Winnie Cooper and I love the Vancouver Music Scene! An amazing amount of talent in this little city. I am their biggest fanboy!

Ricq: Vancouver’s sweethearts? Really? What happened to Gang Signs, toughest Band in Vancouver? Discorder and CiTR have been really great. Winniecooper doesn’t have a choice I think, we are all somewhat connected to Winnie throughout all of our wondering years.

Which celebs are you crushing on these days?

Wobangs: ? Ummm Niko The Ikon. Goggle it. Oh and Brooke Candy #swoon

Ricq: Princess Bubbles

Fink: ???

And seeing how #Vancouver is so foody, I thought I’d slip this in. Where do you guys like to grab nom noms these days?

Wobangs: Hawkers Delight

Ricq: El taqueria. Even if I drop a taco the floor, it’ll still make it’s way into my tummy.

Fink: If it can be dipped, shared and is spicy I’m there. Bandidas, El Taqueria, La Casita. I think we have a bit of a Mexican thing going on.

2013. What’s Gang Signs up to?

We are putting out a remix EP with B sides. Our next single “Runnin” will be released with a remix, video and B side . We are planning on playing showcases at SXSW and a little tour in the fall if not before.

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